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Getting what she wanted!!
Going back to our early days of playing. We were younger and she did enjoy the "smoke" every once in a while. I had never been into it but luckily for me Rick my best friend and the only one she had played with to that point was very much into it and was pretty much good for providing them the smoke when she wanted it.

Rick got laid off and that of course seriously curtailed him being able to provide for them. It had been a few weeks since she had been able to smoke any and one night we had Rick over and she got to talking about she wanted some bad. Rick went on to tell her that he got his from his cousin and went on to tell him that he had asked but he will not give any smoke on credit.

She did not leave it alone and asked Rick what was his cousins name and Rick told her it was Billy. She got this big smile and asked Rick did he think Billy would be willing to trade for some. He said he did not know and asked what she was wanting to trade. She again got this big smile and said you know what I am talking about. So Rick told her he kind of figured but if he talked to Billy he would have to know the details.

She looked over toward me and I gave her the look back because she had not said a word about this. She then looked back at Rick still smiling and said I will give him a blow job for a few. He replied that he thought that Billy may go for that but there was a slight problem and she gave him a what kind of problem look. Rick said he has a roommate and I have never been over there when Grady was not there. She kind of rolled her eyes and said what the heck it is Billy's smoke right.

Rick told her that Billy did the selling but Grady was the one that put up the money and bought it. She said well then I will deal with Grady direct and give him the blowjob. Think Rick was trying to sweeten the pot and get them more because he told her that to get some she would probably have to give them both a blowjob. She did not hesitate and said okay set it up. It was a Saturday afternoon and Rick said if she wanted to that today would probably be a good day for it.

She wanted to know what type of guys they were and their age and things like that. Rick said Billy was around forty and he would guess Grady was probably around fifty and laughed and said neither of them are very handsome guys for sure. This caused another eye roll and she asked Rick don't lie to me how ugly are they. This had gotten kind of funny because he replied pretty ugly the both of them. She smiled and said okay in that case it has to be at least half a bag.

Rick did not have a vehicle so he said I would have to take him over there to see if he could make a deal with them. She spoke up and said we will all just go and if they agree then I will do it if not we will just come back here and play like we planned on. Rick of course was still looking out for Rick when he asked if we were still going to play regardless of what happened. She smiled and said of course. She then asked me what should she wear over there and still had not asked if I was okay with this. But I was pretty sure it would not have mattered as she had her mind made up.

So I told her to wear shorts and a halter top. We headed over following Ricks directions to me and on the way there she told Rick you tell them up front the only way this happens is the both of you will be in there referring to me and Rick. She then asked if either of them had girlfriends or has he ever seen any girls over there. Rick did not know but said he has seen girls over there buying. We got close and Rick said to let him go in and talk to Billy while we waited in the truck and he will come how and let us know what was said.

We got there and someone was on the porch and she asked who it was. Rick said it was Billy. She kind of grimaced and said Rick he is just plain out ugly and then said she was not sure she could do anything with him. Rick was already half out of the truck and stepped back and said no go then. She quickly replied no I can make it through it to get some good stuff. She started getting a little worried as Rick was inside a long time and then a older guy came out on the porch. I think just to check her out as he went right back in. A few minutes later Rick came out and sat back down in the truck.

She asked immediately were they going to give them some and Rick replied that they said yes it was a deal but a couple of things had to happen. She asked okay what has to happen. Rick said you have to give both of them one and you have to do it naked and if you're willing Grady told Billy they could give us a bag. Again no hesitation she said okay I can do that but they know that both of you will be in the room right. Rick replied yes. She said lets go get it over with and pushed on Rick. He stopped for a second and said one more thing and I could hear the irritation in her voice when she said what now. Rick said when we all go in we are going to smoke one together but you have to get naked immediately.

We walked in and Rick introduced us and you could see the wide eyed look on Grady as he looked her body over. Billy had one laid on the coffee table in front of him and he was nice enough to ask her was she good with this and she replied sure. He then picked it up and said lets smoke this then and looked at her as to say as soon as you take those clothes off. She then asked could she go in the bathroom and get undressed when Grady spoke up and said no you can do that right here. Again no hesitation as she reached behind her and untied the halter and took it off and then unsnapped her shorts and pushed them down. She had not worn any panties.

They lit it up and started passing it around as I stood to the side. Grady made a couple steps back where he could look down at her ass. She was only a thirty four B at the time but had a super cute ass on her. They finished that one up and Grady told Billy to get another one for them to smoke. As Billy lit it up the second one Grady told Rick to swap places with him which put him right beside her. It passed from Billy to Rick to Grady and then he handed it to her and as he did he bent over and whispered something to her. She looked over at me and then looked back at Grady and said sure its okay. Grady put his hand on her ass and started rubbing it.

Smoke makes her very horny so I think at this point she did not mind it at all. They finished up the second one and Grady was now playing with her ass and sucking on her nipples with her approval. He had turned her where her ass was to me and he took her hand and put it over in Billy's lap. He then told Billy to get up there and suck on her other tit as her nipples were hard as rocks and she was enjoying this. It was pretty evident he called the shots. After a few minutes he said something to her that I could not hear and she reached down with both hands and started undoing his jeans and she pushed them down and they dropped to his ankles.

I then her say oh wow so I kind o0f moved over thinking Grady must be big but when I could see he was good sized but the oh wow was because he was uncut which she had never seen. He asked her why the oh wow and that's what she told him. He laughed and told her once she started sucking him he would be like any other she has ever seen. He then maneuvered her around where he could sit on the couch and just kind of pulled her down on the couch beside him with Billy on the other end of the couch!!


cuckold wife

Poster: Greg