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College-age Cuckold: Bull Brainwashing
Brooke, my girlfriend of three years lives with me in a city near where we went to college; we’re both 22 years old. Many months ago, she was diagnosed with mania, which is a condition that makes a person’s behavior extremely impulsive and erratic. Mania manifests in different ways, but for Brooke, it resulted in hypersexuality—a profound desire to have sex virtually all the time. Brooke is highly skeptical of psychoactive medications, and so she decided to let her condition—what some would call “nymphomania”—go untreated.

Now, I’ve always had a strong interest in cuckolding; I’d watched a ton of cuckold porn, read many blog posts about cuckolding, and even spoken to several bulls. And so, when Brooke’s hypersexuality hit overdrive about a week or so after her official diagnosis, I began to think about discussing cuckolding with her. Let me be clear: I was not taking advantage of Brooke’s changed behavior; rather, I was responding to the mounting signals that Brooke needed far more, and far better sex than I could give.

One night, I told Brooke about cuckolding—what it was, why I was interested in it, and why I thought we should try it. She was incredibly receptive, even eager, at my suggestion that we try cuckolding. She told me that she was glad that I wanted to see her fuck a hung guy, because, as she confessed, size mattered very much to her and my average-length dick was just that: average. What she needed was exceptional cock, and I wanted desperately to give that to her.

That very night, Brooke and I posted an ad online for a bull in our area. Brooke, who was finally able to confess that she loved the thought of an alpha humiliating me, wrote the majority of the ad:

“We’re a college-age couple looking for a hung bull to get us into the cuckolding lifestyle. He should have a lot of stamina, be able to cum large loads, and be adept at humiliating cuckolds. Reply with a picture of you and your cock, as well as a description of why you think you’re qualified.”

When we checked for emails the next morning, we found over 40 responses, but naturally, one stood out. “Hi, my name’s Chad and I’m 24 years old. I have a lot of experience with cuckolding. I have been wanting to become the bull of a younger couple for some time now, and I’m incredibly interested in your offer. I have a kind of plan that I think will help us all get into the swing of things. First, I would fuck the girlfriend without the boyfriend there to reduce the initial awkwardness that the both of you might be feeling. Then, I would want to spend some time with the boyfriend alone to discuss how this will work and to introduce him to his new life. After this, we can finally proceed straight into cuckolding. Unfortunately, this preliminary stuff is non-negotiable. Anyhow, here are several pictures of me along with my stats.”

As Brooke and I scrolled down, we saw a tall (6 foot 7 by his own account), muscular (but not overly so) guy who looked like the kind of stud Brooke had expressed interest in. When we scrolled down to the last picture, Brooke said “wow”—she had just seen his spectacularly thick nine-inch dick, hulking there below his chiseled abs.

Brooke said that she really found Chad attractive, but also liked that he was around our age, but slightly older. She also thought his ideas of easing into the whole cuckolding thing were pretty good, and much more subtle than those of other prospective bulls. So she met up with him the next day while I was at work. And she fucked him. At this point, that’s all I knew, as Brooke said that talking about it might ruin my meeting with Chad.

Chad contacted me via text, and told me what would happen for our meeting: “we’ll both meet at my apartment. You need to plan for a full day there. Be there at 8:00 tomorrow morning.”

And 8:00 the next morning is precisely when I arrived at Chad’s apartment. He opened the door, invited me in, and told me to remove all my clothes. I was taken aback, but the alpha dominance he had directed at my beta male personality made me do what he asked without question. He asked me to sit in a chair facing his television and put my hands behind my back; he then informed me that he was going to handcuff me. Again, I was without objection despite my surprise at the rapid escalation of these events.

“Good,” Chad said. “We’re going to watch some videos.”

What followed was what I had already half expected: a video of Chad fucking Brooke in our house. My God did he have stamina—he must have fucked her in every major sexual position there was, and he was able to cum multiple times and still retain his arousal. And Brooke, she loved it. She was screaming louder than I’ve ever heard her scream and the absolute ecstasy on her face was fully apparent. My own cock was hard now, too, just watching. Chad, noticing, said “very good; that should make you hard. In fact, the only time I want you hard is when I’m fucking Brooke.” I nodded my head submissively.

Toward the end of what was, in total, a 45-minute video, Chad abruptly stopped fucking Brooke and put on a condom. This was odd, I thought; he hadn’t been wearing a condom previously. And I watched as Chad gave Brooke two more intense orgasms before blowing his load into his newly-donned condom. The camera zoomed in toward Chad’s cock as he held it in his other hand. He removed the condom and directed Brooke to put it in an envelope he had placed on the bedside table. She then licked the envelope and sealed it.

