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The Neighbors
Here's a very hot story a cyberfriend shared with me, some time ago, he claimed it to be a true story and I believe him. We've mailed for quite some time, so I know his story pretty detailed. This man, he lived in the UK and was -as myself- fascinated by the cuckold-concept. I had allready explained to him dat my girl was a hotwife, knowing about and on some occasions playing with my cuckold fantasies. And also how she came to be a hotwife and me to be a wifesharer. And, after some persuasion, he told me the story of his fascination. He was a guy in his early forties, happily married to a late-thirties and mother of two-wife. He told me she was one horny woman and that they'd experimented a lot between the sheets. But always only with the two of them. One time, some years back, before they had their first child, they were very close to a threesome with a good friend of his. But she backed off in the last moment, telling it wasn't her thing. He send me some pics and I have to say she was an attractive milf, a bit chubby but well proportioned and with a very attractive, kind face. I wanked myself quite some times over her, I could do her anytime and that's also what he offered me. But since he wasn't in an open cuckold relationship and lived abroad, the risk of the whole situation turning into a flop was too big. Fact was that this man, let's call him Ron, had a cheating wife. Nonconsentual.

Some time before we met in cyberspace, he had found some indications that his wife, Marion, was as faithfull as he'd assumed. She started acting a bit evasive when it came to sex, where she was a real sexual predator nomally. Just the mere smell of sex was enough to start her up. So when he was turned down a couple of times, he became suspicious and started to check her out. And intensified this after he had found some traces of sexual activity in her underwear she'd put in the laundrybasket. One time he found a real 'smoking gun', a new panty in the basket which hadn't been there that morning, but was when he came back from work. The crotch completely smeared with male semen. And based upon this evidence, Ron could rule out some potential suspects. And when he had asked how her day was and she told him casually about her day, he found out that the prime suspect in his wife's cheating was their neighbours son!

Ron told me their contact with the neighbours wasn't very intimate, to say the least. It was a bit of a trashy family, father jobless in his fifties, mother a drunk, son a small time offender. But the son was the only one who had been around, apparently doing some work in their garden and he knew that his cheating wife was intelligent enough to stick to a closeby story. The boy was about 25 years old and the last child still living with his parents. Since Ron and Marion had moved there, about 8 years before these events, they had seen him growing up from a boy to a young man. He wasn't very good looking but wasn't bad looking either. Just a plain neighbourboy. And Ron didn't have a clue of what happened to make his wife cheat on him. That is, until he found segments of what could be a diary on her computer. It appeared that Mariion had seen the neighbour's son working in the garden one summer. He was working, wearing only his jeans and apparently seeing this young boy made Marion long for her own younger years. And she started watching him more often from their bedroomwindow, also fantasizing about what she would do with his immature but muscular body. But one day the boy caught her peeping. And didn't do a thing except provoking her more. Working in the garden more often, showing off everytime the weather allowed him, sunbathing in only a pair of briefs. And taking a piss, so she could see him. And she did. And he appeared to be very well endowed. According to her diary the boy was nearly twice as big as her own husband.

So one day she decided she couldn't stand his provocations any longer and she went down, in her bikini for some sunbathing and chitchatting. That was a few weeks before Ron started his 'investigations'. On the next sunny day Ron went to work, brought their kids to school, but called in sick as soon as dropped them of, parked his car nearby and sneaked back into his own house. His wife had went to bed again, so he hid himself in the attic, where he also had a view to the garden. It didn't take very long before he saw the neighbour's son coming into the garden and starting to do some shoveling. And from the looks and the actions of the boy, he could exactly pinpoint the moment his wife started peeping again. And shortly after that he heard her showering and saw her walking into the garden, wearing nothing but a pair of skimpy see through bikini's he'd bought her for their own personal pleasure. She lay down, with her legs spread a bit, in the boy's direction. Ron sneaked down to his own bedroom for a better view and by the time he had settled himself, he said that the boy allready sat down next to Marion. She'd let him fondle her for a while and he knew the grinding of her hips so well, he could immediately see his wife was terribly horny. Within a few minutes, she took the boy by the hand and walked into their house. Ron knew he had only a few moments to hide in a closet and the moment his wife and her young lover came in, he was affraid they could hear his heart pound.

He was in a pretty akward position, but had a good view on what happened. It was clear that Marion was in the lead. She got undressed, lay down on their marital bed, spread her legs and ordered the boy to eat her out. He willingly complied and wildly licked his wifes wet cunt until she reached her first orgasm. Ron said he was amazed how hard his own dick got, just from watching the scene. Then she crawled towards him, unbuckled his jeans and out came a very hard, very big and very thick young cock. Allthough she allready had seen his cock before his wife acted like a child in a candystore. She took it in both hands and started sucking his dick rightaway. Still mumbling how much she loved big, fat cocks. The boy couldn't hold out very long before he blew his wad. She swallowed the most of it and, to Ron's surprise, kept on licking and sucking. And the boy remained rock hard. Then she told him he shouldn't cum in her anymore, before she lay down and let him fuck her brains out. Ron said he had never witnessed his wife cumming that often and losing herself in a total frenzie. He saw how far her pussylips got stretched when the boy mounted her. And how he pounded and pounded her. And how much she loved it. And how she begged him to do fill her up with his cum. And he did. And she came. Again. And so did Ron. In his pants.

After that they just lay quietly attached for a while until the boy pulled his now limp cock out of Marion's ruined cunt. But even in that stage Ron saw that is was bigger then his one erect. It must have been another massive load he had shot, because semen kept on gulfing out of her devastated pussy. He cleaned himself, thanked her and left. His wife just smiled satisfied, checked how loose her pussy felt, smiled again and went for another shower. Giving Ron an opportunity to leave the house. He wrote to me that the whole hadn't lasted for an hour, he had called in sick so he drove to a nearby lake. And stared in the water for the rest of the day, thinking about how he had seen her, the kind and loving mother of his two children, behaving like a cheating cockslut. And about how he enjoyed that sight.


cuckold wife


Poster: Kles