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It’s what Husbands Do
I am in my mid 40's with a very high sex drive. I tend to be dominant in the bedroom. I'm happily married and I endeavour to make our sex life interesting. In saying that my husband never knows what I have in store. This adds to the spice in our life.
After giving it a lot of thought yesterday, I decided to let my imagination go wild for a bit.

So when I got home, Scott, my husband was waiting for me. I walked into the kitchen from the garage, and he immediately came up to me, hugged me, put his head on my shoulder, and said, “I love you. And I’m sorry.” We had had a little augment the previous evening.
I had told him earlier in the day when he call me at work, “When I get home tonight, we need to talk about last night.”

I responded, in a matter of fact tone, “I’d like you to please go upstairs and wait for me. I’ll be up in a few minutes.” He didn’t answer me but nodded his head and went upstairs like I asked. I didn’t go up right away. I took my time, doing a few things downstairs. I wanted him to sweat it out.

After about thirty minutes, I joined him upstairs. He was sitting on a chair in the master bedroom, not relaxed, but sitting forward, with his back up straight, anxious. Walking into the dressing room, I called out to him, “Would you please run the shower for me. Not too hot.” As I undressed, he did as I asked.

I walked out of the dressing room naked towards the shower. “Please get your clothes off. I’d like you to join me.” He started undressing immediately. I was already in the shower when he walked in. We have this huge, custom-tiled shower area that could easily hold four people, with two shower heads.

Not sure how to react, where to stand, or what to do, he just kind of stood there, off to the side, about two feet away from me, almost like he was asking for permission to get closer.
I extended my arms to him, “Come here, sweetie.” I cradled his head in my hands, held his face, and kissed him. It was a long, deep and sensuous kiss. I kept kissing him until his mouth opened and he offered me his tongue. I gently sucked on it, then offered him mine to suck on. It’s a thing we do when we kiss sometimes. It was clearly not what he was expecting.

When the kiss broke off, I whispered in his hear, “I love you. That’s all you need to know right now. I love you.” “Would you wash me, please?”, I asked him.
Reaching to the shelf for the liquid soap, he softly responded, “Of course.” His hands, rubbing all over my body, slippery with soap, felt amazing. He’s done that for me a thousand times, but this time, it was something very, very special. He was taking his time, making it feel good for me.

As he was doing that, I noticed that his balls were hanging down, one lower than the other. His penis was soft. I reached down to touch him, cupping his balls in my hand.
“Did you take one of your little blue pills today?” “No.” He said.
“I’d like you to take one when we get out of the shower. I need to feel you inside me”

He was taking his time washing my body, gently, touching and exploring every curve and crevice. Some of the time he was down to his knees as he worked. We were in the shower maybe thirty minutes, before we rinsed off, and got out.

Then he dried my body with a towel from head to toe and then handed me my white thick cotton robe. As I finished towel-drying my hair, he slipped away for a few minutes to his dressing area, came out wearing a robe, and walked to the medicine cabinet.

Once in bed, I laid back, propped by two pillows under my head and shoulders, and spread my legs. He knew exactly what I wanted and needed, and expected of him. Without saying a word, he went down on me.

He is amazing with his mouth and tongue. Truly the man is gifted in that regard and he didn’t disappoint. He spent maybe twenty minutes down there, doing his thing.
After bringing me to orgasm, he would then would back off and be very gentle and work up to the next. He knew when I had had enough (if that’s at all possible) and he got on top of me, missionary style, and made love to me. Everything about it was perfect! I came twice while his cock was inside me.

After he ejaculated, his cock was still hard, and he stayed inside me for a while as we kissed and touched. I told him again and again how much I loved him.

Then, without my nudging him, or saying a word, he slid down the bed and gently pulled me down towards the edge of the bed. He knelt down on the floor, lifted my legs and put them over his shoulders. His lips and amazing tongue went to work again.

He knows I like it and expect that after our love making sometimes. I think that it is very special that my husband almost can read my mind and know when I need this to complete our bliss. He is gentle as he sucks out all the goo he has deposited in me and cleans me front and back without my needing to remind him. I came two more times while he did this and these orgasms are different in that they build deep down and I cum for a longer time.

We then we fell asleep, and slept in each other’s arms until this morning.


cuckold wife

Poster: Shona