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Rude awakening part 4
I thought being included in the tryst between my wife Andrea and boss Mike was ultimately what I wanted to happen. I mean it would put me on even terms with her lover right? I did everything I could to sway her to include me other than just listening to them have sex.

It was Andrea who made the decision to let me join them. It was Mike, he had complete control of there relationship to include how I would fit in. Our relationship however was based on being completely equal.

When I tried to be more dominant in bed Andrea would stop me asking me to be more tender or she would assume the more dominant role. Often wanting to be on top when we had sex. I am not complaining as she had become way more active in our love making since she started ducking Mike.

Getting back to Mike including me in a threesome. Although I enjoyed it very much I realized that it wasn’t the same turn on for me as listening over the phone or through the door. Or secretly watching them fuck like animals.

So one day after work Mike and I had a few drinks. I confided in him my thoughts about him and Andrea. Simply put Mike is a manwhore. Two time divorcée with a bevy of married and single women at his disposal. The difference between those relationships and the one he had with us was I knew he was fucking my wife.

So he had control of me at work and in my marriage to a certain extent. This turned him on immensely. I think what made this all manageable was the fact he would only see Andrea once or twice a week. Being he worked a lot and had other women to distract him.

Over the next couple months he didn’t ask me to participate. Andrea never mentioned anything either. However, I would still get the phone calls from her to listen to them fuck.

Mike went a step further. He would indulge me by having me go to his place ahead of her meeting him there for an afternoon fuck. I would slip in and hide in his closet. Having me there without Andrea’s knowledge had it’s affect on me as well as Mike.

Watching him completely manhandle her had me hard as steel. She would be cursing as they fucked. He would choke her and pull her hair while fucking hard.

The second time I played hide in the closet. Mike roughly took her virgin ass. It was the first time I saw her put up any type of resistance to him. Just when I thought she had drawn a line. He was balls deep in her oiled up bronze colored ass. More shockingly she was fucking loving it.

A few weeks went by and the hadn’t been together. Andrea went to visit her parents and we were busy at work. I had to laugh when I saw Andrea had packed only very conservative dresses for her visit. Her mom would die if her princess wore slacks let alone anything above the knee line.

Mike was pretty amped over possibly landing the largest contract his company ever went after. He pushed us hard at work and my stress level was through the roof. Andrea came home from her visit just in time. We made love all night long it was just what I needed.

The big week arrived and the new potential clients came to town. Jim was a middle aged guy graying slicked back hair. Fit looking with the tan you see on an avid golfer. Marcus was a tall slender very darkskinned brother around Mike’s age.

I soon found out Marcus and Mike were long time friends from college. Marcus was the main reason we were so close to this huge contract. We had meetings all day which evolved in dinner and drinks afterwards.

Jim wanted to hit a strip club so we did. It was pretty wild especially watching Mike toss money around like a tycoon. Mike was doing whatever it took to close this deal.

The next day was more of the same meetings up until lunch. Mike pulls me aside and tells me we are very close to pulling this thing off. The he says he wanted Andrea and I to join him for a dinner party that evening at his place.

Well the party included Jim, Marcus and a few other people. It was quite obvious Mike had said something to Jim about Andrea. Jim was all up in her face most of the night. He was a smooth talker and she was soaking it all up.

Andrea looked great in a short revealing dress. It accentuated her firm small breast tiny waist and amazing ass and legs.

Another familiar face was the married tall blonde woman I had met at Mike’s place before. One of his other lover’s. She was never to far from Marcus as the night went on.

Later in the night I noticed Mike had pulled Andrea aside and they were in a heated subdued discussion. She was not pleased with whatever he was saying. Not sure what he said but I noticed she made a point of avoiding Jim and Mike. Finally, she asked me if we could leave.

She was deep into her own thoughts on the drive home. But when we got up into our bedroom she tore my clothes off and fucked me into exhaustion. We lay in the afterglow holding one another. She told me she loved me more than life.

I could tell there was something still nagging at her. So I asked her what Mike had said that upset her. At first she replied nothing. I then said, “No secrets remember?”

She started out saying in an exasperated tone, “I’m not a whore!”

Shocked I said, “He called you a whore?”

She said no going on to say he wanted me to have sexual with Jim. Jim had told him how attractive I was. Mike asked me to sleep with him to help land the contract.

I layer back blowing my breath out. I suspected Mike had told Jim more about Andrea. Then it dawned on my how intense the sexual we just had was.

I asked her why she was so turned on when we got home. She replied, “I wanted to show you how much I love you.”

I kissed her asking are sure you weren’t a little turned on that Jim finds you attractive? Hansome rich guy with money and power.”

Her silence told me I was on to her. She repeated, “I don’t fuck for money or power.”

