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Beyond Flirting
Beyond Flirting:

This story is about My childhood sweetheart and
Wife. My name is Dan and My Wife's name is Carol.

Carol is a very pretty, petite redhead. She is only 4' 11" tall, with
perky 34 C breasts, sweet round ass, gorgeous legs and She was a High School Cheerleader.

She was a virgin when we got married, except for giving one other boy a blow job in high school. She didn't swallow Cum then, but She does now. She was only sixteen when She sucked the other boy's dick and She wasn't familiar with the taste of Cum, so She spit it out. She started swallowing Cum after sucking my dick a few times. She usually sucked My Dick in the driveway of Her Parents house, so She was afraid that Her Mom or Dad might start asking questions about the "stains" on their driveway when She spit out My Cum and She also thought it was more "Lady like" to swallow rather than spit!

I was 20 and Carol was 18 when we got married. She and I moved from PA. to Houston and that is where we got married. She is from a very small town in PA. and had never been to a big City before. She is just a little country girl, but always dresses very sexy. She loved all the things going on and the bright lights and night life of the big City.

My new job required night and weekend work, so I was not available for Carol when She wanted to Play or go to the Clubs and Party. She worked as a secretary, so no nights or weekends for Her, unless it was a Business Party. Her Company liked Her to be the "Greeting Girl" at their business parties because She was so cute.

I have always been a bit of a voyeur, so I encouraged Her to feel free to go out dancing on the weekends and have fun at the Clubs when I was working weird hours.

I always acted very casual when I told Her to go to the clubs without me and have fun. I also kept encouraging Her to wear short skirts because She has fantastic looking legs. She loves to tan and not wear stockings or pantyhose when She wears short skirts. She just wears skimpy Panties and high heels when wearing a short skirt. Not only did I encourage Her to dress sexy at the Clubs, but also at Her Office. She was very willing to do all of this for Me and I loved it!!
I sometimes tell Her to go without a bra (in a teasing way). She has small, light pink nipples that get very erect when She is excited and I like other Men to notice that.

My goal was to slowly get My beautiful Wife to feel comfortable about going to Bars and Clubs, without Me. I knew this was the best way for Her to meet other Men and then hopefully start fucking them. If I could get Her to start cheating on me, then I could work up the nerve to tell Her that I wanted to watch Her fuck other Men.

We sometimes watch Porn movies together and I always comment on the large size of the Guy's cock in the movie and tease Her by telling Her that Her little Pussy could never handle anything that big.

My Penis is only 5 inches long and rather thin, but She and I often
joked about it being custom fit for Her tiny Pussy. Carol has very soft, light red pubic hair around Her Vagina and a natural Bikini trim, without having to shave anything. When She gets excited, Her Vagina lips swell with blood and spread out like the wings of a butterfly.

As newlyweds, we usually fucked about twice a day, sometimes more. I always eat Carol's Pussy before we fuck, but one night, after we had fucked, I went down on Her and cleaned Her orally. I had never done that before. It was a bit of a shock to both of us that I was licking Her Pussy with my cum dripping out of it, but She got so excited by watching Me eat my own cum out of Her that She actually squirted Her Girl Juice all over my tongue and lips! We both loved this sex act so much that it became part of Our normal sexual routine. We soon developed variations to our routine, such as Her promptly sitting on my face after we finish fucking, to make sure that all my cum ran into my mouth or on my face. She also enjoys sucking my dick until I shoot my load in Her mouth and then before swallowing my cum, She starts french kissing me.

One night during our love making, She told me that She really loves sharing cum with me. She said She has talked to several of Her girlfriends and none of their husbands will eat them after fucking them. I was a little embarrassed knowing that Her girlfriends know about what we do in bed, but also happy to know other Women would love for their Men to eat cum from their Pussies.

One of Her girlfriends at Work ( Terri ) was actually teaching My Wife how to cheat on Me, without getting caught! This Woman cheats on Her husband all the time and wanted My Wife to do the same to Me. Terri was a few years older than Carol and was raised in Houston all Her life. She started fucking at a very early age. Terri was savvy enough to know that I had Cuckold tendencies after hearing all the stories about Me licking My Cum from Carol after we fucked.

Carol once admitted to Me that She is a terrible flirt and it sometimes gets Her into trouble. But, that was before I knew She was fucking other Men. So I just assumed She was teasing men and when they wanted to fuck Her, She would say NO and that would make the Guys angry at Her. I learned later that Her flirting sometimes led to Her letting other Men fuck Her and that is what She meant by telling me that Her flirting sometimes gets Her into trouble.

