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Wife's 2nd time.
My wife had a long time friend who happened to be a police man, and who was forever hitting on her.
It had only been a month or so since she had slept with the first guy since we'd been married, which was a long 15 plus years.
I usually spoke to her about guys she fancied, I had the bug for this now, and was so wanting to find the second guy to take my wife.
After much persistence, she admitted she was curios about her cop friend, it was something to do with him being in uniform!.
To cut a long story short, he's always meet my wife in the park next to our house, pretending to be walking his dog at the same time, so one day I surprised him and took our dog for the usually walk.
I wasted no time in confronting him, telling him I knew about all his advances on my wife, the look on his face when I told him not only was I OK with it, but that is be more than happy for him to fuck my wife!.
One late evening, as my wife and I were laying in bed, (was around 11:45pm), my wife's phone went off, I was a text from Dave.
He told her he was in the park and wanted to speak to her, he was apparently having issues with his wife.. Well, that's what he said!.
My wife laughed it off, calling him cheeky etc, but I just suggested she went to speak to him.
She refused, saying it was too late, and that all she had on was a thigh length nightie.
I turned to her and told her to just put on a long coat and get her arse over the park to talk to him.
She soon perked up, and in no time she was leaving the house for the park next door, literally 15 steps to the park.
The park was dark enough for them not to be seen, but safe enough that I could make them out from our bedroom window.
Sure enough, he went on about his wife troubles, until he moved forward to kiss my wife, which she did not resist.
As my wife was only in a nightie, it didn't take him long to open her long coat and for his hand to find it's way between her legs, yes, there was my wife standing in the park, necking this guy as he fingered her married pussy!..
She eventually returned, I was quite disappointed that he didn't fuck her, but I so enjoyed fucking her myself.
We spent a week or so talking about her actually meeting up with him to have sex, but due to his shift patterns.. And him being married, it just never worked out.
It was then he suggested he popped by whilst on duty!, which my wife joked about him being in uniform, so sure enough we arranged for the following night for around 8pm, it was winter so we had the dark evening on our side, I mean, how do you hide a bloody police car!.
I was to stay out the way for this to happen, so I stayed upstairs, but insisted on a detailed account of the action as it unfolded.
As planned, he parked his police car two streets away and walked to our house, it's a semi detached with a side gate leading to the back of the house
The plan was for my wife to be in our living room just in her nightie, he was to sneak to our house, enter the side gate and come in through the kitchen door to the back of our house.
I watched him walk to our house, enter the garden gate, then heard him enter our house!.
This is my wife's account from here..
No sooner had he entered the living room, he pushed my wife up against the wall, necking with her as his hands moved over her body, feeling her tits before moving his hand down to her married cunt and proceeding to finger her as he pushed his tongue into her mouth..
He has wanted her for so long he was like a man possessed
He started to undo his trouser belt, he was just going to fuck my wife up against the wall, but instead my wife swung around and pulled him to the sofa where she sat down and undid his belt herself,she then pulled down his trousers and pants to have him standing there with his hard cock pointing at her face.
She told me how hot it was, he was in uniform, seeing his hancuffs and truncheon, hearing his radio still playing out the nights events.
She took his cock in her mouth and started to suck him off, only for him to take over, holding the back of her head as he drove his cock in and out of her mouth.
I was in my usual spot on the top of the stairs listening, and although I had a good idea of what I was listening too, it was great to have my wife complete the story afterwards..
Eventually he stopped fucking my wife's mouth, and strangely made her stand in the middle of the living room, pushed her legs apart, and got down between her legs and proceeded to eat my wife's cunt from below, tirakkt spreading her cunt with his fingers as he licked and fingered her, even she thought it a little odd.
He then took her hand and moved her to the soda, it's one of those L shaped ones which meant the angles part had no back, just a large flat part.
He pushed her down over the cushion and commanded her to take her nightie of as he stripped.
He then pushed her legs wide open and once again pushed his face into her cunt abs lapped up all her juices.
He then moved up on my wife, kisses as he went, until as he was face to face with her, he gave her a big grin as she felt the tip of his cock pushing into her married cunt.
This was the part I could clearly hear from the landing, I heard my wife gasp as he shoved the full length of his bare hard cock balls deep into my wife's married cunt.
There I was, cock in hand again aa I listened to an on duty policeman fucking my wife so damn hard over our sofa, there was so much moaning and groaning, yet another part of our furniture making nioses to the ryrhem of yet another man pounding my wife's cunt bareback.
I was rooted to the spot, hearing him thrusting his cock deep inside my wife, I never made out the sound of my wife cunnin, but boy did I hear him!, such heavy breathing and groans of pleasure as he came so hard and deep inside my wife, and oh boy I love that exact moment when you know another man is pumping his seed deep inside your wife, it's so wrong, yet something so hot hearing another take your wife, cum fill your wife... Breed your wife!.
He soon got dressed and left, and the funny thing is that I have no memory of what happened when she came to bed!, but the memory of the 2nd guy to have fucked my wife is as clear as day.
They never hooked up again, but that was OK as I was already thinking about the next guy...


cuckold wife

Poster: John