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I would have never thought...
My first wife passed away three years after we married. We had a baby boy we name Chad. For the next fifteen years I had three long time relationships a few fuck buddies.

Then I met Yvonne a twenty-seven year old African American beauty. She exudes sensuality without even trying. To this day I don’t believe she realizes how beautiful she is. She stands only 5’5” but has a brick house body. Full firm breast a very narrow waist and the most perfectly proportional hip to ass ration I have ever seen in any woman. Her dark skin was flawless and she wore her hair in a short natural style. When she smiled she showed off the whitest most perfect teeth I had ever seen.

She is also the most humble and caring person I have ever known. I first met her when she became my son’s highschool guidance counselor. From the moment I saw her I couldn’t barely focus on anything she was telling me about Chads upcoming school year.

I noticed she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring so I enquired if she was in a relationship. It caught her off guard and she seemed a little embarrassed. But she indulged me saying she wasn’t and had divorced her husband about three year prior.

I couldn’t get her out of my mind over the next few days. So I called her and asked her for a date. She explained she was flattered but had to decline. She confessed she didn’t date outside her race.

Well when I had Chad drop off an envelope to her office one day. It wasn’t long before she called me. The first thing she said was “Is this for real?”

Her voice didn’t have any humor in it so I didn’t hesitate. I replied, “A year ago I did one of those DNA test to determine my lineage. So yes what your looking at is for real.”

She laughed saying, “So you are three percent west African. That equates to being white to me.”

I pleaded with her to just go out on one date with me. If I couldn’t convince her to go on a second date I would never bother her again.

After a long pause, she agreed. Again laughing she said, “She doubted there would be a second date. But this was the most original and crazy way she had ever been asked out on a date.

One and a half years later we were married. She made me a better man I started to workout regularly taking care of myself. Plus she was nine years younger than I. My ego told me I needed too in order to keep her.

I toned up put on some muscle and really felt good about myself. I’m 6’1” with an athletic build with dark black hair. In the manhood department I never got any complaints at eight inches and fairly thick.

Yvonne and I had a great sex life and she always seemed to be satisfied. She and my son Chad became very close. He had graduated and was attending a local university.

After Yvonne actually moved in with us which she refused to do until we were married. There were times I would catch Chad checking her out. When she exited the bathroom even in a robe. Out by our pool but who could blame him she looked amazing.

I blew it off as it being his raging hormones. I would mention it to Yvonne jokingly and she would tell me I was imagining things. Or just plain call me a pervert in a loving way.

I convinced Chad to live at home to save money. The trade off was a new car and I converted the room over our garage into an awesome bedroom/hangout. More like an apartment of his own. It wasn’t a hard sell really. Even though Chad is a very handsome kid and even taller than I am at6’3. He isn’t the athletic type, he is fit but very thin.

His passion has always been music. He was somewhat introverted stemming I think his mom dying when he was so young. Writing music and playing in a band he started with friends was a very positive outlet.

He hadn’t had any real serious girlfriends in highschool and I was quite certain he was a virgin. He would go to class and back home to practice with his band in our garage. Then he and his friends would hang out in his party room.

I knew they would smoke a little weed up there and was ok with it. Chad is a great kid and I love him with all my heart. There were times he would remind me of his mom . He had my height and mannerisms. But most definitely looked more like her.

His hair is an auburn colored and he has her hazel colored eyes and freckles. However, it’s his big smile with her matching dimples that reminds me most about her.

Yvonne was always encouraging him to keep pursuing music and would have him listen to artist he otherwise wouldn’t have. He would make comments often about how much he appreciated her exposing him to other music genres and artist.

I loved them both with all my heart. Then after about a year or so Chad seemed to withdraw from both Yvonne and I.

I tried different ways to get him to open up to me as did Yvonne. Nothing seemed to work until one afternoon I walked in on him in our main bathroom. He was furiously fisting a cock that had to be at least ten inches long and thick...much thicker than mine.

That wasn’t the real shocker. He was holding a picture of Yvonne as he pulled away on his dick. When he finally noticed me. He panicked and tried to cover up and get out as fast as he could.

It took a while for me to convince him to let me in his room. He was deeply embarrassed and sat on his bed with his head down.

After a while he finally admitted he had problems trying to talk to girls his age. They were either overly aggressive or just to immature. But all his other friends were getting laid or had girl friends.

We sat and talked for a long time. I did my best to encourage him but also tried to convince him to be patient. I could tell he was both frustrated and tired of feeling different than his friends.

