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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


More o D and arranging a black for her
D and I got married very young and were virgins. After a year we agreed we didn't know much about sex and should explore. She came home one day and said guess what I did today. My heart raced and I realized it was easier to intellectually accept this than accept it emotionally. We started some swapping and both found our own lovers. This went on a few years but D was always more active than me. Eventually I started with a lot of fantasies about her with her friends. The majority were white but occasionally a black guy. She mostly liked married guys with kids who wanted some variety but did not wanted romance. One guy did a marvelous job teaching D how to give head.

I didn't have much interest in doing my own thing, One time D had a steady but he also had another girlfriend. The D and he came up with a plan to meet them and swap partners. We ended up in a hotel with a double room. We fucked each other's partners and then swapped back. Fun.

Over many years D had 2 or 3 three each year. I maybe had 10 during our entire marriage and none for several yesrs total. Whenever she comes home from a date.. more or less once a week, I get my reward fore being so tolerant.. plus we averaged another couple times per week.

After 30 years of marriage, then we wre 50, her numbers added up but no one was counting, We also played with toys and movies from time to time, When it came to movies she always to me to pick one.

One evening there was a cuckold movie with white guys watching their wives being blacked. I asked if she would like this and she said sure... it was pretty obvious since she started playing with herself as soon as the movie started. In our professional lives it was pretty rare to meet black folks. Most of her lovers were people she met in the course of her career. She said she would do it but I had to find the guy.

A few weeks later we were at a party, mostly people in our profession or something related. There was one black guy in the crowd, We were the oldest in the crowd by several years. We both circulated in sometimes together and sometimes separately. At one point I was back with the black guy. He was divorced with no kids and had a sensible relationship with his former wife. He wss 30 years old. Named Ken. Taller than me and athletic looking. He mentioned that he was focused on his career but was happy with his life, He found it a bit difficult to meet professional black girls in his normal business routine. He said he wasn't into bars and clubs. He didn't say any thing about white girls. We exchanged business cards and said might do business referrals if the opportunity came up.

After we got home, D said this would be a good match. When we sucked and fucked that night, She was extra hot. The idea of a black guy 30 years younger was a turn on for D. I was fantasizing about watching them. D could easily pass for 10 years but there was still a big gap in years. Would Ken be interested?

A few days later I called Ken.I told him that a lady at the party told me she was attracted to him but would be would uncomfortable asking. Would I help? She didn't have his number. Since he was the only black guy at the party he knew she would be white. Ken asked who it was and I said she was good looking and he would recognize her. I suggested they meet casually with no commitments. I suggested a nearby resort complex used by tourists as well as local professionals. The place has restuarants, shops, a hotel, etc. We agreed they would meet at a casual bar by the pool that also has a mini menu.

They met as planned. Ken knew immediately that I had set him up with my wife. They had a glass of wine and dinner, then back to the outside bar for another glass of wine. 3 hours after they met, D asked if he.d like to get a room. She suggested he stay put, she would get a room and call with the number. D told the front desk she had a business dinner with one of their guests but had more wine than she should have and didn't want to drive home... good cover for a local address on her I'd.

Over the next few weeks they met often usually ending up at his place and D fucking me nicely when she got home, Then she had Ken at our house saying I wouldn.t be home till near 11. They had a good evening together finishing it off in our bed. When I got home it was great to gave a manly smell in our bed. She had a cum taste on her mouth. Then I dug my face into the cream pie. D came hard.

Eventually D got Ken to agree to letting me watch and maybe a threesome, The first time she sat by him on the couch while I was across the room in my easy chair. She started everything and soon was passionately kissing Ken and playing with him. Ken gave me a glance and I signalled to go for it. Soon she had his cock and was sucking it on the couch. I
folled to the bedroom. That night I just watched and was hard as heck...They were at it a good 90 minutes, After Ken left, D and I had a good time, cream pie and fucking.

D and Ken often met by themselves but about once a month it was three of us. Usually it started with me watching, until they both came before I joined it. Ken was bigger than me but not enormous.. about a thick 8 inches.

That relationship went on about six months before they mutually agreed to move on. That was 20 years ago. D is still hot and usually in a relationship with someone. I am fine with it and love seconds or watching. D has guys from her age and down. Sometimes she gets some black cock but isn't fixated on it, She says it isn't the size of the wand but how you use it, She says the biggest cock she had was with a tall and athletic white guy. She had to teach how to use it. Initially he was a pound and come guy, His sex life at home wasn't goodt. It got much better after D trained him. She saw that guy off one on for several years Eventually he relocated but spent his last night at our house with the three of us in bed. I had to get up early to go to work and left the two of them sleeping in our bed, D said the ate breakfast, took showers and fucked for three hours. I got my reward the next night.

Maybe some more later if you like this, I have 50 years of stories. Sorry for the long story but it was a journey,


cuckold wife

Poster: Ron