As time went on and after a few weeks of Carol going to the Clubs,
She met and started fucking a guy named "Johnnie Lee, a Singer at Gilleys Club." He wasn't the only Guy She was fucking, just the first Guy I was going to see Her fuck.
Johnnie was known as a "Ladies Man" at the Club and He was more popular with the women for the size of His Cock and sexual performance than His singing.

I knew someone had been fucking Carol for several weeks because I started checking Her Panties, in the laundry hamper, for cum stains when She wasn't around and She had lots of hard, white stains in the crotch area of most of Her Panties. I knew the cum stains were not from us making love because She would always clean Herself after we fucked. I also noticed that She was using a lot more FDS (Feminine Deodorant spray) and that My Penis wasn't fitting as tightly in Her Vagina as it normally did.

One Saturday night, I took the day off from work, without telling Her. I
was dressed for work (but not going) and was heading out the door. Carol had showered early and wearing nothing but Her bathrobe. She kissed me at the door on my way off to work. I knew She showered early so She could get dressed quickly and go see someone at one of the Clubs, after I left.

I drove my Car a short distance from our apartment, but stayed close enough to keep an eye on the front door. In less than an hour She was dressed in a mini skirt, low cut blouse and Heels. She left our apartment, jumped in Her car and headed for the Club. "She really looked HOT!!" I followed Her and watched Her pull into the
Gilley's Club parking lot and go inside. She walked past the Doorman and waved at him without paying any cover charge. I knew that meant She was someone's special guest?

After waiting a few minutes, I paid my cover charge and went into the Club, but I stayed away from the stage area where Johnnie was performing and where I assumed Carol would be sitting, which She was. I was hiding so I could watch Her at the Club without being seen. She danced with a few different men, but always kept Her eye on Johnnie as He performed on stage.

Johnnie had lots of women at the Club that he fucked (nice looking too), but I think He favored My Wife because of Her petite size and beauty.

During one of His breaks, Carol followed Him backstage to His dressing room. 30 minutes later She and Johnnie came back out and She was still adjusting Her blouse and skirt. I know He gave Her a quick fucking because Her legs were wobbly and Her face was flushed.

It was now approaching closing time at the Club (2:AM), so I went to my car and waited to see what Carol would do when She got to Her Car. I could see Her Car from where I was parked. Little did I know, but She had parked next to Johnnie's Car. I waited for quite a few minutes and almost all the other cars had left the lot and She was just sitting on the hood of Her car, waiting? Finally Johnnie came out of a side door of the Club and He went right to Her. They kissed and hugged for a bit, then I saw Her motion to Him to follow Her.
They both got into their own Cars and She was having Him follow Her to His house...She had obviously been with Him before this night or She would not have known where He lived. They left and I followed, keeping a safe distance.
I saw them both pull into His driveway. They got out of their cars and did some more Kissing and sexual fondling in front of the house before going inside.

I was so hot, frustrated and confused, I didn't know what to do? My first thought was to break down the front door and drag My Wife back Home, but the pervert in Me wanted to see what they were doing, so I went around to the back of the house where there was a window that I could see them from. As I spied in the backyard window, I saw them sitting on his sofa, in the living room. He already had My Wife's Panties pulled down to Her Knees and his hand up Her little Skirt, skillfully masturbating Her. They were kissing as I watched Her undo His buckle and zipper. She then pulled His Cock out of His pants and played with it, to get Him hard. "It was so damn big!" It was almost unreal in size. It was as large around as a Beer can and a good 8 inches long!

I watched both of them play with each other for a bit longer, then I saw Carol brush Her hair back, lower Her head to His lap and start sucking His Cock. I can't believe She got that big Dick in Her mouth, without choking!! I felt guilty about it, but I remember thinking how sexy my Wife looked as I watched Her suck and stroke that guy's massive Cock.
After several minutes of sucking His Cock, He raised Her up from His Big Dick, pulled Her Panties all the way off, tossed them on His coffee table and led Her back to His Bedroom. I ran to the back bedroom window, where they had gone. He had a mini blind on the window, but the blind was open, just enough, and there was enough light in the bedroom so I could still watch them.

I watched both of them get naked. Carol stripped in front of Him and placed Her clothes on a chair near His bed. This being Summer, in Texas, there was no blanket covering them, they just got on the bed naked and laid on top of the sheets. They played with each other for a few more minutes. Then He put Carol on Her back, mounted Her, spread Her legs with His legs and laid His big hard Cock on top of Her pubic area.

I remember seeing Him Kiss Her very hard, grab Her right Breast, squeeze it firmly and then quickly force His fat Cock deep into Her Pussy. I could hear Carol moan from outside of the house as He just rammed His large Manhood deep in Her Pussy.

At this point, I thought He was hurting My small Wife and I was just about ready to bust into the house and save Her, but then I saw Her rotating Her hips, raising and spreading Her legs wider and thrusting Her Pussy upward to help Her Lover go even deeper in Her petite Vagina!

