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Change of heart?
My wife and Andrea have been together in a sense since grade school. Same neighborhood and friends. Our parents hung out regularly. We even grew up in the same black church. We were also products of interracial marriages something that formed an even deeper bond between us.

As we got older we began to date. If you could call it dating. There was always supervision whenever we would see each other. On Sundays both our families spent half the day at church. Often being told by many adults that we better be good or the devil would take us.

We finally wed and at the insistence of Andrea we waited until our homeymoon before having sex. We got past the clumsy awkward stage soon enough and life was good.

Then from out of nowhere after a couple years of marriage my manslut vulgar boss whom my wife thought was vulgar and obnoxious. Seduced her into having a month long affair.

Making things worse it was him that made her come clean as part of his quest to dominate the both of us. It worked she became his slut and I liked it.

We stopped going to church. We avoided the many phone calls and church friends we had made. There would be voicemail messages from people telling us we were missed and asking us to come back to church.

Then Mike my boss had Andrea sleep with a very import and wealthy prospective client. He landed the huge account and I got another promotion and pay raise.

I had moments of self admonishment. Wondering what our actions would lead too from my religious perspective. Would we both be damned for all eternity? I thought about stopping everything. Then I would get that phone call so I could listen to them fuck. Or Mike would get us over to his house and take her. It was always so hot I would lock away my convictions to worry about another time. Realizing I was in to deep now. I was irrevocably hooked on another man fucking my wife.

I finally resigned myself to it. Then after Andrea fucked the rich white guy for Mike’s benefit. She was the one who flipped everything upside down. She reverted to dressing very conservatively. She told me she was done with Mike and we were going back to church.

Well that was a conundrum for me. I loved her and wanted her to be happy. So my initial thoughts were to support her. But then I was overcome by the idea of her not having sex again with another man.

Back at work Mike would stop by my office. I told him she was serious about it being over. He would say, “She’ll be back.”

Laughing as he walked away. He was so confident he never implied my job was in jeopardy. He would call our house usually half lit. Andrea would tell him it was over and she needed to get right with God. She would end up hanging up then go on a rant about how obnoxious and pig headed Mike could be.

She finally stopped answering his calls. He would leave messages telling her she would miss his cock and more graphic shit.

Well we were back in our church doing all of the old activities. She sang in the choir and taught Sunday school classes. I ran the recreational sports programs. But I just couldn’t stop thinking about her getting fucked by other men.

I tried using porn as a substitute but it just wasn’t the same. I brought it up to her one evening and she went off. Telling me we had been depraved and we needed to atone for our sins.

Our own sexual life fizzled down to once a week and was almost a thing of duty. It was driving me crazy. I went to Mike to vent. To his credit he didn’t belittle me at all. I in essence told him everything. He already knew I was hooked. Again he told me not to worry.

It had been over a month since Andrea had her change of heart. We were at home watching a movie. The doorbell wrang it was late and I wondered who it could be this time of night.

Opening the door, I was suprised to see Mike. I could smell the bourbon on his breath when he asked if he could come inside. I gave a quick look back. Then told him, “Man Mike I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Mike put a massive hand on my shoulder saying; “Do you want my help or not?”

It was like having the proverbial angel vs devil on each shoulder. Both trying to convince me what I should or shouldn’t do.

I stepped out of the way an let him enter. He passed by me heading straight into my living room. Andrea never looked assuming it was me returning to watch the movie. She was wearing her flannel pajamas and had her braided hair up under a sleeping cap.

She jumped a little when Mike plopped his large framed body next to her on the couch. She was speechless at first. Then looked at me saying, “What is he doing here!? Why did you let him in?”

Now it was my turn to be left speechless. I just shrugged.

Mike said, “C’mon Andrea I just wanted to stop by because I know you miss me.”

She was steaming at this point. She stood up in front of him wagging her finger in his face and poppin her neck.

She yelled, “ Take your drunk ass out of my house. Lord forgive me for cursing. But you are so obnoxious! Especially when you are drunk. Get up and get out!”

I expected her to storm off out of the room. But she just stood there with her hands on her hips staring down at him.

Mike laughed saying, “I knew you missed me.”

Andrea was half way into a stream of expletives when Mike stood up snatched her up and over his shoulder.

She was beating on his back her sleeping cap flew off. Her long braids were whipping back and forth. She was telling him to put her down or he would be sorry. He slapped her ass and laughed as he carried her flailing body up stairs.

I noted she never once yelled for me help her. But I was torn do I jump in stop this before it goes to far. Or do I cave and follow what my raging hardon is telling me.

For what seemed like an eternity she was going off on him. Cursing him out of using some words I didn’t even know she knew.

Mike only continued to laugh. Then she was abruptly cut off. What was meant to be, “You motherfucker!”. Came out, “You motherfawwwww! Uhh Umph Ohhhhhh!”

I took two steps at a time up the stairs. Running to the bedroom door stoping dead in my tracks. They were both on the bed wearing their tops. Hers was torn open in the front exposing her firm young brown tits. Her nipples appeared to be rock hard.

Mike was up on his knees with her legs in each arm plowing her pussy with his fat cock.

Andrea was cussing and moaning at the same time. Her hips bucking to meet his thrust. He looked at me standing their and smiled. He noticed my own hard on poking out of my pajama bottoms.

He leaned forward putting most of his weight on her. Pushing her knees up by her ears.

She was still swearing but now it was, “Give it to me, Fucker!”, “Fuck me you bastard!”

His dick was making loud gushing sounds as he pounded her to a screaming orgasm. He rolled into his back taking her with him. She made no move to escape. She planted her hands on his barrel chest and started riding him fast and furious.

They were both moaning and talking dirty at this point. I was mesmerized watching her firm thick ass slamming up and down. She slammed down holding as she came with her head back, eyes closed and mouth wide open.

She rolled off and Mike pulled her ass up in the air. He started fucking her again with his hands wrapped around her tiny waist. She was like a rag doll at this point. He came hard falling on top of her . They just layed in heap his cock still buried in her pussy.

He rolled off and she got up looking a hot wreck. She walked over to me I was sill in the door way with a semi hard dick. She placed her hand to my bare chest. Pushed me out of the doorway saying, “You’re not off the hook. We’ll talk in the morning.”

I stood there as she closed and locked the door in my face. I went down stairs grab a couple beers and went to the couch. I was even more confused than ever but undeniably happy at what just happened.

I finished both beers laying down my mind was still buzzing. I knew sleep would be hard to come buy. After some time Andrea’s moans began again.

I listened until they stopped. Went to the bathroom and jacked off. I was able to finally get some sleep.

Andrea shook me awake the next morning. Breakfast was on the table and Mike was gone. We sat in quiet solitude for a while. I broke the silence by saying, “I’m sorry I let him in.”

Andrea looked at me saying, “No you’re not and neither am I.”

I was taken a back. She touched my hand saying, “Babe neither of us are the same people we were. We opened up something inside of us both that neither one of want to leave behind. I thought I could, but I realized it was a lie.

We both resigned from our church that morning. I felt a huge burden lift from my shoulders. That night we made love twice. I fell asleep wondering where this path would lead.


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