We never talked about him using Yvonne’s picture to turn him on. I thought that would be to much for him.

Later that night I was really restless. Both with worry about my son and confused about being aroused by the fact Chad had the hots for his step-mom. Over the next few nights I had dreams of Yvonne cumming on Chad’s big dick.

A couple nights I woke her up for sex which she both enjoyed and asked what had gotten into me.

Over the next week or so I tried everything to get my mind out of the proverbial gutter. It worked up to the point when I would notice Chad looking at Yvonne’s firm round ass or firm full breast.

Finally, I confided in Yvonne what had happened. She retained her poise and like the great guidance counselor she was. She laid out all of the psychological and physiological reasons for his behavior.

She even psychoanalyzed my perverted dreams. After she convinced me everything that happened was normal we had sex. What didn’t escape me was how wet she already was and how fast she came...twice.

Over the next few days it was Yvonne’s turn to be a little aloof. She seemed to try and avoid Chad at times. But when she didn’t think anyone was looking I would catch her eyes drifting towards Chads crotch.

The next few times she and I had sex she would want to finish in the doggy position. She would usually always get very vocal in this position. Now she only moaned a lot. She really seemed to be concentrating on something. But then would have an orgasm so powerful she would bury her face in a pillow so Chad wouldn’t hear her. Hell so the neighbors across the street wouldn’t hear her.

Two more weeks and the tension between Yvonne and Chad was so thick in the air you could feel it. They would catch each other looking at the other and abruptly turn away. Passing each other in the hallway meant the would literally have their backs against the opposite wall to avoid inadvertently touching one another.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. At the risk of starting an argument that night in bed. I told Yvonne, “You know I love you and Chad more than anything else in the world. Right?”

She put her book down asking,”. What did you buy?”

I shook my and took a deep breath saying,”Babe this thing between you and Chad.”

Her eyes got wide and she cut me off, “What thing? What are you talking about?”

I asked her to just listen. She took a deep breath clamped her mouth shut. I could see her jaw clenching.

I went on to explain how the tension was obvious between them. I also told her I think she also fantasized about Chad.

She couldn’t keep quiet any longer. She iniallytold me it was my imagination and I had issues. But when I mentioned how having sex with her lately had changed and her awkward behavior towards Chad lately seemed to back up what I was saying.

Yvonne rolled away from me and I thought I was in the dog house permanently. After a very long silence. Yvonne turned back towards me with tear filled eyes.

She admitted she was having fantasies about Chad. It was causing to struggle with a lot of things. She used to be his guidance counselor now his mom. She was so conflicted with these new feelings. She was both guilty and inexplainably aroused all the time.

I held her for a long while with neither of us saying anything. Then I made up my mind.

I said, “Yvonne, go to him.”

She looked up into my eyes confused.

I repeated to her, “Go to him.”

She sighed saying, “ Babe you already talked to him what could I possibly say to make a difference from what you already told him.”

I took a deep breath saying, “I don’t want you to talk. I want you to have sex with him?”

Her eyes grew to the size of saucers. She push her self away from me with her eyes locked on mine. She tried to say something but nothing came out.

I said, “Babe, nothing any of us say is going to change how things are now. Short of kicking him out or you leaving will change what’s happening. Neither of those are an option.”

Again she tried to speak but couldn’t find the words.

I said, “I want this to happen. Chad wants this to happen. I think you do too.”

She looked deeply into my eyes as if searching for something. She simply nodded yes.

I led her from our bedroom and across the house towards Chad’s room. The light was shining under his door so I assumed he was still awake. I knocked waiting for a response. He answered, “Come in.”

I looked at Yvonne kissed her deeply and opened his door. When he saw us both he immediately sat up in his large bed. The room was lit well enough to see but cast a lot of shadows. Something struck me funny seeing his many lava lamps.

I thought my nerves would get the best of me. But I actually felt as calm as I had ever felt. Chad was covered from the waist down with only a sheet. His hair was unruly and his slim framed torso was shirtless.

Yvonne remained silent but I felt her grip tighten in my hand. She couldn’t keep her eyes on Chad, so they moved around his room.

Chad asked, “Dad. Am I in trouble for something? If it’s about the scratch on your truck. I’ll pay for it. I promise.”

I wasn’t aware of said scratch and made a mental note to discuss it with him later. Told him it wasn’t about that and he wasn’t in any trouble.

I simply went on to tell him everything I felt and had been observing. He looked a little confused and timid which turned to a look of panic. When I told him that Yvonne and I talked and if he was onboard she would spend the night with him.

