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Wet t-shirt contest
Hi my name is Shelley, I am Bob's wife. After reading my hubby's post I just had to give my version because his was so lame.
I am 5'1", 130lbs., 40DD with big pink nipples always hard, blonde, and a very horny girl. I am always looking for sex. If I can't find a partner I will masturbate with my Symbian or Hitachi for hours at a time. I met Bob at a motel that rented cabins in a small beach town. I would see him driving in and out in his Mustang all the time and did what I could to get his attention while trying to be discreet. He looked a bit older than me, in his early thirties, but I would later find out he was 44. 19yrs older than me. At the time I lived with my boyfriend who was always away at work for days, weeks at a time and was trying to find a way to get away from him. I had to cheat on him a lot because I was so horny. I needed someone who would spend much more time with me and was as horny as me. I was keeping an eye on Bob, he looked available, had a job, his own car, and was damn good looking. It was getting to the point where if I thought about Bob my cunt would get wet, but that didn't mean that much cause anyone that knows me will tell you my cunt is always wet.
So I decided that when my boyfriend went back to work that week for a full two weeks in a row without seeing him I would somehow approach Bob. Mean while I thought that I would enter a wet t-shirt contest at a bar down by the beach with a chance at $500 and a pretty much guarantee of sex after the contest.
I got ready for the contest and a girlfriend drove me to the bar. No need for me to get there too early cause I don't drink. I'm a real slut, I don't need anything to get me in the mood, I'm always in the mood. I met a bouncer at the entrance who directed me where to go to get ready. As I entered the room that all the contestants were in, I checked all the women out and said to my self, I have a very good chance at that $500 because most of the girls did not seem comfortable or to be having a good time and most of 'em were drunk. I got ready for the show by putting on the white t-shirt they gave all the contestants and then took off my panties and put on my short shorts commando style so that my shaved cunt would make a nice camel toe.
We were then told it was about ten minutes to start and to all wait in line ready to go onstage. My tight little cunt was dripping wet with anticipation, and my big pink nipple were sticking up and very hard. We then got the word it was time to go on and walked out to a screaming crowd. Looking at the men's crotches I could see that quite a few of them were already rock hard. I also noticed that three rows deep was Bob and it made me even hornier. The contest announcer began to talk to the first girl and wet her t-shirt with cold water from a hose. There were 21 girls and I was sixth in line. As I watched the five girls before me I gained a ton of confidence and realized these first five had never done something like this in front of a crowd. I'd had several experiences being naked in front of many men. When it was my turn to be soaked down the announcer began to tell everyone "WOW look at this young woman, and I haven't even wet her down yet". Much more yelling and screaming that there was for the previous five girls. The announcer even said to the crowd that I looked like winner even with 14 more girls to go. Well the others took their turns and all you could really her was the crowd of horny guys screaming "Shelley, great tits, let's see your tits, I want to fuck you Shelley". So no one was surprised when I was crowned the winner and I happily tore off my t-shirt for everyone to see and was given $500 and guided backstage.
