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First Time
James, my husband has been trying to get me to write something for all of you. We have been a little busy, but tonight I am unable to sleep and am very horny. So I feel it’s time to take a trip down memory lane.

The first time I slept with another male away from James was the summer of 2009. A long time friend of James came to visit us for the first time. He was coming to town for a wedding of a friend that they had both gone to school with. We were all going to the wedding. It was the first time that I had met him face to face and James hadn’t seen him for years. James was not home when our friend showed up as he was a bit early. When I met him at the door, I knew there was something between us and that we were not going to be able deny.

As we waited for James to get home he and I sat around talking about what he would like to do. He suggested we go to South Street and get dinner. I knew the perfect place to go.
So when James got home we all took a walk to South Street. I decided to loop my arms through theirs and walk with them on either side of me. It was nice walking down the street for a few blocks with them on either side of me. As soon as we were done eating we went back to our place.

Upon arriving back at the apartment we made a plan as to what we were going to do. Our friend and I we were going to go to the beach the next day and stay overnight as some of the other guests were also doing that. We would meet up with them. James had planned to come also but couldn’t as he had to see some people to complete a sales deal. We would come back on Friday evening and the three of us would head up to the wedding.

Now the arrangements were sorted we all watched a movie together before James went to bed leaving me and our friend alone in the living room. This is when things started to get going. Our friend and I were laying on the futon watching a late show with the pillows under our heads. It was like we were back in school again. I would look over at him and he’d look away as though he wasn’t sitting there staring at me. I decided to stretch out and put my hands under my pillow just as he decided to do the same thing. He grabbed my hand to hold it. As soon as he took my hand he started kissing me.

Soon enough he was trying to get me undressed but I had to stop him because we needed to get some sleep or that was my excuse. We kissed and cuddled a bit more and I could feel his cock pressing into my side. Actually I was hoping James would come out and find us and join in. It took a lot of will power but I pulled away and said, see you tomorrow. We all got up early and James headed for work and his friend and I made our way to the beach.

Upon arrival, our room was ready and we decided to take a nap. It had been an early start. When we woke up he was horny and ready to start were we left off the night before. He soon had me out of my clothes and started eating me out and fingering me. I was really ready for him now. I got off a few times before he slid his cock inside of me. He never asked and I never said anything but he was in me with his bare cock. We were skin to skin. He made love to me the first time for close to 45 minutes. It was slow, gentle and beautiful. When he pulled out he laid back and his cock stayed about half hard. I could not help myself and I leaned over and licked and sucked him clean. He was clean shaven and his cock and balls we so smooth. We got up then and got dressed as we were hungry. We went down to the boardwalk and get something to eat.

After we ate we went back to the room where he was ready for round two. This time around he stripped me down and fucked me nice and hard from behind. It was a great fuck. Just as we were finishing up there was a knock on the door. It was a friend who had got the number of our room and had come to see if we wanted to go in the pool with the rest of the group. I decided to get some air and join them in the pool. Everyone was asking if James knew I was in a room alone with another man. I told them that he did and he did not mind. After a swim I got back to the room to shower I was surprised that he was ready to go again. James doesn’t recover like that. He made love to me again.

This time he took his time and made sure that I got off many times again. I enjoyed all three times he had fucked me. We finished up and cuddled up in the bed to watch a little TV before going to sleep. Sometime during the night I felt his fingers in my pussy and then he rolled on top of me and we fucked again. When he came in me he stayed on top with his cock still inside of me and we drifted off to sleep again. It was a really great way to doze off into a slumber.

Next morning when we woke he said that he wanted one last fuck in before heading back. This one was very different in that it was a rough fuck. He threw me around, gave me a few slaps (not too hard) and pulled my hair and pinched my nipples. It was very different from the other times but I really got off on it. When we finished I licked him clean again. It was a real pleasure for me.

Upon arriving back at my place things went back to the way there were because we had not told James what had happened just yet. We all went away for the wedding and our friend caught a plane home straight after it as planned.

On mine and James’s drive home from the wedding I told him about what happened at the beach and he got all hard. He especially liked when I told him that our friends had known that I was in the room alone with our friend and suspected that he had fucked me. He couldn’t wait and luckily it was dark so he pulled the car over into a lay-by. He got me in the back seat with the door open and fucked me. It was a quick fuck but I came as I was so horny too. Once home and in doors he had me again. He bent me over the edge of the bed and gave me the fuck of my life that night. He was so hard and horny that he fucked me like he had never fucked me before. Our friend was good but so was James. To this day we sometimes go back to that day and he fucks me hard all over again.


cuckold wife

Poster: Andrea