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My Husband Can't ... But I Can
All my life I have enjoyed adventure, and now that I have been married for almost fifteen years I have to say that I still love new and unexplored things. My sex life is no different, though at the beginning of our marriage I was pretty secure in not having anyone else around. My husband was adventurous but always said we could have an open relationship, but he would have to stay away from bringing someone else in since, in his words, I'm too possessive. He would regret making me jealous or angry, and since I didn't want anyone else in the world, it would just never happen. One evening a very new and very handsom friend changed all of that and our marriage stood firm and strong, even after I told my husband. That was an adventure for me, but I would rather focus on a much more daring adventure.
It all started at my job where I became acquainted with a young police officer named Tim. He was attractive but I never flirted at work to avoid drama so I never paid him a lot of mind. As I decided to explore the men on the usual dating web sites out there I ran into his account. We chatted and figured out who the other was and began explaining what we were looking for and marveling at the odds of finding one another the way we did. He also let me know how happy he was to find me because he had often thought about hooking up with me and he also trusted me with being clean. I let him know that I had nothing to catch and had no risk of getting pregnant and he told me that he was clean as well. I then explained that we would have to use protection anyway. My husband had three rules. One was that we would have to use a condom. Two, no swallowing, that was special for him and I rarely did it so I think it was partly that I shouldn't give anyone else something I wouldn't give him. The third was he would have to meet anyone I would meet up with before anything.
We discussed the rules and Tim had a lot of ideas of why we didn't need them and how to get around them. I really didn't want to take that route, but I knew we both were clean and there was no risk of anything bad. We both were tested and we both trusted each other pretty well and in to tell the truth, I hated the feel of condoms. After dragging my feet I agreed to ditching the rules, which was followed by Tim suggesting we meet up early while my husband was at work. It felt real cliche but it would work perfectly. I felt guilty but the excitement of being with a police officer was just too much to contain. Later that evening I told my husband that I had found a new friend and we would be meeting the next day around the time he got off work so he could meet him. He agreed to it. The plan was that we would meet at a park, talk and get to know each other, and then go out for a coffee before meeting my husband.
The next morning I got ready, and rather than finding a nice pair of jeans or shirt I decided to wear a very short skirt with no panties. It just seemed to be the thing to turn Tim on. We could have met at the park but we had already decided to meet at my place three hours earlier than what my husband and I had agreed to. I was very nervous but far more excited and couldn't wait for him to get there. I ran to answer the door when he knocked and let him in, guiding him to the bedroom after I had locked the door. I asked him if he wanted to sit and chat for a while, feeling rather nervous. We talked for a little while until he leaned over to me and began kissing my neck. I knew it was coming but was still a bit nervous considering this was not what my husband agreed to.
As we began kissing passionately he began to undress, and soon we were both naked. He guided me onto my knees and stood infront of me with his dick ready to be sucked, and that is when I saw it for the first time. It was big! It was very big, much much bigger than my husband's. Now I don't want to insult him, my husband has some very good skill and is one of the best I have ever had, but Tim was very very big, and at that point, while I really wanted it, I was worried about putting it in my mouth. It just looked too big. He slowly put it in and it was not comfortable at all, but I was able to manage. It felt huge in my mouth and I was humming as I sucked it in and out of my mouth so the vibrations would drive him mad. The look on his face showed me he was loving it and in what seemed like a few minutes later he had exploded, filling my mouth with his cum. The reason I don't do it often is my husband just doesn't taste very good, but this wasn't bad at all, so as my mouth got more full, I broke the next rule I didn't expect to break. I swallowed. Now, I had sucked on him for at least fifteen minutes, but as I would find out, his size was epic, but he did not last near as long as others, so the short sessions would be the usual.
So there we were, naked and laying in our bed, my husband and my bed, with a new man that was not supposed to be there. It felt so guilty but so exciting and adventurous that I was addicted right there. The taboo rules broken were such a turn on. I told him how I was feeling and that it was exciting to have done what I did with a cop. He told me he loved the excitement of having someone else's wife that was strictly off limits. He said he knew that the relationship was open but what we did was not allowed and he had taken something without being given permission and he thought it was exciting.
As I lay there naked on my back looking up at the ceiling, thinking about what we had both just said, that is when he decided to take things a bit further. He rolled himself from laying on his back to laying face down on top of me. He had positioned his legs close so that my legs would instinctively open up and he was now looking into my eyes with a dirt eating smile on his lips. I was just thinking that he had beautiful blue eyes and was wondering what I should say when I felt him enter me. His tip had just slid inside me just a little bit and I knew that it felt really good. He began kissing my neck up and down and running his hands all over me and that was when I felt him slide all the way inside me and I could not believe how awesome that thing of his felt. It was really big, and I hoped that since he already had cum, maybe he would last a bit longer this time. His hips lifted up and down and I could feel him sliding in and out of me the whole time. It felt so good, and then I remembered the next taboo rule we broke. This was all just skin on skin. We had no protection on and had broken one more rule making this adventure even more naughty. He lifted himself up like he was doing pushups and continued to slide in and out, harder now with more slamming force and everytime he slammed into me I moaned and grunted like I never have before. It just was not what I was used to at all and I loved it! I told him to fuck me harder and he did, harder and harder. I could see the sweat build on him and the dirty talk and loud cries began. I came and then came again and everytime I did he would smile like the cat that ate the canary and slam me a little harder. A good ten minutes later he began to slow down and was now laying on top of me, still sliding that big monster of his inside me, but now he was focusing on kissing my ears and neck. I was focusing on the upcoming orgasm. WIthout speeding up I came again and gave more groans and moans while he gave me a look of satisfaction. It must have been twenty minutes later that he began to squeeze my body, my sides and shoulders as he ran his hands over my body. He was speeding up his pace, slamming harder and harder and I could feel him deep deep inside me that I haven't felt before. This rendevouz that I had agreed to gave me something much bigger than what my husband had that had gone deeper inside me and with a lot of impact. I just kept cumming over and over again and he just kept slamming inside me. I couldn't believe how awesome it felt. Then I heard his breathing start to pick up, so I figured he was going to rest ontop of me or slow down. His grip got a bit tighter and his breathing became a bit heavier and I started to wonder if he was ready to cum, because I wasn't ready for this to end. He laid on top of me as his hips slammed into mine shoving himself inside me harder and harder until he pushed himself as deep as he could inside me and held it. His hands gripped into my shoulders and he let out that loud moan all guys grunt out when they orgasm. I felt myself get really wet and that was my first cue that he had cum a lot. I would find out later that he cums a lot every time. He had made a mess of me and now it was time to relax and catch our breath.
We spent another hour talking and comparing notes on adventures and I think I said I can't believe I did that at least ten times. After that hour, he mounted me again and we did it again. He made a complete mess of me once more. We then got dressed and went out to buy coffee. At the end of our adventure my husband had met up with us, and there we were, the three of us talking and laughing away. I'll never forget my husband holding me around my waist as a little bit of Tim's cum dripped down my leg. He never found out. He mentioned that we should pace ourselves with once or maybe twice a month being the max, but we had many of these adventures secretly. In time Tim moved and our adventures ended, but what an adventure he was indeed.


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