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Earlier days of playing! Part 3
I have posted two stories on our early days of playing and this will be the third one and last one for now. I have mentioned in both stories about chance encounters with a black guy and both times she said no. She has never had nothing against black guys but just said many times she was just brought up where you didn't do that. She was so free about playing I did not push it.

She quickly got over the riding around at night phase and just as quick got over going to the book store/peep booths. So we went through a slow time where there was plenty of sex but no kind of playing. I mentioned it several times and she would always say she was willing to play if I cam up with something that was fun and exciting to her and she mentioned many times that she really missed playing with Rick the best friend and wished he would move back. I kept in touch with him but he was making good money and had no plans to move back anytime soon. So we rocked on for nearly a year with doing nothing outside the bedroom.

Her nephews got into football and anything that they got into she supported a hundred percent and football was no different. So we spent every evening at their practices and every Saturday at their games. I enjoyed sports so I enjoyed it. A month or so in the team lost one of the coaches and the head coach asked would I help out. She encouraged me and I told him I would. There was three dads coaching and one uncle (me) and all three of the other guys were black guys. So every night after practice we would all stand around and talk about the practice and her sister and everyone else but the four coaches and there three sons and of course would be the only ones left. The kids all played while we sat on the bleachers talking.

A couple of weeks into all this as we left the field one night and got in the car she mentioned that Rudy the head coach evidently worked out regular because in her words (he was built like a brick wall sturdy and upright). About a week later we broke up our meeting and Rudy was parked near us and it just so happened his son was going with one of the other coaches to get pizza and we got to talking to Rudy. Of course she mentioned that he must work out at the gym all the time and Rudy said yes he works out most every day but he had a gym in his garage. She then mentioned he would have to give her some pointers sometimes because she need to start working out bad. Rudy laughed and said he would be glad to but she was pretty firm and she definitely did not need to lose any weight. She laughed and said my butt is big and my boobs are getting bigger so yes I do.

Rudy then said that his son was spending the night off and if we wanted to follow him he could show her a few things to do. She asked what would his wife say if we showed up and she already knew the answer but Rudy said there is no wife in the picture. She then said well I can not very well work out in jeans so he said I will follow the two of you by your house and let you change and then you can follow me to my place. But then said but I will have to take a quick shower once home as I am hot and sweaty. She quickly agreed to what he way saying and we headed to the house. Once in the truck she asked was this okay and I told her sure. Out of the blue she said well you have always wanted me to mess around with a black guy. I said oh I thought this was about working out and laughed. She said it is but you never know. I jumped on this and said well you should either wear some shorts that really show off everything or a pair that he can see something. She then told me I had to promise not to push anything and if something was going to happen let her decide it would happen. I made her a promise.

WE got to the house and I invited Rudy to come in while she got changed and he followed us in. Once in the house she said to Rudy that she was kind of hot and sweaty to and did he have time for her to just jump in the tub real quick and she would hurry. He told her sure. She asked me to run her some bath water while she got something to wear and then asked Rudy what should she wear. Rudy told her just shorts and a comfortable top. She then said she had jean shorts and some terry cloth shorts and Rudy quickly said you don't want to wear jean shorts for sure. She said okay cool and then told him she had a cut off jersey and would that be okay and Rudy laughed and said that will be good but I cant promise you I wont be trying to look up it. I thought damn he is not shy and especially with me the hubby right here. She laughed back and said well if you do all you will see will be my bra. Rudy said well in that case wear a sexy bra.

When she went to the bathroom Rudy said you know I am just joking around with her and mean no disrespect. I told him none taken and added if you didn't try to get a peek I would be worried about you. He opened up a little and said oh every night that we have our little meeting I think all three of us try to get a peek down the front of her shirts and we are glad she always sits on the bench below us. I laughed and said well damn you should have let me know and I would have talked her into wearing shirts that showed a little more. He said well now you know so that is your assignment. I decided to put a little more out there and said she has got some pretty titties. This got a oh yes she does from Rudy and a oh she has got a dang nice butt too. No doubt he already had ideas in his head of getting into her panties and I was hoping that I would be able to see that.

