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Susan give in to please me
IDK when exactly the desire to share Sue with other men first hit me but she has always been friendly and open joking with our male friends and some of the jokes were very suggestive to the point of me becoming jealous and fighting the urge to say something but the feeling also had its effect on my cock and I found out that when sue would be kidding around with one of our friends although I was jealous I was also hard as a rock.
I then realized that I was probably a wannabe cuckold
For several days I pondered this before confiding to my wife and I was surprised at how well she took it offering to go along with it if that is what I really wanted so we started planning on how to go about it and everything went well as we crossed out all of the men friends we had so that we could keep this just for her and I .
during this time we had some of the best sex we ever had and we couldn't keep our hands off one another.
Susan confided to me that since we had decided on this she had become a wild woman checking out men as possible lovers and she was constantly horny sometimes masturbating at home and sometimes in public rest rooms.
We heard about online dating sites and started checking out guys on there reading their adds and looking at their nude pics.
We picked several guys out to talk to and Susan would be so hot after talking to a possible lover that we would fuck like bunnies afterwards. We looked at guys with big cocks and short cocks. I wanted to watch her take a huge cock but she wasn't to eager yet to try something that big her choice was in the 7 to 8 inch but thick range.
Finally she agreed on one guy but after talking to him she became very nervous as the time approached and had me call him and cancel. This began to happen more and more as we would pick out a guy and have wild sex then she at the last moment would cancel.
Finally we licked a guy from Fairfield and arranged to meet him at his apartment and we did like always and she would promise me each time that this was the guy and for the last 4 days I expected her to have me call him but although she was a bundle of nerves she became quiet as the day grew closer and she developed a habit of chewing her fingernails now and would jump when I would put my arms around her. I finally asked her what the problem was and she hemmed and hawed around then finally asked but what if I like it...
I had never considered that but after thinking about it I said how can you cum if you don't like it but I was still troubled thinking that she might actually enjoy another mans cock.
Finally I said lets try it once and if we find there is going to be a problem we can stop and she seamed to be relieved now and tomorrow would be the day .
I woke up early and Sue had tossed and turned a good share of the night so I turned on the coffee and donned my jogging sweats and went for my 2 mile run and Susan was up when I got back her eyes were red from the lack of sleep and she was drinking some coffee.
She couldn't sit still and she only drank a couple sips before taking her morning shower and she looked better afterwards but she was still nervous glancing at the clock from time to time .
We were supposed to meet him at 10:00 AM and it was 8:30 already so she fixed us breakfast and we did up the dishes then I whispered it's time honey I had butterfly's in my belly now to wondering we could go through with this
both of us were basket cases when we knocked on his door and Susan went rigid when she heard his footsteps so I took her hand in mine not knowing just what to expect but my cock was already ready to bust as he opened the door,
Jerry is in his late 40,s and his open welcome smile greeted us warmly.
Susan blurted out I have never done this before and he laughed saying it's alright hon just relax I am not going to do anything you don't want me to do come over here and sit at the kitchen table and let me work on your neck muscles hey Larry want some coffee it, on the kitchen drain board help yourself .
I fixed Sue a cup to and took it in to her and Jerry was standing behind her his hands working on her neck muscles and Sue was moaning her pleasure as he worked the knots out .
Jerry talked to her his voice smooth and easy as he worked as she relaxed I could see her body begin to respond to him. Jerry said here lets get you in bed and I can work some of those tight muscles in your back and Sue blushes as he took her hand and she docilly followed him into the bedroom and she stood there as he removed her blouse and bra . Sue blushed furiously as her breasts were bared and she covered them with her hands glancing nervously at me her face and neck a bright pink color but Jerry again laughed taking her hands and pulling them down to her sides and said don't be ashamed you have beautiful breasts Susan and he took her nipples in his hands and tweaked them softly as Sue watched in horror her body shaking like a leaf then he helped her undress pushing her skirt to the floor and her panty's to as Sue watched his every move he helped her remove her shoes and socks said on the bed Sue on your belly and again she meekly climbed onto the bed and I could see that her nipples were aroused now as she laid there and Jerry undressed slowly as both Sue and I watched he smiled confidently as his thick 8 inch cock fell free as he removed his shorts and he said relax I am going to sit on your pretty little but as he slapped it lightly and he said you are going to enjoy this kiddo as He straddled her butt and sat lightly his soft cock on her buttock He leaned forward starting at her neck and worked the muscles on her back as he explained he had taken a course on massage just for this purpose but I could see that her hot flesh had awakened his cock and it was starting to fill with blood as Susan moaned as his fingers found tight muscles and worked the stiffness out of them until she was relaxed then h moved back to her feet and his hands roamed over her lower body exploring her and Susan glanced wildly at me as his fingers parted her ass cheeks and he was working the tip of his finger into her .
Susan gasped and her body arched off the bed when his finger entered her but she gamely relaxed as his finger began to probe deeper into her and Sue was looking at me uncertainly her face unreadable but she let him pull her legs farther apart and work a second ginger into her and I could see her fluids coating them now .
Jerry was getting harder and harder now t swelled up his cock crown well defined and ready for some action
Jerry dismounted and rolled Susan onto her side then straddled one leg lifting her other leg up over his shoulder as his body slid up her leg his cock ready to do some damage.
Susan had raised up on one elbow now watching his cock slide up her thigh her eyes wide in anticipation or fear
She glanced over at me an uncertain look on her face but her hand reached over her thigh and lifted the lips of her pussy opening herself up for his intrusion My eyes were glancing back and forth between her face and his cock but I wanted to watch him enter her and now his cock head was at her entrance and I realizes that I was holding my breath as it slipped almost out of site into her then he pulled it out and I could see the tip of his cock head glisten with her juices. again Jerry slipped into her with a sigh of pleasure and Ooooooo baby you are tight as more of his cock forced its way into her then I was shocked to see her body respond to him and I could hear her breath rasp in her throat. I glanced and she was also watching his cock disappear into her t must have been her nervousness and anxiety but in just a few minutes she came very hard with almost all of his cock in her now and as soon as she started Cumming his cock slipped deep into her .
Jerry is a very talented lover and he held back until Susan came a second time then he took het leg off his shoulder and rolled her onto her back and I watched my wife bounced up and down on his bed as her arms clung to him her breasts crushed flat against his chest as he fucked her faster and faster then her legs wrapped around his ass as she cried out I'm Cumming again Jerry was going AH AAHHH AHHHHH UGMPHHHHHH as he drove my wife into the mattress his ass checks clenched tightly as his cock exploded in her Susan began to laugh gleefully as his cock pumped his seed deep into her body her arms and legs wrapped possessively around him Jerry wasn't through yet because after just a short time his ass began to move again then he finished cummings in her.
They laid like this for several minutes as their breath became normal and then we began to talk once more after awhile Jerry had to take a leak and his soft cock fell out of my wife with a strand of his sperm still dangling from it.
Susan let me open her legs and look into her pussy for traces of his cum and Jerry came in and said you can lick her if you want some guys like to lick their wife after we fuck I tried it but couldn't get used to the taste .
We did it again later and I tried again and managed to swallow most of it but then I threw up so we went home but Susan said that it had really turned her on when I went down on her like I did


cuckold wife

Poster: goldminer