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Earlier days of playing! Part 2
It did not take long for her to tire of the nightly nearly naked rides and she told me that I needed to think of something different. Again this was way back before the scary days and was a much more free time.

So one night while talking I asked would she be up for going to the local adult novelty show/peep show booths. She asked some questions about it and then said we could check it out. We headed there on a weekday night when the crowd would be thinner. This was not one of the seedy places as it was well lit and very clean. We walked in to the novelty and book and movie area and there was probably six or seven guys looking around. We breezed past the book are and took a few minutes in the videos and then slowly made our way to the toys and lingerie section. This was not the every night lingerie it was the old Fredericks style things. We looked at a few things and then made it to the toys.

She had a few toys over the years but it was the white and silver standard toys. These toys were big life like, some black and some that vibrated. She looked at several things and got a kick out of a few of them. I picked up a black life like dildo that was twelve inches long and this got a oh my god out of her and then a no way and a laugh. She looked at a couple more and then gave me the strangest look and I asked her what and she said did you not see that guy (I really didn't) she said he patted me on the butt when he walked by. The guy had moved right past us and was just standing looking straight at her. A minute or so later he moved closer and asked had we check out the booths in the back. I told him no and she said what is in the booths. So the guy told her they showed movies.

We moved away from him but he kept a eye on her and I asked did she want to go see what was in the booths and she agreed if I wanted to. As we walked to the back I noticed the guy making a be line to follow us. She asked what now so I took her by the hand and we stepped in a booth and I again noticed the guy make a beeline for the one next to the one we went in. I put money in and we watched a couple of videos and she kind of leaned back against the wall while I was seated. Maybe thirty second later she jumped about three feet and I laughed and asked what was the wrong and she whispered someone just grabbed my butt. I laughed and then pointed toward the hole and she asked what is that so I kind of explained it to her.

So she sat down on my lap and kept a eye out on the hole. Sure enough a minute or so later a medium size cock came through the hole. This also shocked her and she backed up a little more toward me and gave me another look. I told her to touch it and I got a quick no way and she whispered we had no idea who it belonged to I laughed and said I am pretty sure it was the guy that touched her butt in the front and that got a no way and then a he was a old guy anyway. I laughed again and said all you see is his thing how can you gauge his age by that and she told me that was not a old guys thingy. She had at this point been with four guys with one being me and the other being the good friend we played with and then two before we got married. She said that is the biggest one I have ever seen.

The guy pulled back and then put his fingers back at the hole and she again asked what was he doing now. I told her he wanted to play with her. She gave me that look again and I told her come on let him have a feel or two. She shook her head no. He then pulled his fingers back and all of sudden the tip of his tongue came through and she looked even more shocked. I laughed and said he wants to lick you and that got another no way. We sat there for a minute not really watching the screen but she was watching the hole intently. She asked had I ever been there before and did people really do things. I told her I had been there a couple times and she wanted to know with who so told her with a former girlfriend. Her next question was did she do anything and I told her that the first time no but the second time she let a guy play with her butt through her panties. Think this egged her on because she said okay but I am keeping my panties on and only for a few minutes.

She took her hand and kind of hit at the guys tongue and he got the message and he pulled back. I bent down and quietly said hands only and his fingers came back through the hole. She stood up and unbuttoned her shorts and pushed the shorts down just to her mid thighs. I kind of took her by the hips and guided her back with her butt was close to the hole and the guy started rubbing her butt lightly. As he did that I ran my hand under the edge of her panties a couple of times and she was soaked. When she noticed that I knew how wet she was she just smiled. She was just standing there with her hands holding her shorts from going anywhere. So I reached my hand behind her and pulled her panties to one side and this allowed the guy to rub her bare butt. She didn't move or say anything.

