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Cheating wife - real story
Hi All, here's my story: My wife and I are a conservative couple. We are in our early 40's, have been married for 10 years, and are madly in love with each other. Before everything happened, we were living in a foreign country on the other side of the globe from the USA. We had made a plan to move back to the USA. The plan is for my wife to go back first, and then I would come to the USA the next year. She moves back to the USA May, we talk on Skype nearly everyday. Our plan was to meet in Italy on her birthday, and then I would come back to visit at Christmas time. Where we moved back to was close to my family. One night we talk on the phone and she tells me that her and my sister are going to go out. She has been working a lot to get the house ready, and she just needs to unplug. The time difference between us is 8 hours. The next day I wake up and send her a message that I love her and I hope she had a good night. I didn't expect a response right away I knew they would be drinking and she may be too drunk to respond or may have passed out. A few hours later at 10am my time, I get a message from her asking if I can call her. I tell her of course, and I call her. When she answers the phone she sounds very upset and is crying. I ask what's wrong. She tells me "Baby, I love you so much. I want you to know this. You are my life." At this point I'm thinking "wow, you are super drunk". So I ask her how much she had to drink. She said, not much, just a couple of beers. She doesn't get drunk easily, she's 6' tall and weighs about 190lbs. She then tells me that she just cheated on me. My heart sank and I went silent. There was probably over a full minute of silence. She asks if I'm still there, I say yes. She tells me that she is a horrible person and she is so sorry. I ask her who she slept with. She said some guy she met at the bar. I asked why did she do it. She said it was a moment of weakness and that she didn't plan to do it, it just happened. I asked if she at least got his name. She said of course. I asked what it was, she said does it matter? I said I'm just asking. She said his name was DeShaun. I asked if he was black. She said yes. I didn't say a word and just hung up on her. She tried calling me back but I don't answer. She sends me messages asking to call, but I ignore them. Finally I send her a message that I need some time to process it all and I will call her tomorrow. I don't call her the next day. I end up calling her 3 days later. Up until I called her the only thing I could think about is losing my partner of 10 years and about the big plan we had could end. A plan that I was so looking forward to. I call her. I tell her that I'm not ready to throw away 10 years of marriage over a mistake like this. She did tell me the truth and not try to hide it. I told her that fact is what swayed me to not split up with her and not get a divorce. I tell her as long as this was the only time, I will be able to forgive her. She then tells me that it wasn't the only time. She tells me she had sex with him about 10 times over the last 3-4 days. I was like WTF, is the dick that good? She said it was. I hung up on her again. I was so pissed and hurt at the same time. She again tried to call me but I wouldn't answer. She texted me telling me that she loves me and she never wants to lose me. I'm too angry to answer. At this point, all I can think about is her fucking this black dude. I end up calling her back. I asked if it's so fucking good, why doesn't she just leave me and be with him. She said it's just sex, and that she loves me. I asked what was so good about it. She tells me that his dick is huge. Like 13" long and thick, and he fucks her for a long time, multiple times. I tell her well, if that's what you want, go for it, but we're done. She starts to cry. I tell her this is your fault bitch and hang up. Again she's trying to call me and texting me that she loves me and it won't happen again. I'm laying in bed and I can only think of her getting fucked by a huge black cock. I can't get it out of my head, and I can't fall asleep either. I grab my laptop and try to put myself to sleep by watching porn and jacking off. I pull up my go to porn site, and the first fucking video is called "wife's first bbc". I click on it to watch. It's a video of this woman just getting railed by a huge black dude. Below the video are others that are similar. I start to watch more. It's actually starting to turn me on. I watch this one where this girl gets creampied by 5 black dudes. Her wrecked pussy really turns me on. I wonder what it would feel like fucking her pussy after she fucked all of those black dudes. I then grab my phone and call my wife. She answers, still in tears but happy to hear my voice. She tells me how much she loves me and that she won't do it again. I tell her that I don't want to get a divorce and that we can make this work. She gets excited that we aren't getting a divorce and that we are going to make this work. At this point, in 3 months we are going to be in Italy together. We talk about that a bit and she says she's excited to see me. I then ask what she liked about fucking DeShaun. She was a little hesitant at first, but I assured her I have forgiven her and that I won't hold anything against her. She tells me that she liked the feeling her pussy feeling "full". I asked if she used condoms. She said, oh of course, she wouldn't have it any other way. I asked if