I refused to let it end there. Asking her did she think about fucking Jim at all while we had sex?

She answered, “A little.”

I put her hand on my stiffing dick. She looked at me asking, “That turns you on? Me having sex with a guy in order to land a deal?”

My response was an honest one,”I love to listen and watch you get fucked by other men. Why do you fuck Mike? Do you have feelings for him or is it the sex?”

She seemed stunned at my directness. She stammered, “I told you it was the sex. But, yeah I’m not going to lie I have some feelings for him.”

To my own suprise I did’t feel jealous or angry at her remark. I couldn’t imagine having sex with another person often and not having any feelings for them.

It dawned on her what she said. She clarified she knew Mike would always be a whore. Although she had feelings for him she was adamant it wasn’t love.

Through all of this conversation she continued to stroke my dick. I told her I wanted her to sleep with Jim for me not Mike. We ended up having more intense sex after she agreed.

The plan was I was going out of town on business. Mike was to pick Andrea up for dinner that evening to join him and Jim. They would drive Andrea back to our house afterwards.

So when I got her text saying they would be at our house shortly. I took up my spot in our closet. The door is slatted giving me a complete viewing our bedroom without giving me away.

I heard them arrive all three laughing and joking as they entered the house. The sound of ice clanking off glasses followed. Andrea seemed a little tipsy but otherwise in a great mood.

It wasn’t long, the three of them entered our bedroom. Jim immediately began kissing Andre. Mike began undressing her from behind. Soon they were all naked with Andrea kneeling between them alternately sucking their cocks.

Watching her hungrily suck them making each man moan in pleasure was amazing. Jim had a decent sized cock a little longer than Mike’s. But know where as thick. Seeing her take Jim to the root had my dick popping out of my boxers.

Even though they were getting the pleasure I felt like she was putting on the show for me. It wasn’t until they moved her to the bed that I realized she still had on her high heels. Damn that was hot!

Jim moved his face between her thighs licking and kissing his way to her pussy. My second and third suprise. She was always neatly trimmed. Now she was completely shaved. Then I caught a sparkle form what appeared to be a diamond belly button piercing.

I had to stop stroking my dick to stop myself from cumming. She began to moan as Jim ate her out. She was running her hand through his salt and pepper hair. His tanned hands tweaked her very hard nipples.

Big Mike kneeled by her face where she grabbed his fatboy and wrapped her full lips on him. Jim was working magic with his tongue. Andrea arched her back as her thighs clamped on his head. She came with a loud shout.

She told Jim to fuck her. Mike layed down on his back. She started stroking and sucking him again. Jim moved behind her. I could see her juices on his face. She moaned as he entered her wet pussy. He began fucking her hard and fast. It was so surreal watching her.

The Sunday school teacher I married on our bed with a dick in her mouth and pussy wearing fuck me heels. She was giving as good as she was getting. Mike’s breathing was heavy. Jim was telling her how good her pussy felt.

She pulled off Jim’s dick. It was shiny with her juices. She moved up and mounted fatboy. Leaning forward she looked back at Jim saying, “Fuck my ass.”

I don’t think I breathed for a couple minutes as they clumsily worked out their positioning and Jim eased into my wife’s ass. Her initial sounds seemed like she was having second thoughts.

Mike grabbed her hips while picking up the pace of fucking her pussy. Jim hot the rythym and her squeals became moans of pleasure.

Mike ended up cumming first. Jim pulled out cumming on her ass. Silly me thinking this would be and done. They layed there talking and touching. Mike made more drinks.

Andrea got up to use the bathroom. Jim was high fivinh Mike talking about how ducking hot she was. Mike said something to him I couldn’t make out. Jim slipped of the bed and went into to bathroom.

In the mirror I could see she had turned on the shower. She squealed as he grabbed her from behind. They kissed and she led him into our shower. Mike looked towards the closet door and winked.

Through the steamy glass you could tell they were kissing and feeling each other up. They returned to the bed waiting little time Jim slid into her pussy as she wrapped her long muscular legs around his back.

Mike layed there stroking his cock as they fucked next to him. I was beating off almost in synch with him. Andrea came then moved on top of Jim. She put on such an erotic show riding him until he came.

Mike pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and fucked like he normally does. I thought he was going to bust out bed. Between gasp Andrea coaxed him on. It was like he was reasserting his ownership over her in front of Jim.

It was late and we had our final presentation to give to Jim the next morning. Mike and Jim dressed and left Andrea in a sweaty heap in our bed. She saw my condition on exiting the closet. To soar to fuck she sucked me off taking my cum in her mouth.

There was no need for the presentation the next day Jim had left town giving us his business in the form of a signed contract.

The promotion I received and bonus allowed me to pay off my student loan debt and buy a second car. Andrea loves her new BMW.


cuckold wife

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