She came out of bathroom and she had on a pair of blue terry cloth shorts and the good thing was they had the big legs to them and not the tight ones. The jersey I knew well but evidently she had doctored it because it used to come a inch or so above her shorts and now it was five or six inches above her shorts. I do think she had warmed up to this pretty well. Rudy mentioned that she looked great and he did not know how much of a work out they would get in with her looking that good. She smiled and said well maybe you can show me something I have never seen before and left it at that. We got in the car and followed behind Rudy. As we drove I told her she was the topic of pretty good conversation while she was taking a bath and she said oh yea anything interesting. I laughed and said well all three coaches always try to see down your shirt during our meetings and she laughed and said oh I know that. She then said Antonio even told me I had a nice butt the other night. I laughed oh yea and they look at that a lot too. I then said Rudy said you had very nice titties and a nice butt. She smiled!

I mentioned that I noticed she doctored her jersey and she said yea I did a little. I asked what bra have you got on and she lifted the jersey and had a blue bra on that had a lot of lace on it. I said oh nice and I am sure that Rudy will get some nice views. Then asked which panties and she said the ones that match this bra. I laughed and said you came prepared. She smiled and told me if she was going to work out she had to look good. We got to Rudy's and he let us in and to the living room and said he would be quick. A minute or two later he came down the hallway with no shirt and in a pair of tight boxers and asked did we want something to drink. The tight boxers showed a lot going on in the front of them. He then walked back down the hallway with her watching his butt the whole way. As soon as he walked into his bedroom she said oh my he is built way better than I thought. I laughed and said I got a good feeling that you are going to see a lot more than you just saw. She asked me would that be okay and I told her of course.

After a few minutes he came back out still without a shirt but with different boxers on and he looked at her and said I normally work out in my boxers and will that bother you. She said of course not. For about the next ten minutes he was all business showing her things she could do to work on different parts of her body and then got her to do a few things with the exercise ball and a couple things with light weights on his bench. He then put a couple of light weights on a bar and asked could she lift this if he spotted her. As she did a couple of lifts she was laying down looking straight up at his cock. He was not hard but still a lot there. Rudy then had her get off the bench and lay on a mat and told her to put her feet on his stomach and for her to push against him as he pushed back against her to build up her thighs and butt.

She done it a few times and then Rudy said very nice bra and panties you have on. She smiled and said thank you. He then had her get on her hands and knees and push her legs up and back towards him. This went on maybe twenty minutes and she had worked up a sweat and Rudy told her if she did these on a regular basis she would build up her legs , thighs and tighten her butt and boobs and then told her again like I said earlier there is absolutely nothing wrong with your butt or your boobs and they are great. She thanked him but said you are blind because my butt is getting big and I just want to make sure my boobs don't get saggy. He told her to lets take a break and get something to drink. He was talkative and told all about things she could do if she was serious about working out and that we could set up some more work out sessions just probably not a good idea though when Javonte (his son) was home as something would surely be said at practice. She agreed with him on that. As we talked she laughingly said so I hear that y'all want me to wear more revealing shirts to practice. He laughed and said you would have them gossiping then.

Rudy asked was she ready to finish up and she said sure. He helped her up and said okay young lady for these next few I want you to get rid of that shirt and would prefer you get rid of the shorts to. She smiled and said I can do that but I will tell you before I do that they are both kind of revealing. Rudy smiled and said yes I have noticed that. (she was wanting to get naked for this black guy so bad she could not stand it) I was pretty sure she was probably soaked. But she did not hesitate to pull the shirt over her head and then take the shorts off and stand there in front of him in her bra and panties. But he had been in front of her the whole time in just his boxers. Rudy then got a huge exercise ball out and told her he wanted her to lay across it and roll back and forth while holding on to the weight bench to work on her waist. She did it a couple times and he said let me show you how it will be more effective and he kind of bent down behind her and reached across her to grasp her hands an when he did his cock was pressed up against her ass and he told her to now roll against the ball.

She did as he told her and when he stood up he was now hard and there was a whole lot more going on in his boxers. She got up off the ball and the first place her eyes went was to his cock. She smiled and said ok what's next. Rudy told her some sit up and he had her lay down and he straddled her mid section and told her to try to come as close to his chest as she could. She did ten of these and he told her to roll over. He then sat on her butt and told her to lift her chest and head as high as she could ten times. He sat with his cock in the crack of her butt. She did four or five and told him she would have to work on that one. He then reached down on put his hands on her sides and told her she should be feeling it right through there. She said yes and in my boobs too. He told her that was good then.

