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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


I was born in Thailand but at the age of three I was adopted by an American couple by the name of Bill and Margaret. Fast forward twenty years and I had graduated college and married Tia.

Tia is a fifth generation Japanese-American. She is a petite 5’”3 with small very perky breast and a great ass. She had always been involved in dance and gymnastics and her firm ass and muscular legs were the result.

She has long straight black hair and a face of a doll. She was also twenty threebut looked like a teenager in her face. She came from a very traditional and conservative family.

So our sex was pretty straightforward. Kissing, touching and missionary for the most part. We had sex once a week and it seemed like it was simply obligatory on her part.

I am not hung like a horse . I am 6” but thin with small balls. I believe Tia enjoyed sex but I was pretty sure she wasn’t having orgasm’s.

One day I stopped by my parents and asked my dad for some advice. He pretty much told me straightforward that if I was well endowed my only hope would be for her to lose some of her inhibitions.

I told him she wouldn’t let me go down on her or try different positions. I was worried she would leave me if I couldn’t satisfy her.

I had hoped my dad would of had a magic solution for my dilemma. What I didn’t know was I had put into motion things that would change my life forever.

Dad told mom about our conversation which put the issue in the hands of the brains of the family. Whom happened to love her adopted and only son.

We would alternate sundays having dinner at each other’s parents. After my little visit with my dad. My mom seemed to have more private conversation with Tia than usual.

My dad would drag me out to his shop seemingly to keep me occupied. After about three of these visits. We were laying in bed and Tia seemed to be in deep thought. I asked her if everything was ok.

She snuggled up next to me saying, “Yes baby. I was just thinking about something your mom told me. She has so much wisdom and she loves you more than anything.”

That was pretty vague but I didn’t press her. That night we made love and she seemed to be more into it than usual. I think she even had a small orgasm.

Over the next month or so we had sex a couple times a week. She shocked me asking me to fuck her standing up. Or taking the initiative to get on top and ride me.

I was kissing her breast one night and she was really getting turned on. She asked me to eat her pussy. I couldn’t believe she asked me to do that. Not wanting to give her time to changer her mind.

I removed her panties and was amazed to see her cleanly shaved. I dove right in albeit I had no experience ever eating pussy. I needn’t of worried. Tia steamed my head and moved her pelvis making sure I was hitting the right spots.

She cried out, “Ohhhhhh! I’m close baby! Lick my pussy like a cat!”

I was so into it I had to think like a cat. I flattened my tongue and started to lick her from bottom to top. Flicking her clit with each lick. Then taking something from some porno movies I started sucking on her clit.

She arched up and came. I let her catch her breath then fucked her until I came in her pussy.

I had no idea what changed her but I was happy. If it had something to do with the wisdom my mom offered her. I would have to really step up my game Come mother’s day.

One day I got off work early. I stopped by and bought some flowers for Tia and my mom. My parents house was on the way home. So I would stop buy and give Mom her flowers and maybe thank her for talking to Tia.

I rang the doorbell and nobody answered. Both parents cars were in the driveway which struck me as funny because moms Mercedes was usually parked in the garage when she was home.

I went to the back and knocked still no answer. I chuckled to my self imagining my parents getting in a nooner. It was actually an exciting thought. They were a handsome couple.

Both in there mid forties. Dad was tall fit with salt and pepper thick hair. Mom was also tall and very pretty.

I remember my teen years hear them have sex. That was probably part of my issue with Tia. My dad would have my mom moaning and crying out all night long. I can still remember those bed springs squeaking in concert with her having multiple orgasms. I wanted that for Tia and I felt so inadequate.

As I went to leave I peaked into a window. I could hear music playing but couldn’t see anyone. As I purused the living room my eyes caught some red fabric hanging over the back of a chair.

It was a coat that looked just like Tia’s. On the seat of the chair was a purse that looked just like hers. So I walked to the front door and rang the doorbell again.

Still no answer. I walked to the garage door and tried to open it but it was locked. Moving around to the side garage door I found it was unlocked. When I walked inside I was baffled to see Tia’s car parked inside.

I was so confused at this point. I entered the house and the music was even louder. The house seemed empty. I was about to turn the music down when I heard what I thought was a scream.

Now I thinking my parents and wife might be caught up in some kind of home invasion crime. Not wanting to give myself away. I went into the closet and got a bat that was always there.

