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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


Takin it for the wife
I lay on my back watching my buddy obove me while he called me my wife's name. He was holding me by the waist with both hands while he pumped his big purple cock into my ass . I watched the lump his cock mane in my lower belly move from my bladder to my belly button. He shot thick ropie jets deep in me before he collapsed on top of me. As we lay there he told me that if he didn't get to fuck my wife this weekend that he would fuck me again on Monday , and since him using me untill we can figure out how to pull it off was my idea I shouldn't gripe. He was rite. My dream was a lways been to be cuckold by my wife! We had failed to do anything but talk about how we would set the evening up to get her drunk and in the mood, then when she was just rite we'd move to each side of her as she sat on the couch, and start feeling her up. This in theory was how we would start ,ending up with her fucking him so I could watch. As he rolled off of me he grabbed my cock, and pumped it watching it ooze pre cum . He gave me a couple of pumps and quit. Grinning, he scooped all the clear syrup he could and put it in my mouth , while my hips pumped uselesly ,my hard cock jabbing in the air. I begged him to help me, promising my wife would fuck him as much as he wanted on the week ends. He made me say I'd suck his cock in front of her, and when I promised, he drove his fist deep into my soft belly just an inch below my belly button! My belly folded around his fist as my body tried to do a sit up from the force of such a deep punch. My cum boiled out of me shooting onto my chest and belly as he kept trying to push deeper. Soon those little white floating lights that look like litning bugs filled my eyes as I passed out! After we showered he told me we had better nail her this week end because we'd been trying so long he thought it was time to drug her and both of us fuck her in the cunt at the same time to teach her a lesson. He said if we took pictures, she would have to fuck us both when ever we wanted. I told him we couldnt do that because I loved her too much. She had to let us do her willingly, and no other way, but I wasnt against getting her drunk before we started making our move. My buddy said come over here and kneel infront of me. I did as he said, kneeling between his legs as he sat on the couch. "Do it," he said. I lowered my mouth down over his cock and began sucking. He was hard again so quickly it amazed me. Soon as I sucked him hard into my throat he started pumping his load into me choking me. While he held my head down on him, he said my wife was going to see me do this to him. Finally he finished pumping my mouth and pulled out while I washed his cum down with a beer. As usual , we made or plan for Friday night, had a couple of beers and I went home to try to prime my wife so my dream would finaly happen. We knew she was damn near there as we sat, one on each side of her on the couch. She was almost drunk when we started to casualy feel her leg,and bump her tits or belly as we talked dirty and gave her more beer. Finaly my buddy said he fucked a broad with better tits than my wife's. I told him I doubt her tits were better and crossing my fingers I opened the front of her robe , and took one in my hand and squeezed it hard. As the big dark nipple started to raise she turned her head to look at me just as my buddy grabbed her other heavy tit. She staired into my eyes as her breathing became laboured and my buddy began sucking her big long nipple while his hand slid down opening her robe and exposing her beautiful belly. He was kneading her soft belly while she moaned softly still holding her eyes locked to mine. His wife left him, and he needs a woman bad I whispered to her. Let him work on you Hon ,He won't fuck you I'll stop him , don't worry just let go Baby. She was breathing hard now as my buddy's hand found her shaved cunt and began bringing down her last bit of resistance. She quietly whispered "nnnnooooooowwwww OH OhOh!" With that she closed her eyes and laid her head back while we got to feel, squeeze, poke, suck, and bite her beautyfull belly, tits, ass cheeks and her swelling slipery cunt. Before we took her off the couch, we took turns stradeling her chest and shoving our cocks in her mouth ,letting her suck our pre cum. Finally we put her on the bed and I got on top of her and fucked her as hard as I could, pumping my cum deep in her belly. I had told her my buddy just wanted to watch her fuck me, while he jacked off. In truth, he was to jump in my place and run it in her as I pulled out and rolled off her. As soon as I rolled off he was on top of her, his cock begining to enter her hot slipery cunt . As per the plan, he jammed his big cock to the hilt hitting the deep end of her cunt before she knew what we had done to her. "OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!she groaned. "Go ahead do it! " "Do what ever you want to me now,you wanted this?" "OK I hope your not going to be sorry, because now I want ALL your friends to do this to me in front of you!!!! Closing her eyes she began pumping back at my buddy so hard we could hear the beer in her gut sloshing. She rolled her head to look at me. " He's cumming in me, is that what you want?" I couldn't answer . Suddenly it felt like a butcher knife was buried in my belly,and twisting and I was cumming without touching my cock! It was the greatest orgasam I have ever had, before or since! To this day I cant have a real, full orgasam without seeing my wife being used hard by another man! As my buddys body lay on top of my wife's they were both still jerking and panting as he pumped the last of his cum deep in her hot belly, then rolled off so we could watch our cum ooze out of her streatched cunt. Thick rivlets of our mixed cum were running out of her and down her ass,as her belly and chest still heaved. As per the plan , my buddy got dressed and left saying he'd see us next Friday night, and slipped me the token ten dollars that officaly made my wife a whore and me her pimp! This was the start, but in the years to cum my wife slowly made me a full cuck, making me service her men and herself any way she wants. Now we're into a lot of differnt things from belly punching to fisting and double cunt penetraton. She uses a strapon on me now infront of her "dates" and belly punches me to show I am a bi cum swallowing cuck husband. If she is real hot and I didn't bring her a buddy with a big enough cock, she rips my guts till my belly swells with a foot long strap on, while she calls me a cum eating cunt. So, its still the best for me. Every time I watch her sexey body used by one or a group of men I cum without touching myself and have that same wonderfull " knife in my guts" feeling, especaly if they are rough with her.


cuckold wife


Poster: Jim