He stood up and helped her up and there was no doubt he was hard as a rock. Rudy told her that was probably enough for the first time unless she had anything else she wanted to work on giving her the open ended question to say something. She was smooth and said well her calves and thighs were sore and could he rub them down. He had her lay down and he took her leg and put it up against his chest and started rubbing up and down her leg doing first one and then the other and spending a lot of time on her but really in a trainer type way and not in a sexual way. He finished up and asked was that better and she told him yes. She smiled and then asked was there anything he wanted to work on and Rudy smiled and said yes several things. She said well lets work on them then. Rudy laughed and said what I want to work on is not exercising and she smiled and said well I don't want to exercise anymore tonight either.

He was still on his knees in front of her with her laying in front of him. Rudy glanced over at me and then down to her and said but I think Greg may have something to say about that. She again smiled and said he wants it to happen just as bad as I do. Rudy again glanced at me and I just said yes I do. Rudy turned back to her and bent toward her but then stopped and said are both of you sure and are we talking about the same thing. She said we are both very sure and yes we are all talking about the same thing. She then said when you invited us over for me to work out with you it is all I have thought about. Rudy bent forward a little more and asked was it okay to kiss her and she said yes please do. He was between her spread legs and bent over her and now kissing her which he did for a few minutes before moving down to her neck and then down to the swells of her breasts. After a minute or so he moved the bra down exposing first one nipple and then the other before looking back at me and saying you were right she does have fantastic breasts.

As he sucked on her nipples she was pushing her hips up toward his tying to rub against his cock. She stooped him long enough for her to raise up enough to take her bra off and then laid back down. Instead of moving back down Rudy got up and reached for her hand and said if we are going to do this then we are going to do it the right way and in the bed. She stood us and said you know I am sweaty right and Rudy said you smell wonderful. We walked to the bedroom and she kind of moved into Rudy's arms and reached up to kiss him. We had been playing for a long time but the one thing that I had not seen but had always wanted to see was a guys black hands on my wife's snow white tits and ass and as they kissed Rudy had a handful of both tits and quickly moved his hands down and into her panties grabbing her ass with both hands. I wanted to see it all so I reached over and slid her panties down as far as I could.

At this point Rudy just cupped her ass and picked her up where she wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed her again before laying her back on the bed and standing back looking down at her and saying we have no idea how long he has wanted to see her hot little body naked and it looks better than he imagined. She took her feet and put them on Rudy's boxers and moved them up and down on his cock for a minute or so before sitting up and pushing his boxers down. As soon as Rudy popped out the first words out of her mouth was oh my god you are huge. Then I saw the next thing I had wanted to see and that was a black cock in her mouth even though she struggled she got a lot of it in her mouth and she sucked on him for a while. At this point I was still not sure if she was going to let Rudy fuck her... was hoping but was not sure.

She stopped what she was doing and told him to come on the bed with her. It was at this point that Rudy told her that he did not have any rubbers (that was before they were called condoms) and she told him it was okay that she had her tubes tied. To this point the biggest she had to this point was the guy at the peep booths and Rudy was much longer and much thicker than he was and I had kind of figured out at this point she was a size queen and had found out she liked big cocks.They played around for a few more minutes before she started pulling Rudy between her legs and reached down and guided him in. It did take a while but he slowly worked all of his big cock into her and was really going at it good. This is the first time I had heard her scream for it. They went at it for a good while before Rudy let loose and filled her. We ended back up sitting the kitchen with her in just her panties and Rudy in his boxers and talked about what happened.

She told him she really hoped it could happen again and Rudy told her anytime she wanted when his son was not there. It did go on for about seven months before Rudy started dating someone and it had to stop. But during this seven months she did have all three coaches twice (at her request)The first time was at a out of town caches clinic that we all attended and we got back to the hotel the other two had no idea she had came. I got them to come to our room to have a beer and she was waiting there in a baby doll nightie. Throughout out the years she still gets the itch from time to time to have a black guy and we usually end up finding her one.


cuckold wife

Poster: Greg K