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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


In desperate need of money
When I met Kristin, she was a housewife in her early 30s and in the process of getting divorced from a sexless marriage. That is something I capitalized on as we didn’t even make it to the second date before we were fucking. With a steady diet of sex, she quickly hurried through divorce, only getting a small sum of money and the car (along with the payments).

Even though she had to move back home with her mom, it was great to have her readily available to come over and fuck whenever I wanted. This went on for several months as she kept applying for work. But years out of the workforce and a theft conviction from her early life working in retail was making it hard for her even to get a low-wage job.

Around that time, she was running out of her divorce money and I even made a few car payments for her. Realizing the situation was dire, she reached out to her friends on Facebook looking for work. One friend, Sarah, reached out to her and said if Kristin was really desperate for money, she should sign up for a sugar daddy site. Sarah was making a few thousand a month on it.

Kristin asked me to see if I would be okay with her exploring that. At first I was hesitant, but read online about it and relented. It did seem the best way to make quick money.

The first few weeks on the site she got quite a few messages, mostly just guys asking for nude photos. Kristin kept me in the loop and would even send me the photos to approve before sending them to the guys. Soon it seemed no one really wanted to meet up, but just see my girlfriend naked. It was kind of hot to think how many guys had photos of her D cups and nice ass.

Kristin was officially a week behind on her car payment when Mark messaged her. They messaged for a bit and he offered to cover her car payment if she came over the next day. Of course Kristin quickly agreed with the ground rules he provided cash and condoms were used.

She arrived the next day at a typical suburbia house. He seemed like a normal guy and led her from the front door to the bedroom. As she walked through the hallway, Kristin noticed pictures of him and his family on the wall.

Kristin asked if he was getting a divorce since his profile said he was single. He said he was still married and if it was a problem for her. Kristin didn’t want to be a homewrecker but really needed the money so she went with it. He told her that his wife was at work, the kids at school, and he told his office he had a doctor’s appointment. So they only had a limited time.

Mark took his pants and underwear off before he sat on the edge of the bed. He told Kristin to get on her knees and suck his cock. She said he was already hard and about average length and girth. He smelled nice as she took him in her mouth.

Kristin isn’t that experienced as sucking cock, so soon Mark took over. He grabbed the back of her head and was guiding her up and down. This went on for a bit before Mark picked up the pace and soon was face fucking her. He began calling her a whore who loved his cock.

Kristin thought if she just relaxed, she would choke less. Instead it just helped Mark get further down her throat as he kept pumping his hips. Every time she would come up for air, he’d pull her back down. On nearly her last gasp, he held her close as he started shooting cum in the back of her throat.

When Mark finally let go, Kristin had mascara running down her face along with drool and cum leaking from her mouth. He got up, picked his pants off the ground, and pulled out his wallet. Mark set $100 on the dresser and Kristin protested because this was less than they agreed to.

Mark said they had more time and he had more money. He said she should strip for him and get him hard for the rest. Kristin said it was awkward at first, but then she threw some music on her phone to help. She got him hard again mostly by sliding his cock between her tits and her ass.

The problem with that is every now and again when she would slide over him, his cock would slip inside her. Soon, an occasional slip turned into a thrust, which eventually led to fucking. Kristin knew it was against the rules to go bareback, but she was so horny by then she went with it.

For having cum barely five minutes early, Mark had great stamina the second time around. Kristin rode him until she got off (the only position she can get off in). After which, Mark said she was as dirty slut who like married cock.

Mark positioned her on the bed and started fucking her doggy style (her favorite position). Mark went on to fuck her for a good 15 minutes, constantly calling Kristin his slut and whore. She noticed the familiar thrusts as when he was in her mouth, indicating he was about to cum.

Since she couldn’t have kids, Kristin was okay with Mark filling her up. Instead of that, he pulled out and shot a load across her ass and back. What she didn’t realize during sex is Mark put a couple hundred dollar bills on her back and cum all over them.

Mark said if she wanted the last hundred, Kristin would have to lick his cum off the money. And of course she did. She then collected her money and Mark said she had to leave immediately as they had gone longer than expected. Kristin got dressed and left looking like a mess with runny mascara and the back of her shirt stuck on the cum left there.

They met up a few times a month for quick and rough fuck sessions whenever he would text here. She even let him fuck her ass, something no one had done before because he offered double the normal rate. After a few months, Mark ended it saying he had found someone younger and hotter. That was fine with Kristin because she had earned enough to cover car payments for about a year.


cuckold wife

Poster: Anonymous