As I walked back stage many men groped me all over and I loved it. I wanted to stop right there and let them fuck me and cum on me and do anything they wanted to me. I am very orgasmic and it doesn't take much to make me cum and I was on the verge from all the hands touching me. As we walked benind the stage, I asked the announcer if there was a room I could go to and thank the men who had come backstage to see me and he brought me to the owner's office. He told all the men to be patient and they would all get to see me soon. He closed the door behind us and the owner turned his attention to me. "What can I do for you", he asked me. I told him thank you for the $500 and I said I need some cocks, yes some cocks, more than one or two, more than one or two dozen. He laughed, walked over to me, pulled out his four inches of very hard mini cock, I knelt down, began sucking him (and I mean suck, when I suck cock I actually suck it I don't just let it pump in and out of my mouth). Looking up at him I could see he was impressed as I could feel his balls in my hand as I sucked him and could tell he was going to pop. He began to cum in my mouth, tried to back off but my mouth had a hold on his cock and he quickly came down my throat. He quickly sat down to keep from falling over and his announcer approached me from behind and I could feel his small hard on, about six inches, poking me in the ass and grabbing me tits and nipples from behind. Fuck I couldn't have been happier, I was finally getting some cock, little ones mind you but they were cocks and cumming for me. I was guessing from how the announcer had a hold of me that he wanted to fuck me in the ass. So I leaned back and said to him,"Fuck me in the ass and blow your load in me. So he did. He pushed his cock in my butt and pumped me about twenty times and blew his big load in my ass. As he butt fucked me I came like crazy causing contortions in my ass which made him cum hard and early. He thanked me and asked me if he could see me in the future. I told him yes and he then said he would tell the men waiting to go away so I would not be bothered by them. About 40 to 50 guys. I told him not to do that and to just let them in cause I was just getting started. He looked at me in disbelief and complied. The room filled with men, horny men, touching me, pulling out their cocks. I told them to settle down, that I would fuck and suck off everyone of their cocks. I said "I will fuck everyone of you, just do what I say". They listened and waited for me to take the lead. I grabbed two of 'em by their cocks, bigger than the cocks of the owner and announcer, walked over to a padded table, instructed one of them to lay down face up, got on top of his cock and told the other guy to fuck me in the ass at the same time. He did and they both began to pound my cunt and ass and I began to cum machine gun style, screaming and going wild on their cocks as everyone else watched and cheered us on. In between one of my dozens of orgasms, I motioned another guy to put his cock in my mouth and two others to stand on either side of me so I could jerk their cocks while I fucked and sucked. I was in heaven, five cocks and I'm just getting started. After the cocks in my cunt and ass blew their loads in me I told the group to get in line to fuck my cunt and ass and a line I could suck off cocks at the same time. When I am being fucked I can suck off a cock pretty quickly because I get so excited with a cock in my cunt, ass and mouth. In a short amount of time there was cum everywhere, in me, on me, my face was covered with what I didn't swallow.
Then as I looked up to begin sucking a nice fat 8" cock, it was Bob. I was ecstatic. We finally meet. With all that was going on I actually said hi Bob and asked him if he wanted to fuck my ass or cunt instead of being sucked off. He answered my question by sticking his cock down my throat. He pumped me a bit, pulled out, told me it was the best cock sucking he'd ever had and I immediately asked him if he would give me a ride home after I'd taken care of everyone. He smiled pulled out of my mouth told the next guy to go ahead and stepped back and watched me in action as I satisfied a crowd of about 73 guys in just over two hours with some guys cumming two of three times.
Closing time was fifteen minutes past, all had been satisfied, although I was still horny as my cunt just vibrated from all the orgasms I had. Well over 100, easily. Just naked cum covered me and Bob ready to take me home. I looked at Bob lustfully as he looked at me. He walked over to me and began to feel me and stick his fingers in my cunt. I was so turned on. He got behind me, bent me forward, put his cock in me and told me he would love to have a slut like me and he did mean me. As he fucked my cunt from behind I began to cum wildly again. Suddenly he pulled out, pulled me by the hair so he could put his cock in my mouth and came deep in my throat making me gag as the cum shot down my throat. We then left to take me home.
On the ride home we talked quite a bit. I told him that my boyfriend and I were splitting up (unbeknownst to my boyfriend) and that my boyfriend was away for the next two weeks. I asked him if I could go to his place and he told me he had asked two black guys with very large cocks to come by his place because they had not gotten fucked with her because of the crowd. I was overjoyed and very excited. Bob thought a lot like I did.
When we pulled up in front of Bob's cabin the bros pulled in behind us. We all said our hello's and went in. Bob introduced me to his buddies as the best slut he's ever fucked and told them "Shelley will take care of you both". I asked to see their cocks and WOW. Two very big one's. a thick nine incher and a fat just over eleven incher. After all the fucking at the bar they fucked me hard and long thru the night. Bob fucked me just the way he said he liked fucking a great slut like me, by fucking my cunt filled with lots of guys cum and cum all over my face as we fucked. And that is how we met and are still together after these several years with no plans to split. And I can get gangbanged any time I want with all the cocks I want especially those ten inch and bigger, my favorites. I hope you all like our love story and if you do I will do my best to keep everyone up to date with proud to be a slut Shelley.


cuckold wife

Poster: Shelley