I went room to room and found no one. But I would hear a shout or scream every so often. The only other place I hadn’t check was the basement.

It was half man cave with a full bar. The other half was a full bath and a guest bedroom. In my teen years it was my bedroom. Hence my access to hearing my parents have sex so well. Their bedroom directly above.

I took a deep breath and slowly went down the stairs to the basement. Closing the door behind me muffled the noise of the music some. I stopped halfway down when Inhears a female voice cry out.

It wasn’t a cry of pain. It was more a sound of pleasure. Looking to the left I didn’t see anyone in the man cave. Moving behind the bar I ducked down and crawled down to the far end.

Peaking around the corner my heart stopped. The bedroom door was wide open. I had a perfect view of the bed from the side.

On the bed Tia was bouncing up and down on my dad’s long very thick cock. Behind her kneeling was my naked mom. Reaching around to cup Tia’s breast.

Dad’s hand were on Tia’s hips lifting her up and slamming her back down. Tia’s cheeks were flush as was her neck. She turned her head and my mom gave her a long kiss. She stopped bouncing so bill started slamming up into her.

Tia broke the kiss and let out a long moan before crying out, “Oh fuck! Here I cum again! She lifted herself of his dick. My mom got on all fours and Dad mounted her from behind.

She was moaning those all to familiar sounds from my youth. My dad said something and Tia moved under my mom. My dick was so hard as I watched my mom’s face drop so she could eat Tia’s pussy.

Tia wasted no time licking my mom’s pussy and playing with dad’s huge hanging balls. Mom started to cum letting out more a of a long series of grunts than a moan.

Dad announced he was about to cum. Mom pulled off his cock and spun around. She gave his cock a couple good suck while Tia had a ball in her mouth. Mom pointed his long thick cock down.

Tia wrapped her full lips around his cock head and my mom pumped it furiously. Dad let out a howl as he came in my wife’s mouths. Mom pulled his cock out of Tia’s mouth and started kissing her. Mixing and swapping his cum between them.

I had cum in my pants and my head was a complete chaotic mess. I was angry, hurt, embarrassed and undeniably turned on.

I went upstairs and put the flowers in a vase. I placed it in the middle of the table where my mom would notice.

I left and drove to a bar. My thoughts went from rage to being hurt to trying to ring the why.

I got home and Tia was already there with some takeout for dinner. I was going to ask her sarcastically why she didn’t have time to cook. But then I thought aboaut her guzzling my dad’s cum.

As angry as I was at her. When she initiated sex later on I still got aroused. I angry fucked her and she loved me being rough. She actually came on my dick. She was so turned on she took my cum in her mouth.

I didn’t sleep a lot that night. Replaying the basement scene over and over in my mind.

The next day my mom called and asked me over. She had noticed the flowers and surmised I now knew what was going on.

She didn’t apologize. She explained to me her talks with Tia. How sexually frustrated she was. My mom told me Tia loved me with all her heart. Mom said she seduces Tia to help her open up sexually.

She told me when she suggested Tia have sex with my dad. Tia resisted adamantly because she loved me so much. But when my mom pressed her about being able to be in a marriage without sexual satisfaction. Tia admittted she probably couldn’t.

So logically my mom wanted me to be happy and she knew I wouldn’t be without Tia. My parents are the reason me and Tia’s sex life had got much better. But I was also smart enough to realize she would not stop having sex with my parents now.

After some thought I told my mom I wouldn’t tell Tia I knew anything. However, I wanted to be here as often as I could to watch or listen.

My mom held my hand and told me she loved me very much. Then I saw a look in her eye that gave me chills.

The next week I was laying in my old room in my parents basement. Stroking my cock to the sounds of Tia’s screams as my dad tried to pound her through the mattress in their bedroom above my head. Those familiar bed springs squeaking away.

One day my mom asked me over for lunch. My dad was working. After a great lunch she led me downstairs and thought me everything I needed to know about eating pussy. Taking my cum in her mouth before sending me home.

We now have sex three times a week and she gets hers most of the time. I still listen to her getting fucked by my parents and have sex with my adopted mom. For Christmas this year my dad handed me a CD.

When Tia is out I get to watch there many tryst over and over again.


cuckold wife

Poster: Scott