I was shocked (to say the least)!! They were fucking like Porn Stars, hard and fast.
She was being such a Slut for Him. He put His arms under the back of Her knees and pushed them up to Her shoulders.
She was now totally exposed. He repeatedly rammed every inch of His Beer can sized pecker deep in Her Pussy, fucking Her relentlessly, then He'd pull it all the way out, then He'd plow Her again and again and again. I could even hear the sloshing sound of Her wet Pussy as He pounded Her and I watched His big, hairy balls slapping against her soft, white Butt.

After about 20 minutes of pure "Ball Banging Fucking," He pulled His Dick out of Her. I thought He had shot his load in My Wife's Pussy and that would be it for the night. But then, Carol rolled over, got on all four and He grabbed Her silky, soft hips and rammed his Monster Cock deep into Her pussy again, doggy style this time. She buried Her face in the pillow and let Him work on Her Pussy as if She was just a Bar Whore.
He then grabbed Her Ass cheek with one hand and pushed His thumb up Her tight Butt, while fucking Her Pussy like an angry Bull. Her breasts were bouncing all around from the pounding She was getting. She let out a little scream, but He kept going hard and fast at Her Pussy and Ass for several more minutes before getting ridged, moaning and collapsing on top of Her.

This time, when He pulled his thick Cock out of Her Pussy, I could see how stretched out it looked and I could see His heavy sperm load dripping from Her freshly used Cunt and running down Her inner thigh. This guy really was a heavy Shooter!

They both looked sweaty and spent as they laid back on His bed and collected themselves. Carol then covered Her stretched pussy with Her hand, as if it was a little sore. Johnnie put His hand on Her upper thigh, close to Her Pussy and they turned to each other in what seemed to be an after intercourse snuggle and conversation(?).

My penis was hard as a rock and it was all I could do to not masturbate myself right there in His backyard!!

My mind was racing at this point. It was now about 4:00 AM. I stopped
watching them and I drove home in a total fog about what I had just seen. When I got home I hurried up and got naked and jumped in our bed and waited for Carol's return home. It wasn't until 7:00 AM that She finally came strolling in the front door of our small apartment (I'm sure He fucked Her again after I left his house).

She had no idea I was home, in bed and waiting for Her. She walked in the bedroom and saw me sleeping (so She assumed). She very quietly and quickly got naked and slipped between the sheets, next to me, hoping not to wake me. I made some sleepy sounds, then I snuggled next to Her (spooning). I put my erection between Her legs from behind and that is when the wildest thing happened...My erect penis actually fell into her Pussy, without me even trying to put it in there! She was so wet, stretched out and messy that my penis just fell into Her Pussy and that had never happened before! I knew She was fucking Johnnie that night, but the feel of Her wet, sloppy pussy was such a turn-on for me!

Normally, She would have had time to shower and clean Herself before I came home from work, but I fooled Her this time. She was so messy and reeked with the smell of semen. I probably had the strongest erection of My life that morning, but My Penis felt like it was just floating around inside Her nasty Vagina as we fucked.

She and I made wonderful love that morning. She was very passionate and I was very eager. After we fucked (I only lasted about two minutes) and I shot My humble cum load in Her sloppy Pussy, I went down on Her and started licking Her. She tried to stop me from tasting Her because She was afraid I would smell Johnnie's cum in Her Pussy. I just told Her to relax and enjoy having Me make love to Her sweet Pussy. I told Her that the look, scent and taste of Her Pussy was especially sexy this morning and I just had to enjoy it orally.

She had no idea that I knew She had just crawled out of bed with another Man. She looked a little embarrassed, but also excited as I worked my tongue in and around Her well used vagina. I really worked hard at licking and sucking Her Cum soaked Pussy. This was My fantasy come true. She actually came to orgasm rather fast and urinated, just a little, in my mouth as I licked Her. I think the thought of Her Bull Stud and then Her Husband both fucking Her just minutes apart and then Her Husband licking Her Cum soaked Pussy, without a shower between fuckings, was a serious turn-on for Her!

She looked so exhausted and spent after Her orgasm that I just gave Her a soft Kiss and We both cuddled and feel asleep without saying another word. Later that morning, when we both woke up, She started to crawl out of Bed to take a shower, but I pulled Her back to bed and gave Her My usual morning fucking and I ate Her Pussy again. GAWD...Her Pussy smelled so nasty after all of Her fuckings from Johnnie and myself, but I loved it. As I ate Her Pussy, I kept thinking about how My once sweet Wife has now become my Slut wife. After She finally showered, we fucked again and we pretty much had sex for the rest of the day.

Dan (


cuckold wife


Poster: Dan