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I have always had cuckold fantasies ever since my early twenties. I don't get jealous of the thought of my girlfriend cheating on me. Matter of fact I get hard as a rock when I think of her cheating. I convinced my best friend to have a three some with my girlfriend in my early twenties. Though I never fucked her but sat back watching and masturbated while they fucked. She loved it so much we did it a couple more times before she broke up with me. His cock and fucking skills were far better than mine. She realized there was better than me out there waiting for her. Many years later I met my wife. Early in the marriage I began talking about her cheating on me during sex and she would get so hot and tell me she wanted to fuck other men. But after she came she would always say she would never do it and was just talking dirty because she was horny. So I decided to test her. After several months and many conversations I placed an ad looking for a man for her. I received several responses and picked a handsome guy close to her age. He was married so I felt safe for her. I told her we were going out to have drinks with a friend she hasn't met. We went to a bar to meet him and he was waiting for us in a booth. We sat down and I introduced my wife. He knew my game and went along with the farce. After a few drinks I could tell she really liked him. She was very talkative with him. She excused herself to the bathroom. I asked him if he liked her and wanted to fuck her. He said hell yeah. She returned so we excused ourselves to the restroom too. I told him to head back before me and sit on her side of the table and see what she'll do when he places his hand on her leg under the table. He was excited to try it. When I returned to the table he was sitting beside her and I acted surprised. I sat across from them and she talked as if nothing was unusual. After a few minutes I noticed his hand move under the table. I watched her for a reaction but never saw any. A few drinks later she needed to go potty again so he got up and let her out. I asked what was happening. He told me that when he placed his hand on her leg she spread her legs giving him access to her pussy. I wasn't sure if I believed him but he told me he will definitely be fucking her tonight. She returned and went to his side of the table waiting for him to let her back in. He stood and smiled at me while she slipped in. I noticed she was sitting closer. Again his hand went below the table and after a bit I noticed her hand drop down as well. They both seemed to be squirming as we talked. I needed to go pee so I excused myself again. As I was pissing he walked in and stuck his fingers under my nose. I could smell my wife's pussy all over his fingers. He laughed saying I told you that pussy is mine tonight. He then told me she was stroking his cock under the table while we talked. I asked through your jeans and he said no she released his cock from his pants and was stroking it. He then told me when I left the table they kissed and she licked the precum from her fingers when he got up to hit the can. I new she wanted it as much as I did but she was embarrassed to admit it. So I told him to tell her I was sick and he would take her home. Then take her to our place and fuck her when they get there. When they are done tell her you need to go back to get me. I snuck out peeping around the corner and watched as they left. I followed them outside and they started kissing as soon as they got to the parking lot. They got in his truck and left. I jumped in our car following staying way behind them. He pulled into the driveway and started kissing again before going inside. They hardly turned on any lights so I wasn't sure where they were so I sat in my car waiting thinking of what she was doing while rubbing one out. It took longer than I anticipated but he eventually left. I flagged him down and asked what happened. He told me she was cock deprived and fucked like there was no tomorrow. He then told me she knows it was a set up and you can go on home. He then said I'll be seeing you both soon before pulling away. I walked into the door and didn't see her and headed for the bedroom. She was in bed so I crawled in. She rolled over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said thank you. She then slipped her hand into my shorts and began jerking me off. I came quickly and she smiled and said now we're even then rolled over going to sleep. The next morning she said we needed to talk. I thought I might be in trouble but she thanked me again and proceeded to lay down expectations and rules. I asked if she was going to persue the relationship and she said after getting fucked by his wonder cock "hell yeah". They fucked like rabbits for a few months and then she broke the news that she was pregnant and they are both pursuing a divorce and were in love. Didn't see that happening but oh well it was fun while it lasted.


cuckold wife

Poster: JT