By the look on his face I could tell he was trying to process everything. Finally he looked at Yvonne saying, “You’re ok with it?”

Yvonne finally looked at him saying, “Yes.”

With that I said, “I love you both. I’ll see you in the morning.”

With that I kissed Yvonne on the forehead and left them alone.

My calmness finally waivered a little. I stood outside his door straining to hear anything. I knew if anything happened it would take a little while. So I tried to figure out how I could find a way to watch or listen.

Then it dawned on me how I could do both. I went down stairs and into my garage. I quietly pulled the access ladder down. I was directly below Chad’s room. So I moved excruciatingly slow. Praying nothing would give me away.

The storage space shared a wall with Chad’s room and had ventilation grids every few feet. Again I crawled as slow as a snail as not to give myself away. I finally reached a spot with a vent that allowed me to have a great view of his sleeping area.

I had worried they would shut the lights off completely. They had except for the light on his fish tank on the opposite wall from me. They were perfectly silhouetted even if I couldn’t make out every feature.

Yvonne was sitting on the edge of his bed still in her robe. Chad was still sitting up with his back to the headboard and covered up halfway with a sheet.

I was suprised to hear them talking about me. Both acknowledging how much they knew I loved them. Repeating how much they both loved me. There was light jibbing back and forth and they seemed to both relax some.

Yvonne move slightly and I could see she had place a hand on his leg albeit it was still covered in a sheet. Chad seemed to try and ignore her touch but I could tell his breathing had changed a little.

I felt my own cock twitch a little. Her arm started to move and Chad adjusted how he was sittig. His head went back to rest on his headboard with a loud moan. Yvonne pulled the sheet back letting a soft suprised gasp.

Her hand found his now rigid cock. Pulling it up to it’s full height she started to stroke his full length slowly. Although I could only make out their silhouettes the scene was amazingly hot.

Chad’s head once again fell back and Yvonne’s hand began to move faster. His moans thankfully were getting louder. Otherwise they probably would of heard me breathing loudly at this point.

Yvonne stood up and facing me she let her robe drop to the floor. Her perfect hourglass shape visible. She moved onto the bed and without any further foreplay. Straddled my son’s big cock and began the processes of working him inside her pussy.

I could see his hands go up to her tits as his head came forward to feast on them. It was Yvonne’s turn to look up at the ceiling and moan out loud.

Her moans continued as she lowered farther down his cock. Chad wrapped his long arms around her as she began gliding up and down.

She was gasping and repeating over and over again how good he felt inside her. I suspected Chad wouldn’t be able to last very long. But was still suprised that Yvonne came so quickly. She took in a deep breath then let out a long moan as she came.

Chad was getting close and told her as much. She was still in the middle of her own orgasm and could only say, “Cum inside me.”

He groaned emptying his balls up inside her. After a minute or so Yvonne climbed off his cock but not before leaning forward and giving him a long kiss. I couldn’t make out what they were saying. But they seemed very relaxed with each other.

I worried a little they would feel guilty after the heat of passion subsided. Yvonne got out of bed and went into his bathroom. I watched as Chad silently fist pumped the air. Probably still not believing his luck.

Yvonne joined him back on the bed and appeared to be washing his dick off. They were both laughing and whispering back and forth. Then her silhouette moved so she was kneeling over him. She grabbed his once again hard dick and her head lowered and rose. She was sucking his cock and he was loving it.

She would bring to the brink then do something to keep him from cumming. I was stroking my own dick fighting not to cum myself. I almost blew my wad when Yvonne moved onto all four’s.

She said, “Fuck me now with that big cock.”

Chad was up and behind her in a flash. He was having a hard time getting lined up. Poking her in the no fly zone. Yvonne reach underneath them. Expertly guiding him inside her waiting pussy.

Chad took off a little fast bottoming out in her pussy causing her to yelp. She helped him settle into a nice rhythm and depth that immediately had her begging him not to stop.

There was no quick cumming for him this time. I could see his long fat dick digging deep into her pussy. Yvonne was losing her shit. She appeared to be having single long orgasm. Her big tits were swinging with each stroke.

She let out a series of moans that were almost grunts. Her head dropped to the bed and her ass seemed to push back faster on his cock. For his part Chad’s hands gripped her hips and he seemed to be fixated on watching her ass.

Yvonne let out a, “Oh my God! Yes that’s it. I’m gonna cum again! Ahhhhhhhh She shot off the end of his long cock landing face down on the bed. She was writhing from side to side.

