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At the lake...
Keisha had spent the night fucking my uncle Curtis in his camper. Meanwhile after spying on them along with her half-sister Margo. The two of if slipped back into my parents finished basement and fucked ourselves silly.

The next morning Curtis was strutting like a peacock at breakfast. Margo was giving me smiles across the table as she ran her bare foot up and down my leg. Keisha was eating her food like she was famished. I suppose fucking all night will do that to you.

My mom fussed over us bringing more food than we could eat. My mom asked how everyone slept last night. Margo giggled. My uncle Curtis said, “Sleep. What’s that?”

Keisha stopped eating in mid bite, giving me a sideways glance. I changed the subject asking uncle Curtis if he would take us out on the lake.

Keisha rode up to the lake with Curtis in his truck. Margo and I followed in my SUV. She and I are both lawyers so we always have things to talk about. We were having a good conversation but I was also very distracted.

I noticed Keisha was sitting very close to Curtis in his truck. At the same time Margo had her sandals off and one thick dark skinned leg up on the dash and her seat layed back.

There was something on my mind and I know Keisha confided everything with her big sister. I aske Margo, “Do you know why Keisha is so attracted to older men?”

Margo turned her head towards me looking over the top of her sun glasses. She asked, “You haven’t asked her?”

I told her I had and she said it was the control for one. She also explained she sometimes felt slutty having sex with these older men adding the sex was also good because the men really concentrated on pleasing her.

Margo was silent for a few moments. It appeared she was wrestling with her answer or whether to answer the question or not.

Margo went on to explain how her dad (not the same dad as Keisha) divorced her mom. Her mom remarried a white guy, Keisha’s father. She went on to say Keisha had some really bad first relationships with abusive boyfriends.

One in particular took her virginity by assaulting her. Her went to jail and Keisha became introverted from that point on. They had her in counseling for a couples years and that helped very little. She still had trust issues with young men her age. But seemed to find security with the older men in her family.

When Keisha got out on her own she still avoided relationships. Until she had an affair with her boss. A man fifteen years her senior. He treated her like a queen and she loved it until he got to possessive. She ended the relationship and felt empowered because she could do so because he had more to lose.

From then on she only dated older married men. That even changed after a messy confrontation with the wife of her current lover. She stopped having relationships with Marie’s men but continued to date much older men.

So she told you the truth. She still has control in these relationships and is apparently sexually aroused by being with these men. But remember she never would have started cheating if you hadn’t pressured her into being with other men.

Margo had me there. I said, “So she cheats for me?”

Margo laughed saying, “Yes, at first. Now she enjoys it so much she does it for herself.”

I thanked Margo for confiding in me and promised it was our secret. Smiling at her I asked, “So why are you cheating with your sister’s husban?”

She replied, “Technically it’s not cheating when she initiated us having sex. Plus, your hot and a good fuck.”

We both laughed at her comment. She leaned back and fell asleep. I was daydreaming as I drove then noticed Keisha’s head was no longer insight. Curtis’s driving became a little more erratic.

She was giving him head! She finally popped back up. I had a hardon and thought about waking margo up. Then we turned into a dirt road that lead to Curtis’s cabin. I cursed my luck.

We unloaded the vehicles with or stuff and groceries. Seemed like we had more booze than food. I supposed we would have to catch fish or go hungry.

Margo had never been out in the wilderness like this before. She was in awe and very excited. After settling in we waisted little time going out on the lake. We fished, drank and swam all day.

Curtis didn’t hold back with the big ass comments either. Eliciting comments from the ladies like “Our butt your gut.”

Curtis would slap his gut with a meaty hand saying, “It’s beer all bought and paid for!”

They were both amazed how well and effortlessly he swam It was like his beer gut helped him float.

He let each woman drive the boat on the condition they did it topless. The were both tipsy enough to agree. I sat back and enjoyed the scenery.

We returned back to the cabin with a good catch of fish and all feeling no pain. Curtis and I cleaned the fish and the girls showered and prepped the side dishes.

We had sobered up some and after dinner enjoyed sitting around a campfire. It had been a long day and the heat from the fire felt great. I drifted off waking up when the sap in some burning wood made a loud pop. I was alone by the fire and suspected the others were up to something or they would have woke me up.

Upon entering the cabin there was no doubt what was going on in the bedroom. I exited and walked around back. Before I even reached the window the squeaking bed springs could be heard very clearly along with sounds of people enjoying themselves.

Peeking in the window. Margo was on all fours with Curtis plowing her from the back. Her big round ass rolling back and forth with every stroke. Keisha was kneeling next to them rubbing Margos’s ass slick with oil. With her other hand she was running my uncles harry chest.

Margo was moaning loudly. Keisha was urging Curtis on, “Fuck her pussy good!” , “Give it to her!” , “Margo you like his big fat cock?”

Margo lowered her face to the bed moaning then crying out, “ Ohhhh Awwwww, fuuuuuuck!” Her hands gripping the sheets as she came. She fell flat on the bed rocking aside to side.

Curtis layed in his back and Keisha took over. She rode him grinding on him back and forth fast and furious. Curtis was breathing hard responding to her questions, “You like this black pussy?, “You going to cum in my pussy!”

Curtis was grunting and could only pant out “Yes”. At this point Margo was back up and straddled his face resting her hands on the headboard. Curtis’s bearded chin was moving as he lapped at her drenched pussy.

Keisha moved into a squat and was bouncing up and down on his cock. Her big light brown tits bouncing heavily. Her muscular ass cheeks vibrating as she slammed up and down on his cock.

All three of them were moaning or talking. Keisha’s head rolled back as she came with a loud shout. Margo came and rolled off his face. Keisha layed next to Margo in a heap.

Curtis sweating the hair on his head and chest matted. He poured oil on Keisha’s tits and slid his dick between them . She pushed them together urging him on. He did her tits for a while then did the same thing to Margo’s ass cheeks.

His fat white cock gliding in between her dark brown ass cheeks was smoking hot. Curtis growled as he came shooting cum up her back.

I headed back to the fire. Pretended to still be out. It was Margo the came out for me. She was freshly showered and smelled great. She pulled me to my feet. Les me inside straight to the other bedroom.

Keisha and Curtis were already into a slow squeaky screw. I went down on Margo until she was almost there. Moved up and slid into a very wet pussy. We fucked for some time. I hadn’t notice it was already quite next door.

I pulled Margo’s big ass to the edge of the bed stood up and fucked her to a screaming orgasm. Cumming deep inside of her. Thinking it was my turn to have Curtis the one listening in.

I was rewarded with his deep snoring noises.

The next day was more of the same. Out on the lake. I got to watch him fuck each of the girls in turn on the boat. The sleeping arrangements were the same as the previous night. A lot of sex and squeaky bed springs.


cuckold wife

Poster: Kyle