The guy stopped and she looked puzzled and then he said I am out of quarters and they will kick you out if you don't keep the videos going. She surprised me when she said can you give him some quarters. So she moved a little and I handed him a handful. You could hear him put the quarters in and then his fingers came quickly back in. She backed up a little again and I was still trying to hold one side of her panties up with not much luck so I reached over and pushed them down to where her shorts were and this exposed her butt completely. I was not able to see much so I whispered to her what was he doing and she whispered back that he was rubbing all over her butt now. I asked was that okay and she said I guess. I then asked her would she turn around and let him play up here and ran my hand through her bush. She leaned down and whispered she did not know if she was willing to do that. So I just told her okay that is fine.

Maybe a minute later without any prodding from me she slowly turned and moved as close as she could get and the guy was running two fingers up and down. She turned her head toward me and said don't let my white shorts hit this dirty floor. I told her I wouldn't and I reached up and slid them down and told her to step out of them where I could hold them. She did it with no questions. The guy now was trying to turn her with his fingers as he wanted to play with her butt some more. She looked down and smiled at me and I whispered that for as long as he has played with her she should at least play with him a little bit and this time she asked how to let him know she would. I told her to move away and tap her fingers on the hole. Within seconds his cock came popping through.

She played with him rubbing him up and down and whispered to me he is big. I then got her attention and told her she should lick it a few times and she said no told you I was not doing that. I quickly dropped that and asked would she let him rub it against her butt and she said no I rather not. I told her we were about to
run out of video also and she said give me my shorts and she bent over and said thanks but we are out of quarters now. She quickly got dressed and as we stepped out as the guy also stepped out also. She kind of blushed and put her head in my chest and said it is that older guy. We walked out to the car and the guy followed us out as he got out he said thanks a lot and told us that was awesome. She said glad you liked and asked had he done that here before. The guy said no one would ever play so never.

So we got in car truck and pulled out and the guy followed us out and went the same way we did. Probably a mile away he pulled up beside us and waved and she looked around quick and asked was anyone coming. I told her no so she faced him and pulled her blouse and bra up and let him see her tits. He gave her a thumbs up and the light changed. Toward the north end of town we again was side by side and she showed him again. She then surprised me when she motioned for him to turn into a close restaurant parking lot. I did and he pulled in beside us. She leaned over me and asked him did he want to find somewhere we could pull over and talk. He said sure.

I pulled into a industrial park and pulled over and he pulled in behind us. She stepped out of the truck and told him since he his car was bigger did we want to sit in there and talk. He again said sure. She slid in the middle and I sat on the passenger side and we talked about nothing for a few minutes when she asked did he want to see her boobs up close and he said oh yes please. So she pulled her blouse and bra up and turned a little where he could see them. He said oh very nice and she said you can touch if you want to. He started playing with her tits and asked could he lick them and she said sure. He did that for a little while and stopped and he asked her was there any chance she would suck him a little. She looked back at me and said can I and I told her sure if she wanted to.

The guy lifted his butt up and slid his pants down and she bent over him and took him in her mouth. She sucked him for quite a little while but finally sat back up and while holding him in her hand she proudly told him he was biggest she had ever had in her hands or mouth. The guy said well we are even because you are by far the youngest lady that has ever done that to me. She laughed and said how old are you and he told her sixty one. We were mid thirties. He then said that he would love to taste her and this time not even asking she said can we get in the backseat. He said oh sure we can. He got out and she slid out and let him open the backdoor and then she climbed in and put her head against the opposite door and with no problem slid her shorts and panties off and handed them to me.

The guy did not waste any time and dove between her legs. After he had been doing it for a few minutes she looked up at me and said oh my he is good at this and he must have been because she all of a sudden put her hands on the back of his head and held him in place as she moved her hips up to meet his licks. He did not fuck her that night but did a few weeks later at a motel and we found her a new playmate in the most unlikely place and a most unlikely age. We would get together with him about every six weeks or so and she would take care of him and he would take care of her. When he retired at sixty seven he moved to south Florida and we went down once and spent a couple of days with him.


cuckold wife

Poster: Greg K