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Sweet Cuckold


She loves older men...
Keisha my bi-racial wife of finally took the plunge a little over a year ago. My young very fit wife developed a taste (no pun intended) for older men. When I say olde I mean 20 to 40 years older.
I egged her on to have sex with other men. I use expected the would be around our age and fitness level. After all she married me and I am a gym rat. Hell thats’s where we met.
Anyway the first year she had been with only four different men one of them my hillbilly uncle. She eventually took a fifth lover a black doorman for the high rise she wools in.

I would get involved in threesomes but most of the time I would just watch or listen to them getting it on.

In all but one of her extramarital arrangements she was the one in control per se. the men couldn’t believe this gorgeous younger woman was giving them the time of day let alone her pussy.

The one exception was my Uncle. He is just a big gruffy man who doesn’t really ever have anything nice to say about anyone. When I first took Keisha back home to the mountains. It was brutal at first. He is a very prejudice man and says what’s on his mind sober or drunk.

Well Keisha never has taken any crap from anyone. So putting the two of them together was volitile. Well this volatility would evolve from some pretty heat conversation to some pretty rough fucking between the two of them.

During our vacation his constant soft city girl jabs lead to a couple days at his cabin on the lake. Both their stubbornness caught up to them culminating in me standing outside the cabin watching this hairy bear of a man pummel my wife’s pussy. Then spend the rest of the night listening to his rusty bed springs screech in concert with Keisha’s moans.

Where the other men were complete gentlemen with her and followed her lead in bed. My uncle man handled her even though she did her best to turn the tables. He called her his black slut. Slapped her ass hard enough to make her cuss him out.

He would howl as she gouged his back and arms with her long sharp nails. His big hairy sweaty body was such a contrast to her brown flawless skin. You could see the muscles contract in her stomach as she came. His big hard beer gut just shook with the pounding.

The next day they still picked on one another but the tone was different. He still kept his jibes up on his city slicker nephew though.

Fast forward a year later, we drive north once again to visit my family. This time with Keisha’s older half sister Margo with us.

Margo is ten years her senior and a few years older than myself. She is one hundred percent black. Taller than K darker complexion with a bigger ass. Where K is proportional, Margo has smaller breast but a big pear shaped ass. She stays fit just not in the hard body kind of way Keisha does.

She’s a single mother of two but you couldn’t tell by looking at her. She is also the only other women I have slept with since my marriage to Keisha.

Margo is fully aware of our lifestyle and even had sex with one of Keisha’s former lovers. Her kids were with their dad so we invited her to come with us. She was also aware of my uncle the god and the bad.

We hadn’t heard nor spoke with my uncle since the year before. He has no phone or computer. Lives completely off the grid. Imagine my suprise when we arrived and my mountain man uncle has a fresh haircut and a well trimmed beard.

He greeted both Keisha and her sister with bear hugs lifting them completely off the ground. I could tell my uncle was happy to see Keisha because he picked on her like where they left off. Albeit there wasn’t the same someone’s gonna die tension as before.

I about spit my drink out when my mom said, “ I was shocked to see my brother get all cleaned up like he getting ready for a date.” We had good conversation over the meal and I noticed my uncle would squirm in his chair every so often. Keisha sat across from him and had a impish smile on her face.

Later that night in bed Keisha said she was rubbing his dick under the table with her foot. My parents have a large five bedroom house. With one of the bedrooms in the finished basement. Complete with its own full sized bathroom.

Margo was given a room upstairs as were my sister and her husband. My uncle opted to sleep in his camper still attached to his truck. I got some pleasure knowing he probably had a good case of blue balls.

Keisha climbed on top of me initiating sex. She said, “You better get some now because you probably won’t touch this pussy again until we get home. We fucked like crazy and exhaustion took us.

We were up early joining my parents uncle and Margo for some breakfast. Margo was amazed at how much food was made with every meal. My uncle bellows out, “A man has to keep his strength up to chase women.”

Margo laughed. My mother chided him, “You caught two and couldn’t keep’em.”

His arms flailed as he responded, “They didn’t appreciate wilderness living!”

Keisha was standing behind my parents. She grabbed a banana from the fruit basket. Peeled it and gave the best impression of a slow deep throat I ever saw. My uncle’s rant sputtered as he caught what she was doing. By the time my parents looked back she was chewing a piece like nothing had just happened.

My uncle tossed his napkin on the table and wordlessly left the house. Again I almost sprayed my drink out. My mom said, “I don’t know what has got into him! He is acting crazier than ever.”

I gave Keisha a stern look only to have her shrug and act all innocent. That night at dinner my uncle made a plate and went out to his camper to eat alone. My mom accused him of being a pouting stubborn knot head. Keisha seemed a little distant almost like she thought she went to far.

We all went to bed except my uncle. He was sitting out by a fire he built by his camper. Sipping beer and staring up iat the stars. I went down stairs and Keisha was just coming out of the shower. She applied lotion to her legs as we talked about the day.

