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My denial
Christy and I have been married for five years, she's a slim, very fit brunette, with smallish, 34B cup tits and a beautiful slim and well toned body. She's 29 years old and I'm 32.
I have always fantasized about her having sex with another guy but she's always resisted, but finally, when she was talking about Greg, a guy who goes to the gym that she uses, I decided that this was a great time to bring up my fantasy again. This time, she seemed interested , but, kept telling me that she could never have a sexual relationship with two guys. She told me that if she had sex with him, she couldn't have sex with me, so I would have to choose! I desperately wanted her to have another guy so, I agreed that we would stop having sex while she fucked with Greg.
"We won't be having any sex," Christy informed me, "Not just you fucking me, there would be no intimacy between us at all!"
I agreed and she went on to tell me that while she was having sex with him, she wouldn't even sleep naked with me. "If I'm to give him my body, then it has to be 100%, no seeing me, no touching me, nothing!"
"Ok," I panted.
"I will sleep in my bra, panties, tee shirt and shorts, when I sleep with you, and you wear shorts, I don't even want to see your tiny cock, and I'll be changing in the bathroom."
"Ok!" I replied, my cock was about to burst with excitement.

She got out of bed and went to the drawer, she threw a pair of shorts to me and told me to put them on, then she collected a bra, panties, tee shirt and shorts for herself.
"Take one last look at my body," Christy teased, "You may not get to see it again for a while."
"Are we starting from now?" I asked.
"Yes, you may as well start getting used to it."
I always fantasize about what sexy bra, and thong, she's wearing under her dress and the fact that I wouldn't know from now on made this even more exciting for me.
That Saturday, she had arranged a date with Greg and when she left me at seven that evening, I told her to have fun. She didn't return home till the following morning and announced that she was now officially an unfaithful wife!
I was delighted and listened carefully to her, as she told me all about her night of amazing sex with Greg. She told me that they made love three times and she swallowed his cum three times. She told me that his cock was a lot bigger than mine and he knows how to use it.
"You may not get to be intimate with me for quite a while," Christy smiled, "Sex with him is amazing and I'm going to sleep with him every weekend to start with."

A few days later, we were going out to eat and I had to wait outside the bedroom while she got ready. She was uncertain of the sweater that she had chosen and came back to our bedroom to choose a different one. I was putting my shoes on and she asked me to go out for a minute while she changed her sweater.
"You could just change it while I'm here," I smiled.
"Yeah right," Christy quickly replied, as she stood holding her sweater.
"You have a bra on, haven't you?" I asked, "it's not like I haven't seen you in your bra before."
"In your dreams," Christy smiled, "Don't think that I'd let you see me in my bra now."
"It's only a bra babe," I replied.
"Gary, I am not letting you see me take my sweater off," Christy replied, "I told you, it will be a long time before you see me like that again, if ever!"
"Wow, ok," I replied as I left the bedroom for her to change her top.

"I told you my rules and you wanted this," Christy smiled, "Greg owns my body now, not you."
It was about a month later when I casually walked into our bedroom one evening and she was getting changed for us to go for a meal. When I walked in, she was in her skirt and bra, I saw her in her bra and she screamed!
"Get out! I'm not dressed!"
I quickly retreated and she opened the door a few minutes later, she was blushing.
"I feel so embarrassed now!" Christy said, "I can't believe that you just walked in without knocking! Did you see anything?"
"It was only your bra babe," I smiled.
"Oh my God, I feel so embarrassed now, you saw my bra!"
Again, I tried to smooth it over, "Babe, it was just your bra."
"I do NOT want you to see me in my bra!" Christy shouted, "Would you walk into our neighbors bedroom without knocking?"
"No, how is that the same?" I asked.
"Because my body is NOT yours, you have no right to see me with any of my clothes off!" Christy shouted, "If you'd come in two minutes earlier, I would have been naked! Oh God, I would have died if you saw me like that!"
I apologized again and assured her that I'll knock before entering again.
"You are the cuck, remember that, my body belongs to Greg, only HE can see me like that."
I asked, "Babe, what am I supposed to do for sex?"
"You can work yourself off in the bathroom," Christy replied, "I wont be touching you."
Ever since that day, almost fifteen months ago, she spends every weekend in bed naked with Greg and I have been denied any sexual contact with her. I haven't even seen her with one piece of clothing off and believe it or not, we have gotten even closer. Our love is deeper than ever and I would do anything for her.
She does hint many times that, I have possibly seen her naked for the very last time! That is SO HOT for me!
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