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Wife with a secret but secret no more
The idea of a threesome or watching me with someone else has been pillow talk with us going back several years. At first I just thought it was just sexy talk but eventually I came to realize that my husband really wanted it and it was his fantasy.

We started talking about it more seriously a couple years ago and debated the kind of person we would invite to join us. Whether we wanted someone we knew or possibly a stranger. Although there had been some flirting with other men on vacations nothing ever materialized beyond the talking stage for us.

Flash forward to late spring of last year. My husband Dan and his best friend Jim and I were going to spend a hot June day boating together. The two of them have literally been friends since they were kids and I have known Jim since before we got married. In fact he was the best man at our wedding but unfortunately he went through an ugly divorce a couple years ago.

It was sometime during that day together that I first had a thought that maybe this could be the guy I would be comfortable enough with to make my husband’s fantasies come true. A couple beers and I suppose my bikini got the flirting going. Then we continued it through most of the day. Later that evening we ended up back at our place to shower and have some dinner together.

The three of us were sitting out on the deck when a simple kiss from my husband changed everything. After this particularly strong kiss from my husband I jokingly said we should be careful or Jim might get a little jealous of us. My husband replied that maybe I should give Jim a kiss too. I realized that my husband and I must be on the same page thinking that perhaps this could be the opportunity we had talked about.

I leaned in to give Jim a kiss and that kiss turned hot very quickly. I nervously looked at Dan to make sure he was OK with it and he was clearly enjoying it. As I sat down on Jim’s lap our tongues began exploring and his hands simply around my waist gave me chills. I alternated going back-and-forth between the two men kissing them until I was brave enough to take my husband’s hand and lead him towards the bedroom praying that Jim would follow without me having to ask, I wasn’t sure the words would come!

Dan set me on the edge of the bed and quickly pulled my bikini briefs down, his head went between my legs and I’m sure he couldn’t help but notice that I was already wet with excitement. Jim had in fact joined us and sat next to me on the bed. We resumed making out as my husband’s mouth explored me. My top soon disappeared to Jim’s hands and his mouth found its way to my breasts. The sensation of his mouth on my boobs and my husband’s mouth on my sex was exhilarating!

In spite of my nervousness at what was happening I was quickly on the edge of my first orgasm. Sensing that I was close Dan asked Jim if he wanted to change places. The anticipation of what was about to happen was incredible for me! Jim moved between my legs as my husband came up on the bed and began kissing me passionately. My orgasm seemed almost instantaneous to me as Jim’s mouth began tasting me for the first time. I moaned deeply into my husband’s mouth as the waves of my first orgasm of the night swept through me.

Jim continued licking and sucking on me long after that first orgasm. The sensation of another man’s mouth on me after so many years was indescribable! Several times I made eye contact with Dan and without a word I knew this was what he wanted and that he wanted even more. I pulled away from Jim momentarily and got myself further onto the bed while pulling him up on top of me. We kissed deeply and I told him if this was something we wanted and we hoped that he wanted it too.

I pushed down his boxers and held his cock for the first time. Just a few slow strokes as he was already rock hard. I laid back and guided him towards me. One last time I looked at my husband and I asked if he was sure this was what he wanted. I was praying that he still wanted it. He simply leaned in to kiss me as an answer.

I held Jim gently against my sex and told him to do this part very slow because I wanted Dan to see and enjoy every moment of it. There simply are no words to describe the excitement as I felt him press into me for the first time. I breathed into my husband’s ear “baby he’s inside me” but I know his eyes were locked on that view as well. With each push I felt Jim press deeper and deeper into me until I was completely filled and could feel myself gripping onto his cock inside me. The sounds it made as he slowly fucked me were incredible, and the sight of his cock now glistening wet with my juices drove me to another orgasm.

I’m not sure how long it really lasted, probably not as long as it seemed to me. The intensity of another man inside me, fucking me, making me cum on his cock was completely overwhelming. Jim snapped me back to reality telling me he was close and asking if he should pull out and cum on my belly. My voice almost seemed like it was coming from someone else “don’t you dare, you stay right where you” I told him. His strokes became more urgent and my pussy gripped his cock ever tighter.

Soon I was rewarded and felt the warmth of his cum filling me. The sensation of another man cumming inside me brought me my strongest orgasm yet. I instantly thought of the taboo of what I had just done, and in front of my husband. Hell I’d done it with his approval! I felt dirty but like a goddess at the same time! I was a hotwife!

Jim kissed me deeply after his orgasm and I felt him slip out of me shortly after that. He was replaced in an instant by my husband who could not wait to reclaim me. We fucked with a passion we probably hadn’t had done for some time. It was him seeking to take me back and me seeking to know everything was ok. I think for a moment we nearly forgot someone else was in the room.

Long, forceful strokes from Dan brought me yet another orgasm! I hadn’t cum this much in years! With a mix of force and love Dan added his orgasm to me. I had just had two incredible men filling me just minutes apart. There are no words to describe the elation I felt! And my night had just begun! The two men wanted more and I was in such a high state I demanded more.


cuckold wife

Poster: Lucky Debbie