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Blindfold on My Wife and Surprise with a Friend
This happened about a year ago and I have never told her the difference.If in fact she did know she never let on,but I'm am sure she didn't cause I'd probably be divorced by now.

When my wife and I make love,I love talking to her and it gets her going.I tell her little smutty things and when she's right at the threshold of cumming it tends to really send her.We've shared thoughts and fantasies for a long time and one night I mentioned how I'd like to roleplay with her some night.When she asked what I wanted I told her that I'd like to play the part of a rapist and tie her to the fourposts and blindfold her before making love to her.At first it didn't appeal to her but once we started making out I mentioned it again and she admitted it was hot to think about.We laid there after we got done and talked for a little while.I told her that I'd like to come home to a darkened room with her laying naked in bed while faking sleep.I quietly and gently tie her to the bed and blind fold her and the key to the entire thing is I won't say a thing for the entire session.I have to remain a stranger to her and if I were to talk it would take that
away.The more I talked the more she liked it.I also told her that to help with the reality of it I will wear my penis extension.I have an extention that I wear once in a while and she likes it.We made plans for that coming Friday night because she had that day off and she would be ready for me when I came home at 7pm.

This brings me to the other part that she doesn't know about.I have a friend that I'd been talking to.He is hung and is actually larger than my extension.He and I was talking one day when my wife came in to see me.I noticed his eyes taking her in and I smiled at him letting him know of my approval.After she left he and I had a long talk about him and his broken marriage and how lucky I was to have such a good looking woman.As the days passed our talks went from just talking about my wife,but they took on a sexual note.I found myself telling him about our sexlife and our fantasies and how they turn her on.He asked me if she might be up for a threesome and I told him that something like that was out of the question.That got me to thinking.......I brought it to his attention and he just about orgasmed as I talked.I mentioned my plan on the role playing that my wife had agreed to,and I asked him if he dared to play.The plan was to have him park up
the road and when I was ready I would let him in he could slip in the bedroom. By that time I would have my wife tied and blind folded.That friday morning when I left for work I reminded my wife about later and she told me she was excited and would be "asleep" when I got home.

That day I talked to my friend and told him it was all set.We went over some of my sexual habbits or ways that I make love to her so he can ""hopefully"" fool her into thinking it was me.About noontime I called my wife and had a session of phonesex with her in hopes of getting her in the mood,but I really didn't need to because she was already planning and thinking about it.

