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Destined to be a Cuck
I always knew I was a cuck before I knew what it was called. When I was young and first learned to jack off I would sneak into my dads porn magazine collection. I would stroke to the hot models. Then I discovered the letters people posted. I would stroke myself as I read the letters. I realized the stories that excited me most were of the women who cheated or couples who had threesomes with other men. I often fantasizesd I had a girlfriend or wife who would cheat on me. Fast forward a few years I finally had my first girlfriend when I was a junior in high school. She was older than me and experienced in sex. I on the other hand new nothing other than jerking off. Her last boyfriend had her broken in if you know what I mean. Our first sexual experience was her jerking me off and her sitting on my face. I had no experience at eatting pussy so she guided me into pleasing her needs. I almost passed out from lack of oxygen. She rode my face hard and flooded my mouth when she orgasmed. She tasted wonderful. This continued several months every day. I would beg to fuck her but she would tell me my penis was really small and she wouldn't enjoy it. I didn't really know my size was that small but she assured me it was. Finally one evening she let me put it in her and I was excited but nervous. It slipped in and she felt huge. She asked if I was in if that's an indicator. The soft warm feel was to much and I came immediately. She laughed and said I told you so. She then asked me to assume my position and sat on my face. As I licked and sucked her my cum was dripping into my mouth. Even though I'm mouse hung I shoot large loads of semen. I was getting a mouth full. I'll admit the taste of my semen mixed with her juices was very good so I devoured her. She got really excited knowing she was feeding me my on semen and exploded into her biggest orgasm ever. Afterwards she told me her other boyfriends would never go down on her after they came in her. She said she really enjoyed it and she had the biggest orgasm she has ever had. This became our favorite thing and we repeated daily. Though I never improved with fucking her over time. She said I would never be any good due to my size. Sometimes she liked jerking me off and feeding me my cum. She said it turned her on. She asked if I had ever sucked a duck. I said no and she said you should because you would be really good at it. Didn't know how to take that so I let it go. One day we were talking about past sexual experiences and since I had none I told her about my best friend who had a huge dick. We had gone skinny dipping in a creek and both became aroused. My penis wasn't even half his size or thickness. She was interested and asked several questions. She new him and said she would have never thought he was hung. When I told her of its upward curve she was very interested. She asked how I felt about a three some. I was like yeah let's do it. She then asked me to make it happen. I went to his house and told him of our conversation and asked if he was interested. He was shocked at first but said yes he would love to fuck her. He said she's hot and wondered why she was with me. So we made plans for the coming Saturday to get together. My girlfriend was excited to hear he wanted her. We picked him up and drove to a secluded spot which was owned by her family. There was a gated access and very secluded area that looked like a small park with a small lake. We often went there for sex and I would fish afterwards while she would sunbathe in the nude. Sometimes small low flying planes would see her and circle her. She thought it was funny and give the a show. Once there we spread a large blanket and placed pillows around. We opened up a few beers and began talking. She wasted no time and asked about his cock. He stood and dropped his pants. He had no underwear on. He was semi hard and still big. She looked at me and said you weren't lying. She crawled over and said let's see how big this gets with a little help. She started stroking him and when he was fully hard she lowered her mouth around the head. She came up and said it barely fits. After sucking him until he was dripping precum she stood and stripped. She had a body most women would die for. She laid on her back and beckoned him over to her. They began kissing and he started rubbing his cock over her pussy. She was moaning and begging him to fuck her. He slowly pressed into her as she squealed with pleasure. Once he was all in he lay on her and began kissing again. This was so hot so I quickly shed my clothes and began rubbing myself. I was dripping recum like crazy and was eating it all. Before I knew it she had her first orgasm. She screamed louder than ever. This made made me cum with a big explosion. They heard my orgasm and stopped fucking and looked at me. When they saw me lying there panting with cum all over my belly they began to laugh. They then restarted fucking. They fucked for some time before Mark had his first orgasm. She had several before he finally came. He pulled out and laid beside her. As they were panting and relaxing after there fuck marathon she asked if I would go down on her. I didn't hesitate. Mark sat up and watched as I cleaned her thoroughly. He said wow he was surprised at what I was doing. She said he always cleans her after they fuck. This time she didn't get worked up as I ate her out. Once I was done she asked if I wanted to clean Mark. I looked at him and he was looking at me and before I could answer he said yeah clean me too. I slowly crawled between his legs knowing what this made me look like but didn't care and slowly took his soft cock in my mouth. He tasted the same as my girlfriend but was easier to clean than licking pussy. She asked me to fondle his large balls while I sucked him. He began growing in my mouth and I knew why she asked me to clean him. Once he was rock hard again she said that was good and she'll take it from here. She climbed on sliding down on him and they fucked forever. I managed to get hard again watching and jerked off again. After they had enough we started heading home. She sat in the back seat with him kissing him on our way to his house. There was a lot of whispering going on as well. I knew something was up and later when she told me she was dumping me for Mark I couldn't really get mad or blame her. I was back to jerking off alone but had great experiences to help me get off. Mark never told anyone I sucked his cock but we eventually stopped talking as well.
Months later I became friends with a guy who was obviously gay and we started having sex. I enjoyed sucking his cock which was much bigger and also loved him sucking mine. He eventually began fucking my ass as well. This was o.k. But I missed the cuckold thing. We didn't last but a few months before I moved away. I was conflicted on what I was but eventually met another beautiful girl who I eventually married. That's another story. Maybe I'll tell later.


cuckold wife

Poster: JIm