he makes her orgasm. She said, multiple times. She has to use a vibrator to have an orgasm with me. I asked if she could fit it all in. She said at first it was difficult but after about the 3rd time they had sex, she could take it all. At this point my cock was rock hard, but I didn't tell her that. I asked her if she wanted to fuck him again. She said no, right away. I told her it's ok if she said yes. She admitted that she thought about his dick all of the time. I told her that if she wanted she could continue to fuck him. I didn't tell her this but I really like the thought of her getting fucked by someone else. She asked if I was sure. She told me that she would not be upset if I fucked other women. She said it's only fair. I told her I had two conditions, she had to video tape it and my family couldn't find out. She was very surprised of this. I told her it doesn't matter if she hid it from him or told him. I asked if he knew if she was married, she said of course. At this point my mind was at ease and I was actually getting tired. I had been awake for nearly 24 hours at this point. We ended the call and I went to sleep. I slept until the next afternoon. When I woke up, I checked my phone. I had a text message from her saying that she is so happy that we are not divorcing, she loved me very much and she couldn't see life without me. And I should check my email. I grabbed my laptop and opened my email. There was an email from her with a subject of "as requested". I open the email and there is a message. She tells me that as soon as we hung up, she called DeShaun and told him everything. He came right over to make a movie for me. I opened the movie and started to watch it. It started out with them standing in front of each other only in their underwear, she reaches down and pulls out his huge cock of his underwear. She got down on her knees and started to suck it. I have to say this was the biggest dick I've ever seen. She even has a hard time fitting her mouth around it. My cock gets instantly hard. After she sucks his cock a bit she removed her bra and underwear and lays on the bed. He grabs the camera, and positions it pointing at her pussy. I can see it's a little wet, but normal looking, at least normal for her. He then started to lick her pussy. He licks her to orgasm. He grabs the camera, she grabs a condom and puts it on his cock. She reaches down with both hands and grabs his dick, and he guides it into her pussy. He puts the camera on the bed behind them. He slowly starts to push his huge cock in and out of her. She is moaning so loud. My cock is so hard and leaking. He thrusts it in further and further until it's all the way in. I hear her say on the video how she loves his cock, and it is full bliss. She is moaning louder until she cums. He just fucks her harder when she cums. He doesn't stop and she sounds like she is just losing her mind. I am just seeing his huge cock and his huge balls fuck my wife. They stop fucking and he lays down. The camera is pointed right at his cock. My wife stands up, faces the camera and sits on his cock. As it slides in, I can see her eyes close and joy just come over her face. She takes all 13" into her pussy. She leans forward and starts bouncing. Within about 10 stokes, she cums again. As she's cumming, she stops with every inch of his cock in her and her body just tenses up. She stops for a few seconds. She lifts her body up and leans back. He holds her up and she brings her legs forward and she is spread wide. I can see his huge cock just splitting her pussy right open. He begins to thrust his huge cock in there. After about a minute she cums again, but he doesn't stop thrusting. Her legs close as she cums. As she's cumming, I can't help buy pay attention to her screams. He is still thrusting his cock in her as her legs open up again. And again, a few minutes later she cums again. She can't help but fall on his cock so he can't thrust in her anymore. The look on her face is really turning me on. My cock is hard and just leaking badly. I haven't even touched my cock. She pick herself back up and he starts to thrust again. After a few strokes his cock pops out of her pussy. I can't believe how huge his cock is and I wonder what size condom he has on. She grabs his cock and slides it back into her pussy. He starts thrusting again. I can hear him say he's going to cum. She tells him she wants to feel him cum in her pussy. All of the sudden he stops thrusting himself in her and I can see his cock pulsate as he cums. She says she can fell his cock pulsate and that she has never felt it until him. She relaxes and pushes his cock all the way into her pussy. She keeps his cock in there a minute while she catches her breath. She then reaches down and pulls his huge cock out. She removes the condom from his cock and hold it in front of the camera and says, look how much is in there. She then lays down and he grabs the camera. With her legs spread he shoots her pussy. OMG, it is so swollen, and is loose. I grab my cock and 5 strokes and I cum. That loose pussy really turned me on. He gives her the camera and lays next to her. She says Hey baby, I hope you like it. Call me after you watch it. I give her a call. I tell her I loved the video and how much I enjoyed watching her get such pleasure. I tell her I want to see more. She said she would record every session and send it to me. For the rest of the night I could not stop thinking of her getting fucked by that big black cock. The next day, she sends me another