Chad seemed perplexed. He asked, “Are you ok? Did I hurt you?”

Yvonne responded through heaving breaths, “No baby you made me cum harder than I ever have before.”

I have to admit I was both a little jealous and immensely proud at the same time.

Yvonne moved in front on Chad. She gripped his dick and with both hands stroking him she sucked and licked at the same time. Kneeling he leaned back so his hands were by his feet. Allowing her complete access to his cock.

Within three minutes Chad was bellowing out as he filled her mouth with his cum. I had to muffle my ownorgasm as I pumped a huge load out all over my hand. They talked a while long then it got really quiet.

I snuck back out and to my own bedroom. I beat off a second time replaying the night over and over again in my mind.

I woke up to the sounds of pots and pans clanking. When I got down to the kitchen Yvonne was back in her robe and humming like a busy little bee. Making us breakfast and seemingly in a very good mood.

I grabbed her from behind and nuzzled her neck. I asked, “How was your night?”

She pressed her firm round ass back against me. Replying in a naughty voice,” Baby it was a long hard night.”

I asked, “Any regrets?”

She turned towards me looking up into my eyes, “Only not listening to you sooner. Baby don’t get mad but oh my god it was so good.”

I smiled saying, “I know. I watched you.”

She looked at me with one eyebrow arched up.

I went over my covert voyeurism with her. She gripped my hard dick through my sweatpants. Telling me I was the biggest pervert ever, but she loved it.

I asked her for a quickie in the shower. Sadly, she had to decline as she was to sore. Thinking I was master spy. I apparently aborted the mission prematurely.

I assumed after two rounds they were spent. Yvonne went on to tell me they in fact had dozed off. She felt thoroughly fucked (adding I made her feel the same way...most of the time).

She sad sometime in the night she thought she was dreaming . But then realized there was a head between her legs and a tongue licking up and down her slit. She said he was clumsy and wasn’t doing very well at first.

But rather than stop him she chose to use it as a teaching moment. She talked him through how to eat pussy until he got it enough to where she came. He moved up her body and without hesitation she guided his manhood into her pussy. She was already a little over sensitive but his moans and the pleasure of being thoroughly stretched out won the day.

She said he fucked her long and deep. His big balls were slapping against her ass and she couldn’t help herself. She grabbed his ass and helped him piston in and out even faster. She was suprised when she came once again just as intensely as the last time.

The bigger suprise was how Chad seemed to really take control. Raising up and placing her ankles on his shoulders. Fucking her with long strokes. Asking her if she liked his cock. Telling her he was going to fuck her again.

Yvonne said she could only answer “Yes.” Before she felt himcum sohard inside her. It set off her own orgasm.

I said, “Wow! He fucked you three times?

She shook her head no.

Raising her hand in front of my face with four fingers up.

I was the one with the crazy eyebrow look now. She shrugged saying less than an hour ago. Chad woke her up spooning with her. With a hand on one tit and a hard dick he had apparently greased up with some lube.

He poked and prodded until she raised her leg giving him access once again to her love pot. Soreness gave aware to pleasure pain. They fuck liked that until he emptied a third load of cum inside her.

I realized if this were to become a recurring thing than we would have to work out a balanced pattern of fucking.

I took a cold shower and returned to the kitchen. Chad was hammering down some pancakes and more. Replacing many lost calories from his all night tryst. I joined them and there was a long awkward silence.

Chad wouldn’t look at me. I nodded to Yvonne to give us a moment. She made an excuse she needed a shower. Chad only pauseda second before resuming his feasting.

I called his name and asked him to look at me. He did but very slowly.

I asked him if he was ok. He answered he was if I was.

I was honest with him. I told him obviously our relationship as well as my and Yvonne’s has changed forever. I told him point blank she was my wife and I loved her. That wasn’t going to change.

I told him I loved him and always would. I added what happened last night can only happen again if Yvonne and I both agree to it. I guess that was my way of redressing any questions of who was the alpha male.

Chad seemed to get a little worried I was upset. I scooted my chair closer to him. Placing my hand on his shoulder I leaned in close. I could feel him tense up.

I said, “Chad you will always respect her. If she ever tells you no. You will take it as her final word.”

His Adam’s apple showed he was getting a little more scared.

I smiled saying, “Son, she told me you were the best fuck she’s ever had. I’m ok with it and very proud of you.”

I could almost see the weight leave his shoulders. I messed up his hair and we had a good laugh. I dug into my meal wondering where this path would take us. Part II to come.


cuckold wife

Poster: Mark