Normally we sleep naked. After lotioning she slipped on some tight sweatpants a t-shirt and her sandles. She stood gave me a long deep kiss. Pulling out of my grip she said, “Be back soon.”

With that I watched her swaying ass go up the steps. I followed after a couple minutes. Noting it was very quiet in the rest of the house. I went to the kitchen window to spy. Keisha walked out to where my uncle sat. Opened his cooler retrieved two beers. She at on a log close to him.

It was a while before either one talked. Then it got more animated. A couple times Keisha got up and started walking back to the house. Only to turn stomp back to him with her finger wagging and neck rolling.

The only saving grace was they weren’t loud enough to be heard up in the house. She stopped and snatched his prized camo hat off his head and tossed it. Before she could react his huge hand grabbed her wrist. She pulled hard to get away.

He was to strong. He pulled her to his lap and kissed her. She beat on his head and shoulders hard at first. Then a little less until her hands were running through his fifty five year old graying hair.

They broke their kiss talk for a minute before getting up and entering the camper. My thought went from oh shit this is bad to oh fuck this is hot.

I slipped outside and moved from shadow to shadow until I was up against the camper. Easing up on to the rear bumper it was a perfect spot. Keisha was lying across the table. Still wearing her t-shirt but missing her sweatpants. Her hands on her knees pulling her legs back. Her head hung off the other side of the table with her mouth wide open and eyes closed.

Kneeling in front of her my uncle was lapping her shaved pussy like a wild man. He was still in his pants but shirtless . Face, neck and arms deeply tanned the rest of him Snow White.

Keisha was squirming as she got close to cumming. She cried out in ecstasy as she came. Pushing his head back away from her pussy. He stood wiping his wet beard with his hand.

He loosened his belt letting his pants hit the floor. Putting her ankles on his shoulders he beat his fat meat stick on her pussy causing her to moan and beg him to fuck her. He grabbed her an roughly flipped her to her stomach.

Squatting to line his cock uo with her pussy he shove in hard. She gasped crying out, “Oh, fuck!”

He grabbed her hips and started fucking her. Keisha’s hands gripped the table edge. She was moaning and getting pretty vocal. She started with, “You like this black pussy!”

He picked up the pace while using his feet to spread her legs farther apart. Grabbing a fist full of her hair I thought he would snap her in half she was arched back so far. She loved it, urging him on. She came hard again. When he got close he pulled out pulled up off the table and pushed her to her knees. With her head back and tongue out he blasted cum in her mouth and on her face.

What a sight my beautiful Nubian princess. With a face full of cum, kneeling at the feet of a man 20 something years older than her.

He leaned back sitting on the counter his hairy chest and gut heaving. Semi hard fat dick still twitching and sloppy wet. With his pants around his ankles and boots still on. I had to duck for cover when he came outside for more beers.

When I looked back inside Keisha was getting into the small shower. My uncle chugged a beer then move to the back of the camper to lie on the bed. Which was right below my vantage point. I duck for cover not wanting to be spotted.

Keisha soon joined him on the bed. He handed her a beer. She sat on the edge of the bed wrapped in a towel and her long curly hairy drippping wet. She finished her beer stood and let the towel drop. What a sight! His big hand came up and massaged her breast.

She got between his legs grabbing his dick taking him in her mouth. He had his hands behind his head eyes closed just relishing what she was dishing out. Watching her big firm ass sway as her head moved up and down was intoxicating.

She was hmmmm around his dick. He was gasping and moaning. One of her hands rubbbed up and down his big belly. Once she had him standing tall she mounted him reverse cowgirl with a lot of ohhhs and awwws.

She starting grinding then bouncing on his shaft. His hands mauled her ass cheeks as he pushed and pulled her back and forth. They fucked like this until she came then switched to doggy.

She was face down ass up. Smashing back against him as he pounded into her. She raised up on her hands and looked back at him. She was telling him it felt so good. To fuck her harder. She had to brace her hands up on the wall as he layed it to her.

They were both sweating a lot by this time. The slapping sound their bodies made was amplified. She came with a yell followed by him grunting out a loud orgasm.

I about jumped out of my skin when a hand touched my back. Had the two inside not been heavy and moaning they might of heard me yelp.

It was Margo, she pulled mue away and led me back into the house. She had went down to the basement to see us. Then put two and two together. She had found another window and caught the second half of the show.

Neither of us needed any foreplay. We fucked like savages both turned doing everything we could to be quiet. Fucking Margot was so much different than Keisha. Margot’s ass was built for speed big round and soft.

As we layed there with my dick still twitching in her now cum filled pussy. She sighed saying she really needed that. She left me to go back up stairs. I didn’t notice when Keisha returned.

The next morning once again I almost lost another drink. My sister said, “You two love birds got a little frisky last night.” My Mom shushed her. I looked to Keshia who had a raised eyebrow looking at me. Margo just giggled and fidgeted with her eggs. My uncle made some reference to Rosy Palm and her five sisters. Earning him a smack from my mom and a loud laugh from my dad.

Part two later.


cuckold wife

Poster: Kyle M.