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Wife's first time
I had a beautiful loyal wife, a wife who always turned heads wherever she went, men wanted her, but it was never in her nature to ever consider cheating, she was the absolute perfect wife.
She knew I had a fascination to see her with other men, but I guess she thought the idea would never go beyond bedroom talk.
I had those feelings and desires for many years, but never had the courage to force the issue until 15 years into our marriage when one day I decided to risk everything and put my wife on an online adult site.
I put up some sexy pictures, with a description of our situation that I thought was not only truthful but what I'd hope she'd agree with, describing her as a wife who is free to see other men.
I plucked up the courage to tell her what I had done, and sure enough she was both shocked and a little angry.
After she had calmed down I suggested she at least read the many replies that men had left her which to my surprise she actually signed in and started to read the messages left for her..
Over the following weeks she started to reply to many men, usually just the odd hello etc, but she started to regularly reply to one particular man, he was much younger, he was 27 years old whilst my wife was 40 years old.
He was the outdoor adventurous type, covered in tattoos with his photo leaving nothing to the imagination, he was obviously confident enough to show  his big cock with a big ring pierced penis!.
In truth I deleted many mens messages before she ever saw them, but I knew this man would interest my wife, he was different, he was quirky and I knew my wife would be drawn to him.
They spoke for many weeks, but my wife would always be evasive, until one night he asked once again to meet her. I told her she should give him an answer, but she was too scare to, so I told her to say yes and we'd press send together which we did.
It took a further week for my wife to agree a date, but finally she agreed on the following Saturday night.
I spoke to him and arranged for us all to meet at a local bar.
My wife and I parked up around 8pm and nervously waited until he pulled up in his car.
We got out of our car and walked to his car, I introduced ourselves and simply told them both to just enjoy themselves, and with that I got back into my car and watched them go into the bar together.
I drove home and peced up and down for what seemed an eternity, what had I done?, was this really happening?, would she bring him home?.
The plan was for me to stay in the spare room so they could spend the night in our marital bed, the plan was for my wife to sleep with a different man for the first time in over 20 years!.
I convinced myself it wouldn't happen, and I was OK with that as it dawned on me that I must be mad to so easily give my very sexy very loyal wife to another man.
It seemed like hours had passed until I heard our front door opening and the sound of giggling whispering voices... She has brought him home!.
A few minutes passed before I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, two sets of footsteps!.
They went straight into our bedroom, and the door was closed, but not completely closed.
I found myself at my door, opening it slightly to be able to hear as much as I could.
What I didn't expect was to be feeling so jealous, hearing the sound of clothes coming off, heavy jeans falling to the floir, it was all becoming so damn real!.
I stood like a statue for what seemed like an eternity, listening to them giggling, kissing, and rolling around our bed.
I remember hearing his moans of pleasure, but no sounds from my wife, and it was so obvious that she was sucking his cock!.
His moans were then replaced by her gently moaning as he was clearly eating her marred pussy.
It was about that moment that I fell apart, I felt physically sick, Overwhelmed by jealousy, and so angry with myself for giving my wife to another man.
I was moments from barging into our bedroom to put a stop to what was happening but the sounds I then heard told me I was already too late.
The sound of our headboard gently knocking against our bedroom wall, coupled with the gentle sound of our the bed springs moving in rhythm with the headboard filled the night air,it was too late, he has his cock inside my wife, he was fucking her!.
I was like a moth drawn to the flame, I oh so quietly opened my bedroom door, and tip toed across the landing to pear through the partially open door to our bedroom. I will never forget the site that greeted me, my wife on her back, her legs over his shoulders with his arse going up and down as he drove his big bare pierced cock in and out of my wife's sacred married cunt.
The street lights gave just enough light to allow me to see his rock hard cock driving in and out of my wife's fuck hole, I remember his hard long cock  covered in my wife's cunt juices glistening in the dim light.
I stood there so turned on, it was the first time I'd seen my wife getting fucked and it was the hottest thing I'd ever seen.
He was driving into her with long hard thrusts, and all I could do was stand there and start wanking myself off as he took my wife.
Through fear of being seen I retreated back into my bedroom, I went back to listening at my door as he proceeded to fuck my wife.
The next 20 minutes or so were hard to make out, but it turns out he fucked her doggy style as well as my wife mounting him and riding his cock ( this I found out later as I secretly recorded it all!).
Eventually the sound of the headboard banging against the wall returned, only this time it was louder and harder, he was fucking her hard now, so hard that I could hear her wet cunt taking his hard thrusting cock, ' thud thud thud, shlop shlop shlop, the sound of her wet cunt getting pounded so hard and deep filled the house, the headboard hitting the wall louder and harder, he was fucking my wife like the slut I always wanted her to become and I started to wank so hard, willing him on to fuck my wife harder and deeper.
It added to my excitement knowing our neighbours would be hearing all of this, knowing they would be hearing my wife getting fucked so hard, but they'd not know it wasn't me fucking her, I was so turned on knowing other people were also listening to my wife getting fuck so hard.
The rythem soon got even faster, the banging became even louder, he was driving his cock in and out of my wife's married cunt like a man possessed now, until he gave out such loud moans of pleasure... He was cumin inside my wife, he was flooding my wife's cunt with his hot seed and its what I wanted, it was what I'd waited for all those years, another man has bred my wife, another man had pumped his seed deep inside my wife and I could not stop myself from cumin, using my one hand to try and catch my hot spunk as it shot from my hard cock.
There were no repeat fucks that night, and somewhat disappointingly he didn't fuck her again before he left in the morning, but I fell asleep happy, knowing my wife had fallen asleep in another man's arms, she had fallen asleep next to another man with his seed buried deep inside her and I knew this had to be only the beginning, I needed more, indeed my thoughts were already turning to wanting to find other men to give my wife too.
The following afternoon were spent visiting my wife's parents, a very well to do church going couple..
I could not stop smiling as I watched my wife with her respectable parents, her acting like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, her perfectly acting like the sweet little daughter they had brought up, but me knowing only 12 hours earlier their lovely daughter was giving her married cunt to another man, and little did they know that their daughter had another man's spunk inside her.
She has since slept with other men, stories that are even hotter than this one, my once loyal wife is now a slut, a cum bucket for other men and I couldn't be happier!.


cuckold wife

Poster: John