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Never thought I would do This
Hi, This is my 1st time posting something like this. In fact it is the first time I have probably done something worthy of posting on a site like this.

I am a 40 something wife and mother who up until this point, has led a fairly normal and non-risque life. Me and my husband have always had a very good, but quite traditional sex life and had never really done anything that taboo. The most risque thing we do is taking naughty photos and sending them to each other, but I get the impression everyone does that these days.

Well that changed at the weekend. For the 1st time in a long time we had managed to get rid of the kids for the weekend. We had a lovely day together going for a walk and a nice meal at lunch time. However, in the evening we decided to re-live our youth by going clubbing in the evening.

I spent 2 hours getting ready and I wanted to look hot for my husband. My plan had been to tease him all the time at the club so that he would be super horny when he got home.

I decided to go a little risque and where a short, floaty skirt and a strappy thin white vest top. I put on my favourite lacy thong and a strapless bra. My husband seemed to be very impressed.

Anyway, we went to the pub first (yes I am English) and had several drinks. We were both tipsy by the time we got to the club and both already feeling horny.

When we got in the club, we both felt quite old as most of the people there were in their early twenties. We had a couple more drinks and hit the dance floor.

What was quite obvious straightaway was, there was a lot of young single guys there who were looking to pull. I seemed to attract a bit of attention from some of them, which was a bit of a shock but also made me feel good about myself. A couple of them kept trying to dance with us, even though it was clear I was there with my husband. One of them even put their arm around my waist.

After about 30 minutes on the dance floor we went and got another drink. I asked my husband if it was really bothering him with me getting attention from these younger guys. He said that he was really surprised with himself as he was actually enjoying it and he was finding it a bit of a turn on. I was a little shocked. However, nothing gets me more horny then when my husband gets turned on. It sends me a bit wild.

So I asked him should I keep pushing the young guys away or does he want to let them dance with us a bit more. He said he would like to let them dance with us. At this point I was still thinking about how horny he would be once we got home and how hard he would then fuck me.

So we went back on the dance floor and within a few minutes a couple of fit young guys started dancing with us. One of them was dancing beside me and he slipped his arm around my waist. I could see in my husbands face he was really enjoying this. The young guys hand gradually slipped down until he was fondling my butt through my thin skirt. After a few minutes, he reached with his other hand and put it on my boob. I thought this was going to far so I pulled away and told my husband we needed another drink.

I suggested to my husband that things were going a little too far. He said he didn't want me to do anything that I was not happy with but he admitted he had got very hard watching the guy fondle my butt and he loved it even more when he touched my boob. The thought of my husband being hard on the dance floor made me super horny. So asked if a guy tried to fondle my boobs again should I let him. My husband said yes. Normally I would have been shocked, but with the alcohol and feeling super horny, it actually excited me with what might be about to happen.

We started going up to the dance floor again when my husband whispered in my ear "I dare you to take of your bra". Without much thought I moved over to the side of the club and removed it and then handed it to my husband. Now my boobs are not the biggest (a small C cup) but I think they are quite perky for my age. It was very clear I did not have a bra on. My white vest top was quite thin, so my nipples were clearly visible.

We got on the dance floor again and I was getting a lot of looks from some of the young guys. The fit guy who had fondled me the last time came up to us again. His eyes were all over my boobs which were bobbing up and down in time to the music.

This time I put my arm round him on to his butt (it was a very nice butt). He immediately reciprocated. I looked at my husband and he nodded at me. I knew that meant to go with whatever happened next.

I get caught up in the moment so I then put both arms around the guy and started to kiss him. He now had both hands on my butt and he pulled me in tight into him. I could feel his body grinding into mine and it felt so good. He gradually worked the back of my short skirt up until he got his hands onto my bare butt. By that time I didn't care that people could see my butt cheeks.

He then slipped one of hands round to the front and slipped it up my vest top and on too my boob. The last time a guy other than my husband had touched my boob was when I was 17 and that ended up with me loosing my virginity!!!

The young guy pulled me over to a corner of the club and we stood me with my back against the wall. Has hands were all over me and he was grinding hard in to me. My husband had taken up a spot where he could watch everything and I noticed that he had slipped a hand into his pocket and was touching himself.

The young guy started kissing my neck and then worked his way down. He slipped one of the straps of my shoulder and then exposed my boob. He then started kissing and sucking my bare nipple. I really did not care by then if anyone was watching.

He then lifted the front of my skirt up and started rubbing the front of my thong. Damm it felt so good. He slipped his hand down the front of my thong started working my clit with his fingers. I was getting so wet that when he finger reached a bit further, it slipped straight inside me.

I decided that I really wanted to feel his cock, so I undid jeans and slipped my hand inside his boxers. I found a hard, lovely cock which was covered in pre-cum waiting for me. I pulled it out of his boxers and started to give him a hand job.

We carried on for about 10 minutes. Him fondling my pussy and me giving him a hand job. I then felt his hot cum shoot out all over my hand and arm. It went all over my skirt and vest as well. We then cuddled for a minute or 2 kissed, made ourselves decent again and said goodbye.

We left the nightclub very quickly. My husband and I were all over each other in the taxi home. I am sure the Taxi driver got a full view of everything.

When we got home, we didn't even make it upstairs. We just fucked right in our front hallway. It was the best sex we had had for a long, long time.

The next day we discussed what had happened. Neither of us had any regrets. Both of us said if an opportunity came up for something like that to happen again, we would go for it, but we wouldn't actively try and make it happen.

I decided to write this story on here as I just had to share it. I can't tell any of my friends about it as they would be too shocked. But I couldn't keep it to myself.


cuckold wife

Poster: Suzie