video. This time it's over an hour long and it's them straight fucking for over an hour. I am so excited I can't wait to see her in Italy, but it's still about 3 months away. We talk on the phone everyday and the sex with DeShaun comes up every time. As soon as we start talking about it, my cock gets hard. I tell her I can't wait to fuck her black cock loving pussy. After a couple of weeks of her sending me videos of them fucking everyday and multiple times each day, I get this email with a video. The subject said "Then this happened". There was nothing but the video. I watch the video. As I'm watching the video, I'm thinking oh shit, my family found out. As she is riding him reverse cowgirl, as he is thrusting inside her he starts to cum. I can see the condom and his cock pulsating. They both are moaning. All of the sudden she stops and says "ok fuck, I can feel your cum. I'm pretty sure the condom broke." She pulls his cock out and the condom is pushed all the way down but not covering his entire cock. Cum comes flowing out of her pussy. She gets up and says I hope you are clean. She lays on the bed and the camera is pointed at her pussy, wide open with cum on it. She does have an IUD to regulate her hormones, but I've had a vasectomy. She's not worried about getting pregnant. I call her after I watch the video and she tells me about it. She tells me that she has never felt so much cum get shot into her pussy in her life. She said she actually had an orgasm until she realized what happened. She asked if I was upset. I told her no, it really turned me on, but both of them should go get checked out. A few days later we are on the phone and she tells me they both get checked out and they are clean. She asks if she can continue to fuck him without a condom. I told her that would be here call. If she wanted to, it's fine with me. The next movies she would send, he would cum inside her 2-3 times in the video. In a few of the videos she would try to keep as much of the cum inside. She told me loved the feeling of having so much cum in her pussy. Then she would lay on the bed and push it all out. An absolute turn on for me. When we would talk I told her that her pussy full of black cum after being used like that was a big turn on. Fast forward to about a week before we were going to meet in Italy. We had to delay it 2 months due to my work. She asks if I want her to stop fucking him until after she gets back from Italy. I tell her no, it's all ok. Fast forward to the day we land in Italy. She lands about 4 hours before me. She already has the location of our AirBNB, so she heads there from the airport. My flight arrives at night and I don't get to the AirBNB until about 10pm. While in the taxi we are texting each other, telling each other how much we miss each other. I arrive and enter the house. She is in bed, naked and under the covers. When we see each other, a huge smile comes over our face. I come over to the bed and start to kiss her. I want to shower, just because of I've been on an airplane for over 7 hours. I take a quick shower and come back to bed. I am standing there at the foot of the bed in front of her. She has the covers pulled up to her neck. She pulls the covers from her feet, then her legs and then exposes her pussy. I crawl into bed and start to lick her pussy. I ask her when she had sex with DeShaun last. She said "This morning". I go back to licking her pussy. While I'm licking her I can only think about that dark black cock fucking her white pussy. As she orgasms, she shoves my face into her pussy and I lick her harder. I come up, and I see her pussy, it's a little more "open" than I remember. She tells me she wants my dick. I rub it on her pussy a few times and the slide it in. Now, I'm not exactly small, and I'm not exactly big. I have more girth than length. I'm about 6.5" in length and 2.5" in girth. I slide my cock into her wet pussy and it definitely feels different. I start to fuck her and it feels very wet and loose. I ask her how does it feel. She tells me I'm sorry baby, I can't feel you like I used to. As soon as I hear that, my cum inside her. She then says, well I can feel that. I lay down next to her and get under the covers. She covers her legs back up. I can see a tear come to her eyes, I ask what's wrong. She tells me she fucked up. I tell her no, her pussy feels good and I actually like the feeling of it loose. She leans over and kisses me. She tells me she loves me so very much and that she will stop at any point if I want her to. I just say ok, let's not talk about that right now. Let's just enjoy being with each other. We start to kiss some more. She reaches down and can feel my cock is hard again. She's tells me, wow... unusual. I wasn't expecting it to be hard again. I guess this really turns you on. I tell her it really does. She slides under the covers and starts to suck my cock. She tells me she really likes to ride reverse cowgirl. Her and I have never done it that way and she asks if I would be willing to try. I say of course. She throws the covers up so only the bottom half of my body is exposed, she gets on top of me and sits on my cock. I remove the covers from my face. She leans forward and starts to bounce on my cock. I can see her pussy slide up and down on my cock. I notice there a slight gap between my cock and her pussy. All I can think about is how that black dick really wrecked her pussy. I remove the covers all of the way. She leans back and tells me to fuck her. I am thrusting myself in