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Made My Husband Hard
One evening I was having a really bad day at work. Everything had gone wrong and I just needed a release, so while I was on brake I decided to check a website I was on and see if I could find anyone that could catch my attention. I found a nice man, got a hold of my husband and asked if I could have an evening hook up and he said yes as long as I used protection. To be fair I usually do use protection but there have been a few naughty moments when I didn't and like my other couple of stories, this is one of them. I don't want anyone to think I just do this kind of thing all of the time but it does happen from time to time.
For a few years before this I would go on a chat room to shoot the breeze with people in my state and I would meet many local people online. It was just my thing, and I got to get to know a few people very well. There was one guy who always said he would love to meet me but I would just play it off. He lived very close by but I just didn't think he was serious. Well fast forward to that evening, I had met him under a different light and now I was seeing nudes of him and getting offers that I was now taking more serious. After sharing some pics and chatting up old times I had to get back to work but told him I would be off shortly and maybe we could meet up. After work we met nearby for a cup of coffee and discussed heading to a hotel to make those old dreams of his true. I was excited because he was attractive and I was very interested. I never saw him as anything serious before but here we were now.
Next came why he was an exception to the rules. We discussed how we have known each other for a while and trusted each other, so when I mentioned that we had to use condoms he asked why should we? He absolutely hated them and we trusted each other so why bother? I agreed that I hated them myself but it was kind of a good idea to use. Then he told me of his secret fetish. He loved married women. He told me that it was his secret desire to take someone else's wife secretly and without anything between them. It was a really big turn on to enjoy someone else's prize. It was a taboo thing and it turned him on. After discussing it I decided that I could trust him being clean and figured we could brake that rule this once.
Within the hour we had ourselves a hotel and were all over the bed. If I remember right it was a queen size and we were going mad. He was on top and we were both naked and grinding away at each other. He was about the same size as my husband was but so full of energy it was jaw dropping. He said having a married woman made him go crazy and I could tell. WIthin a half an hour we were both on our backs trying to catch our breath and I was a mess as usual. He had pumped so much cum inside me I was practically water logged. I have never seen anything like that before. We went for round two later and I learned he could cum a lot! Even after he came once, an hour later he was cumming buckets! He told me that was why he hated condoms, they didn't let him cum inside someone if they were married. He had met that goal with me that was certain. He absolutely loved doing forbidden things with someone else's wife like touching their naked bodies all over, having sex with them and when he came inside of someone's wife it was like claiming them for himself. His secret conquest that no husband would ever want but would never know about either.
That evening I came home and my husband was asleep. I crawled into bed and accidentally woke him up. We cuddled and I gave him some safe details and let him know all had gone well. He told me he was glad I enjoyed myself and I could share some action with him some time soon. I told him that in the morning I was planning on going back to the hotel about an hour or so before it had to be turned in and help clean the room since I was partly responsible for everything being used. Just usual clean up of sheets and towels and make sure no one left anything behind. I also told him that I would text him to let him know I was alright since I was solo with someone he didn't know. It would let him relax a little bit while I was being a nice person in short.
The next day while my husband was at work he decided to text me to see if I had shown up at the hotel yet. I hadn't replied so he texted again. He got to worrying so he called me up. I explained that my friend was in the shower after just waking up and I was busy cleaning up the room. He semi scolded me for not answering the texts and let me know he was getting really worried. He was at work and couldn't show up to rescue me, so I explained how silly it was and told him I was safe and busy cleaning up the room and he should go back to work. He told me he loved me and then hung up.
So here is what happened from my perspective. My husband always gets worried if I hook up more than a few times in a row so I usually just call it a night and give it plenty of time before hooking up with the same person again. He isn't jealous but does worry about other guys getting too attached or me having too much fun with other men. That is why I told him I was cleaning the room before turning it in. I actually showed up about two and a half hours early and was answered by my friend who was naked and waiting. We got sweaty and he made me cum over and over before cumming in me again. He absolutely loved it and couldn't get enough. We had another session and after that he wanted another! This man was an animal!
There I was, naked on my back looking at my friend's sweat covered face and he thrust himself deeper inside me every time he pushed. I could hear his hips slapping against mine as his cock rammed inside me deeper and harder. He was running his hands all over my body knowing that there was a diamond ring on my finger. He loved touching someone else's property. He had no condom on and was loving every thrust as he could feel every inch of my pussy with his bare naked cock. I was so wet from being excited and cumming over and over again, plus he had cum inside me twice this morning, my pussy was an absolute mess and he was pounding inside of it as hard as he could. Every moan from every orgasm made him go wild as he tried to make me cum harder every time. I was grabbing the sheets in my fists as I could feel myself climax with him pounding me harder and harder when my phone rang. He stopped instantly and I looked at the screan. It was my husband and he had been texting me, this may not be good.
He asked me what was going on and of course I told him my friend was in the shower. At this my friend lowered his lips to my ear and whispered, "Naughty liar" and started to chuckle. I silently mouthed the word quiet and told him I was just cleaning up and sorry to have worried him. Now his cock started to slide in and out of me and it was hard to have a serious conversation. I told him all was good and hung up just in time to get some hard pounding. As I lay there with my phone in my hand, my friend told me it was an absolutely crazy turn on to know I was talking to my husband but I was feeling his cock inside of me. It wasn't five minutes later that he was cumming inside of me and this time I swear after he was done he came again. I just could not believe he was still pumping his cum inside of me with every groan and twich he made. When he pulled out of me his cum was dripping everywhere. I have never met a man who could cum so much like this! He had made me an absolute mess.
I went home and all was well. It was an exciting meet up, both events, but I have to admit I felt guilty about it all when it was done. Again I had broken the rules but this time I had met up and had sex a lot without letting my husband know. I probably would have done it all over again, but I wish I could have gotten it without deceiving him.


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