Chad had the very same envelope in his hands now. He opened it and removed the condom, fresh with a gigantic load—the largest I’ve ever seen. Chad asked me to open my mouth so I could swallow the cum he had saved for me. I did as I was told, and swallowed all of the cum out of the very condom he had used to fuck my girlfriend.

“Now,” said Chad, “let’s see how much of this condom you can fill up.” He placed the condom on my fully erect dick to embarrassing effect: I was only a little over halfway into the condom. “I want you to remember how this looks, so leave it on.” He uncuffed me from the chair and directed me to put on my boxers in order to hold the oversized condom in place. I did so, and I felt his cum drip onto me from inside the condom—the fact that it was cold made it all the more degrading, but sharpened the sensation in that area.

“First you watched Brooke get fucked by a guy with a bigger cock. A guy who she’s more attracted to. A guy who’s hotter. A guy who can make her forget about her little cuckold the second his dick slams into her pussy. But forgetting about you isn’t enough—not by a long shot. She has to realize what a pathetic little beta loser you actually are. So we’re going to make a nice video for her now,” he said, motioning to a video camera mounted on a tripod in the corner of the room.

“Lay on your back in front of the couch, on the floor,” he ordered. I did just that. I knew what he was planning when I saw him remove his socks from his large, size 13 feet. “The most humiliating thing a cuckold can do is lick the feet of the bull that’s fucking his wife. And that’s what you’re going to do.” He sat down on the couch and rested one of his feet on my mouth and the other on my forehead. They were covered in dirt in several places, and they smelled musky.

As I began to lick them, I felt humiliated—Chad had just fucked my girlfriend, made me watch a video of it, forced me to swallow a load of his cum, and now I was licking the dirt off his feet. But something inside me was enjoying my humiliation, knowing that this was my natural place. I began licking up the dirt from his feet, more thoroughly than at the outset. Chad noticed this change, but didn’t react. I, on the other hand, felt that I could clean Chad’s feet and watch him fuck my hitherto unsatisfied girlfriend for the rest of my life. Not only could I do this; I would love to.

Chad could’ve removed his feet from my face anytime he wanted, but I wanted him to know that I was content to never be finished, so I continued cleaning the feet of this superior male well after they were spotless. Then, Chad covered my mouth with of his feet and placed the other directly over my nose. I understood the effect he hoped for and played right into it, pressing my nose into his foot. He decided to test how far I would go, and began to dig his heel into my face and apply enormous pressure on my mouth. I moved my head from side to side to help Chad make sure every part of my face had been under his feet. We did this for what had to be several hours, changing positions multiple times for Chad’s benefit.

After some time, Chad signaled that I should sit up. He proceeded to remove his pants and pull out his massive, 6-inch flaccid penis. He lifted up his dick to expose his gigantic balls, hanging low under the force of their own weight. “I want you to lick my balls. Thank me for shooting so many loads into Brooke, giving her pussy the superior semen it needs—that alpha cum.” I licked his balls and begged him to fill Brooke with more of his gigantic loads. I told him that I’d never fuck Brooke again if only he let me have the honor of watching his dick penetrate her and endure the privilege of Chad’s humiliation. Chad had broken me, and now it was time to show Brooke.

When Chad called Brooke over to his apartment, I was elated. I prepared myself for the awesome sight of seeing her fucked in front of me. But when she got there, Brooke asked to see the video tape. The video tape! I had forgotten it was even recording. My face turned bright red at the prospect of Brooke seeing me clean the dirt from her bull’s feet, but again, deep down, I loved the idea. Chad played the entire tape for Brooke while she sucked his cock. She loved how Chad had reduced me to such a low place, and soon, she was ridiculing me too. She wanted my face right next to her pussy while Chad was fucking it, and she made me count the orgasms he gave her. She demeaned my dick, still in Chad’s used condom, and said, mid-orgasm, that she wouldn’t ever let it inside her again.

Chad smiled smugly at each of Brooke’s exclamations. His smugness showed the satisfaction he took in fucking my girlfriend in front of me and otherwise humiliating me. I broke down spontaneously in a fit of submission, thanking Chad for fucking Brooke with his superior cock. I implored him to never use a condom again while he fucked Brooke so that his alpha cum could fill her pussy to the brim. I told him that I loved my new role as their cuckold and that cleaning the dirt from his feet is all I ever wanted to do. Brooke was glad I said all this, and after Chad finally blew his load inside Brooke, she told me, while Chad’s feet were once again on my face where they belonged, that her and Chad would be fucking every day. It would later be her custom to have something ready for me every time I came home from work: a shot glass, full to the brim with Chad’s cum.


cuckold wife

Poster: acqtl