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On Vacation
My wife and I have had a fantastic sexual relationship. We’ve been married 3 years and together for 4 and a half. We are both in our early 30’s and sexually experienced. Shortly after getting together we were talking about fantasies one night while I was fucking her in my bed. I asked if she thought it would be hot for somebody to watch us. She replied she’d be turned on by another guy watching and jacking off so she could watch him stroke his big cock while she was being fucked. She stressed “big cock”. As my cock is average in length, it’s also very thin. Hearing her describe this strangers long thick cock turned me on immediately. I knew she’d been with other guys that were well hung and she’d told me her ex’s cock was at least 10” and very big around with a big fat head on it. So I knew what she’d been used to before me. As the fantasies progressed over the next couple weeks she invited a former lover (who is married) over to my house while I was out of town working. I was driving home after a late appt and I wouldn’t return until after 10pm. She texted me around 9:45 and told me to wait at her apartment until she called. The lover had been playing in a golf scramble and got to my house a little late and they were still having fun. I decided to park my car around the corner and walk into my back yard to see if I could see anything. When I got there, my upstairs window was slightly open and I could hear her getting fucked and moaning... as it was dark out, I sat in a chair on the patio and jacked off for a few mins and then left to her apartment to wait. It was excruciating! When she called me to come home, he was gone and she was wearing just panties in my bed. She pulled her phone out and showed me a video of him fucking her doggie style until she told him she was cumming on his big cock. I was almost shaking with excitement and I slipped my boxers over my hard and aching cock and got in bed with her. She guided my hand into her panties and as I slipped a finger inside of her his cum was spilling out everywhere. She slid them over her hips and opened her legs for me as she pushed my head down to her swollen pussy. I couldn’t get enough of his cum and I licked her clean for at least 10 mins. After she had cum again, I climbed on top of her and slid my little cock in her very wet and stretched out pussy and fucked her until I blew my own load inside of her.... from this point we were both hooked. She continued to fuck this guy occasionally, but we also found some well hung guys online, picked some up in bars and had a lot of fun along the way. Sometimes I’d join in. Sometimes I’d watch. She will sometimes have me suck the guys cock if they’re into it. She’s even encouraged my efforts in finding another bi-guy to play with while she’s out of town. This leads me to my current story. Last summer we went on vacation with my family. We went out to a local bar on the beach by ourselves for some drinks. She went in before me to see if there was anyone worth fucking and I got a seat overlooking the dance floor so I could watch the action. She moved back and forth between several bars they had (it’s a pretty large club). About 2:30, I could see she’d settled on a particular bartender and he was paying a lot of attention to her. At one point they were kissing a little bit between him serving drinks. It was very sexy. As the bar started to close out, I watched him lead her by the hand out a side door. I was able to go out onto the deck and watch him take her into a utility room. There was a very small window and I was able to see her on her knees sucking his cock for a few minutes before he spun her around and fucked her from behind for 5 or 10 minutes before unloading his cum in her pussy. I watched them leave and he headed back upstairs while she was headed rowards the door. I caught her before she got there and pulled her into a bathroom. As she was breathlessly telling me how she’d just been fucked, I was busy pulling down her panties to see a huge load of his spunk sliding out of her pussy. I obliged her by licking out as much as I could before fucking her myself. That was the day before we returned home and I didn’t think much about it until he found her on Facebook a couple weeks later. They stayed in occasional contact during the last year, and she let him know when we’d be coming back this year. A couple days into the vacation and we decided to take a night out for ourselves. She asked me to drop her off to meet him by herself and I would go to a local hot spot that catered to a mainly gay crowd. She encouraged me to have some fun there while she was rekindling her summer fling. I went off on my own and found an obliging guy who willingly let me suck him off in the parking lot to help me pass the time. The entire time I was sucking his long cock, my own dock was throbbing knowing she was out with him and that she was going to end up getting pounded by his big dick. After the guy I was with blew his load in my mouth, I drove to the bar where I’d dropped her off earlier. We’d texted several times through the night, so I knew he’d already licked her pussy and he’d fucked her once already on his car. She said they were headed back to his place and she’d be awhile while they continued to have fun. After another couple hours (the sun was now coming up) she called and told me to come over there because she wanted me to watch her w him. After texting me the address I headed there immediately. As I got to the door, she greeted me with no clothes on and she looked amazing- her body is literally smoking. Big C titties, flat stomach and the best pussy I’ve ever fucked. She invited me upstairs and told me to take off my clothes and wait in the living room. She went back to the bedroom and as I stroked my cock in his house, I could hear her moaning. After I could wait no longer, I walked in to see her slamming up and down as she rode his cock. I laid down next to them strocking my little cock and after awhile she laid on her side with her back to me and told me to lick her ass while she gave him head.... we changed positions a couple times and alternated fucking her for another 30!mins and it was time to get back to the condo. The following day, he semt her a video of himself jacking off until he blew an incredible amount of jizz- this made my wife super horny and it made me hard again. I could tell she wanted to meet up with him again as she kept talking about how much she loved his cock and how good he fucked her. Like I said, we’ve had several partners and she’s always enjoyed a new large cock, but this time it was different. She wanted to fuck him as much as possible before we left and I didn’t have to urge her at all. As my parents were leaving early the next morning, I knew they’d be in bed early. I told her to act like she was packing but to really go and get ready to meet him for the night. She was excited. By 11:30, she was out the door and we both knew she’d be staying all night w him. That made me more than a little jealous, but I was aroused like never before. I only heard from her once or twice that night before I fell asleep and I woke up around 5am with the hardest erection I’ve had in years. The next morning she came back around 7 am, walked in the door and stripped naked. She climbed into bed telling me how awesomely she’d been fucked all night and hadn’t been to sleep. She told me he’d cum twice in her pussy and I eagerly got my tongue between her legs to taste her sex mixed with his cum. When I slid into her, my shaft was coated in his jizz and it felt incredible. Since we’ve been back from vacation they’ve been in constant contact and she’s hornier than she’s ever been. We are now looking at plane tickets to send her down there in a couple of weeks... I couldn’t be happier or more sexually satisfied!!


cuckold wife

Poster: John Miller