The day came to an end and I met Mark in the parking lot where we work.We talked for a few minutes and I asked if he had any questions and his coyish reply was "lets get the rope". lol He followed me home and parked just up the road.I parked in the driveway as usual in case she was looking out the window.I went in and quietly went past the bedroom door and sure enough my wife was laying on the bed totally naked and " asleep" as planned.I had set some cloth straps under the bed during the week and when I went in the bedroom the floorboard squeaked and I saw her nipples stiffen up from knowing I was in the room.I knelt down and picked up the straps and tied one end of each to the fourposts and then gently eased her arms up over her head ( with no resistance I might add) and slowly tied them firmly before moving to her ankles and tieing her ankles to the posts which held her legs spread wide for easy access.Then I took the blindfold and secured it
tightly over her eyes.All the while watching her breasts rising and falling from antisipation.Then I went to the door and quietly let Mark in and led him to the bedroom.I thought his eyes were going to pop out when he saw my wife.We both stood there with hardons looking at her.I motioned for him to stand at the foot of the bed beside me so we both could undress together sounding like one.When I saw his cock I was sure my wife would know the difference from my extension but by that time I was so far gone it didn't really matter.I motioned for him to stay there as I slid in between my wifes legs which of course ""woke her up"" in the process of being raped. She made a feeble attempt to break loose as my mouth closed in on her clit and started licking her.I heard her pleading for me to stop but from the way her hips were moving told me that we had it made.I reached up and cupped my wifes breasts as I tongued her and her nipples were like hard peas from
her excitment.I looked at Mark and he was stroking his cock as he watched us.I remember thinking that my wife has never had a cock other than mine fuck her except for when I wore the extension which she enjoyed,but Marks cock is a lot thicker and even longer than the extension.My heart was pounding and felt like it was going to explode in my chest.I got up and straddled my wifes chest and put the head of my cock against her lips.She rolled her head back and fourth saying 'No No' but her mouth stayed open for me to slide in so she could suck it. I face fucked her for a few minutes before leaning over and opening the draw where my extension is kept.She could hear me getting it out and it caused her to suck my cock even more knowing that I was going to stop her so I could put it on.I slowly got off the bed and went to the foot and stood beside Mark.I noticed her lubrication was running out of her pussy from being sexually aroused.I nodded for Mark to go
ahead and he slowly eased up between her legs and started eating her pussy causing my wife to arch her hips and i could see her straining against the straps as his tongue fucked into her. I could hear her moaning from his contact.He stayed there for several minutes before getting up on his knees between her spread legs.His hands explored her naked body taking in her soft skin around her tits and down her belly to her pussy which caused her to arch her hips.He looked over at me with a grin on his face and I smiled back at him and nodded.I watched his hand go to his cock and stroke it a few times as he leaned closer until the head touched her wet pussy lips.My wife moaned out loud when she felt it and I saw her hips lift up as if trying to push onto it.He rubbed the head up and down between her cuntlips and when it was shiney from her lubrication he let the head slide in her just a little and held it there.She moaned and I heard her say "no " a few
times as his hips started to slowly rock in little jabs causing her hips to move in rythm with him.I slowly and quietly eased down on the floor so I could watch his cock as it slid deeper into my wife.Mark slowly fucked her while sinking his cock a little more until he was fucking her full length.I couldn't believe she was taking all of his cock.It is huge.Her breathing was really labored as Mark slowly fucked his huge cock into her. Mark got into a slow and steady rythm and my wifes arching hips matched his thrusts as he fucked her deep.I could hear her nearing an orgasm as she squealed in between thrusts but he kept deep fucking her all the way through her orgasm causing her to pant and repeatedly moan out loud.I have never fucked her beyond her orgasm and she always said that once she cums then thats it,she doesn't want any more.Mark didn't even slow down and I could hear my wife moaning "no more,no more",but he didn't stop.After a few minutes of him
fucking her I saw her hips start to fuck him back again matching his thrusts.I bent over so I could see his cock fucking into my wife and it was huge.He would pull out just enough to keep the tip of the head in her and then thrust in all the way untill his balls slapped against her ass. He has one hell of a huge cock and my wife was taking every bit of it and wanting more.Mark reached his arms up and under my wifes arms and held her tightly under him as he sunk into her.He was starting to make little grunting sounds as he fucked her and my wife was just a steady moan / squeal sound under him.I was stroking my cock as I watched them and then I lost it.I cum like a never I cum before spurting my jism all over Marks ass and I know some dribbled onto my wife.My wife was moaning almost steady as he fucked into her and then she started saying over and over in between moans " Oh Jesus I'm cumming,Oh Jesus I'm cumming" I heard Mark groan and picked up pace as
his cock hammered into her causing her to squeal out loud.Mark lowered his mouth down on hers and they were kissing deeply when I heard her squeal and watched her ass bucking against him as she went over the top again.Her arms were straining against the straps as she tried to break free but they held. Mark repositioned his arms under hers and started to pull her into and onto his cock with every thrust as he got closer to cumming.I could hear him groaning as he sucked her tongue and she was a steady groan as he fucked into her.I saw him pull out all the way head and all and slide his cock along her pussy lips a few times before lifting himself high and re entering her again.He was slamming his cock into my wife and she was accepting it. I knew he was getting close by the forceful thrusts and grinding deep in my wife.I saw as he gave one final plung as he crammed every inch of his huge cock into her and through gritted teeth heard his groans as he
emptied his load into my wifes pussy deep inside.My wife bucked under him and she gave out a muffled squeal as his cock throbbed in her stretching her to her limits.He burried his cock to his balls and for several minutes just layed there in my wife as they both rode that wave of ultimate pleasure.After several minutes of not moving my wife said to untie her now and for a second I was lost as to just what to do.Marks cock was still burried in my wife and she's done.I was just about ready to stand up and tap Mark on the shoulders when I saw his ass start rocking and grinding into my wife again.For a few seconds my wife chuckled and ground him back while telling me she was done and to untie her.Marks rocking and grinding slowly turned into long steady thrusts and I thought "oh shit " now what do I do? I heard my wife say No No not again but he kept thrusting into her and after a few minutes I could hear my wife say "OH JESUS!" and then her ass started
to fuck him back again in rythm.Over the next half hour they fucked with out stopping and a couple of times I heard my wife say my name and asking me to say something to her but I didn't dare.she'd groan and squeal one minute and beg to stop another.I knelt down at the bottom of the bed so I could see his cock sliding in and out of my wife.It was all shiney from their juices and it was actually larger than when he first started fucking my wife.The head was engorged and the shaft made my extension seem small. My wifes ass was soaked with lubrication and his cum ,and every time his cock sunk into her more would squoosh out of her and run down her ass.She had gone past the point of wanting him to stop and was now saying over and over with every thrust " oh fuck me,fuck me". Marks cock looked like it was stretching her to her limit and the sound of his balls slapping against her ass was getting louder the closer he got to cumming again. He began grinding
into her and grunting loudly the closer he got and I heard my wife whimper under him and she was totally relaxed as he hammered his cock into her .It seemed like every time his cock hit bottom it would trigger a squeal from her.I saw Mark push all the way in and start grinding which told me he was close.My wife was just a limp squealing/moaning body under him as he fucked her deep and hard. He slid up closer between her legs and gripped her shoulders as he fucked his cock into her almost into a blur and when he came my wife litterally screamed and he groaned out loud that he was cumming and I thought for sure she'd pick up on that but I heard her say every time his cock slammed into her OH FUCK>>OH FUCK until finally his ass pushed his cock all the way in her and he pushed hard and ground in little circles as he emptied his load again.They both layed there for a while limp.After a few minutesI tapped him on his shoulder and motioned for him to get up
.When he got up on his knees I saw his cock sliding out of my wife and it was huge.My wife has always said that my cock gets bigger when we fuck but I couldn't see it,but his cock definitely was huge after. I put the extension on and lubed it so it looked used as Mark got dressed and slipped out the door.When I untied my wife she had the funniest look on her face.I almost had the feeling that she figured it out but she didn't say anything.I pulled the extension off and when I came back from washing it she was sound asleep.We have talked about a repeat performance and she is definitely wanting one.I haven't decided yet if I should or not.Mark has mentioned how tight she was and how hot she is to fuck and he wants to do it again only he wants to remove the blindfold once she is being fucked by him.I don't know if I should or not


cuckold wife

Poster: Mark