and out of her. It feels so good. She tells me she can actually feel me at this angle. She is leaning over me, hands on the head board and as I thrust her I am rubbing her back. I reach and feel her tits. Her nipples are very hard. I run my hands down her sides to the crease where her hips are. I start to thrust harder. We're both moaning, and she tells me shes about to cum. She slams her pussy all the way down on my cock as she cums. My hands start rubbing her sides and I move them to her stomach. I feel a bump. I ask if she's pregnant. She says, yes I am. I immediately start cumming in her pussy. After I cum, she gets off and lays next to me. I get between her legs to see her loose cunt with my cum flowing out. Sure enough, it looks awesome. She is looking at me with this scared look. I come up and lay next to her. I ask if it's DeShaun's. She said yes, he's the only one she's been fucking. I ask how far along is she. She said she is about 5 months. I asked if my family knew if she was pregnant. She said no, she has been avoiding them and hasn't seen them in 3-4 months. I ask how this happened, I thought you had an IUD. She said it must have broken and come out. DeShaun gets rather deep in there. I asked what are we going to do. She said she was sorry and she doesn't want us to divorce. I told her divorce isn't even an option. We don't have any kids of our own. I have two from a previous marriage, but they are grown. I told her I wasn't upset and that we will deal with whatever we decide. I asked what DeShaun thinks. She said he's only 23 and doesn't want to be a father. We talked it a bit more, then went to sleep. We woke up the next day, had sex again and then went out for breakfast in Rome. We spent the next 4 days fucking and exploring Rome, then left. I went back to where I was living, and she went back home. We talked about the baby and said that no matter what we would absolve DeShaun from all responsibility. She was due in February of 2018. For the next few months until I came home for Christmas, she and DeShaun would still fuck 2-3 times per day, sometimes for 3-4 hours. She would still send me videos, which continued to turn me on. When I came home for Christmas I told her I would like to meet DeShaun. She invited him over the second night I was there. I told them I wanted to watch them have sex and then have the sloppy seconds. Of course they were game. After fucking her for what seemed like hours and cumming in her 3 times, it was finally my turn. She laid there with her legs spread, pussy gaping, and full of black cum. My cock was so hard. I got on top of her, we started to kiss. She reached down, grabbed my hard cock and put the head to the entrance of her pussy. She whispered to me, "fuck me baby". I thrust my cock into her pussy hard and fast. As it slid in, the cum came pouring out, I could feel the hot, black cum flow down my balls. I lift her legs up and put one over my arm and start fucking her. OMG, it's so roomy and slick. I look at her face, she has her eyes closed but is kind of emotionless. I stop and ask if everything is ok, am I hurting the baby. She said she's fine, she just is very loose right now. I start fucking her more. DuShawn grabs the video camera and records my cock fucking her loose cunt. After a couple of minutes he comes over to our faces as her and I are kissing. He pulls up the mini-viewer on the camera and shows us the footage he just shot. There is a gap between the bottom of my cock and her pussy. I look at her and asked if she could feel me. She said barely. I told her let's change position so you can. We do reverse cowgirl. She sits down on my cock, leans back, puts her hands on my chest, up on her feet. She then says "Ok, muuuuch better". I start the fuck her. It feels really good. I feel the bed move near my feet. I see DeShaun on the bed in front of her. I continue to fuck her. I next feel something else on my cock. I stop and look. It's DeShaun, he's about to put his cock in my wifes pussy with mine. I can feel him slide it in and everything gets very tight. We both then start to thrust inside of her and she let's out a moan I have never heard before. This is new to me and I don't know what to make of it. I like it, but it was not what I was expecting would happen. I kind of stop and DeShaun is continuing to fuck her. He's fucking her fast. She is moaning very loudly and tell us how much she loves it. DeShaun shoves his cock all the way in, and I start to feel it pulsate. He's cumming. It was such an interesting feeling to feel his cock pulsate, then everything get very warm. He pulled his cock out and I started to thrust in and out very fast until I cum inside her. Up to that point it was the best sex my wife and I have ever had. After DeShaun left, her and I talked about the baby. We decided to keep the baby and avoid my family. We would now start to tell people that we are thinking of adopting a child. After that last night with DeShaun, she didn't have sex with him again. We talked and said we should end it as this point so we can focus on us and the baby. On February 17th, I came back home. 3 days later my wife had her baby, a mixed baby boy. We told everyone that he was adopted, and as of now no one knows our secret. Two months after we had the baby, my wife asked if she could fuck more black dick. I said of course, but she had to be on a more effective birth control. Since then, she's had many black cocks in her pussy, including a couple 5 guy gangbang creampies.


cuckold wife

Poster: Mark