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My best friend fucked my wife and I secretly listened...
A few days before christmas 2006 my best friend came over for an overnight visit. My wife had never been able to deny she found him quite attractive and she had fantasized about getting fucked by him always making her very wet.
I am 39, she is a very hot 35, dark hair, slender, challenging blue eyes that have caught the eye of many men, but so far she has always been faithful (much to my secret frustration...)
Anyways, we talked throughout the evening and it became clear that my friend was frustrated, kind of having a midlife crisis and did not seem to be open to anything. Somewhat disillusioned, we all went to bed. My wife was hot and unusually nervous, I could tell, so I told her that I thought she wanted him and was now frustrated for nothing was about to happen. (She always insisted he would have to make the move)I told her she has my permission to just go over to the guest bedroom and say good night to him in her sexy nightgown and told her if she made a bit of a lengthy affair of it, tell him that I had already fallen asleep and send out the right signals, he might just catch the drift...) She was clearly trembling with excitement (and probably soaking wet alraedy...) when I had said this (and so was I). So off she went, leaving the bedroom door open to the hallway.
After a few minutes, I had fallen asleep only to wake up at two thirty in the morning and slowly realizing that she wasn't beside me. My pulse went to 200 within a second and I was wide awake, once I came to realize the implication. I was rock hard and felt utterly excited, horny and happy all at the same time. For about two minutes I didn't move at all, just feeling all this and listening for any signs of activity across the hallway. Then I slowly crept across the bed, stood up and moved to the door, slowly advancing into the hallway. There I began to hear some occasional gasps, very quiet talking and giggling, then a loud moan, all from my wife. my excitement rose and rose. I crept closer to the half open door of the other bed room and now more clearly could hear the occasional louder moans, the gasping, the soft pleading of my wife to fuck her harder, to do it to her from behind, to take her all the way, the slippery sound of his dick in and out of her pussy, the slapping of his belly against her buttocks...I wanted to see them, to be nearer still, so I went further slowly, little ways into the open door so I could peek around it. There, I could almost feel them doing it in the darkness. My wife's gasping and moaning which I heard as clearly as if she had done it with me and which I had never heard her do when we had sex, infinitely turned me on, so I almost came there, spontaneously. I wanted to drink every ounce of this sweet-bitter cocktail, though, so I pulled myself together and was rewarded: Suddenly, my friend whispered to my wife:" I want to see you!" and pulled aside the curtains, so the moonshine very dimly (luckily for me) lit up the breathtaking scene of my wife deeply kissing my friend while riding his big glistening cock (no protection whatsoever...)then telling him to come inside her, which shortly after he did. For a while they remained in this position, kissing ardently and whispering affectionate remarks. At this point, I decided it would be better to slowly retreat and wait for her in bed to have my share of her juicy pussy, for which I felt an enormous want. It took a while of lying there, all burning desire, savouring the strange mixture of jealousy and lust until she quiety slipped into bed , fully naked, still glowing with excitement.. I turned over to her as in deep sleep and - purely at random- put my hand on her pussy, which made her stiffen up. Now I explored and found her all soaked as I had expected and hoped for. She moaned and took my hand away from her crotch as if saying: "Do not touch me there!" This gave the final spark of ignition to myentire explosive desire, and I rolled over her , held her arms down and explored her pussy with my tongue and lips, deeply savouring the aroma of her ecstacy. Then I kneeled over her and whispered ito her ear that I wanted to know if she had been fucked by Dietmar ( my friend). Then she smirked and admitted she had gone all the way with him. She had a somewhat defiant look in her eyes... I then kissed her, which she tried to deny. She also closed her legs. I practically had to take her by using force to open her legs and holding her down. I whispered into her ears how she made me wild by having fucked Dietmar and how I wanted her to do it over and over again and how I wanted to take her back into my posession now and then she readily opened her mouh and her pussy and let me take her like a wild animal....


cuckold wife

Poster: Lelongblond