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Having an Affair at Work
Hey I'm TJ a 35 year old wife, mother, and nurse. I am married to my high school sweetheart that I love very much. We have a great marriage and very fullfilling sex life. My husband is also the only man I have been with. Sexually though I have always been curious about being with other men. My husband and I talk about our fantasies often and we both think me being with another man is a huge turn on. Well the story I want to tell you guys is one that has awakened more sexual curiousity.

As a nurse I get hit on a lot. I think the nurse fantasy has a lot to do with it. But I was working at a clinic as a nurse a few years ago. I had been at the clinic the past year or so when a new doctor arrived at the clinic. He was a young, handsome doctor that I immidiatly clicked with. He made it fun to work there. We would always tease each other, make jokes about other coworkers, and send each other silly emails. It was all just good fun. Now I tried to lie to myself but I had a huge crush on him. I remember getting dolled up a lot more after he arrived. I honestly felt like a horny teen.

Our office flirting just kept on growing and growing. It was probably on the 5th month when I finally realized that this doctor was really getting to me. I was very conflicted because we we were both married. I couldn't imagine being with anyone but my husband. Also I didn't want to be a mistress. Everytime I tried to distance myself from him I would some how get pulled back in. This was way more than my little crush now.

It was about 7 months after he got to our clinic that the first sexual thing was said between us. My husband was away for work and the doctor was texting me. He told me if I was lonely he would be over in a heartbeat to comfort me. I played along and asked him how he would do that? He replied anything I wanted. From there the flood gates were opened. We talked about how much we liked each other, how much we wanted each other, and what kind of things we would do with each other. We texted most of the night and it was the official start of our office fling.

The following weeks our teasing, jokes, and emails turned very sexual. I wanted him more everyday. I told him sexual things about me that I never even told my husband. I remember having sex with my husband but only thinking about the doctor finally taking me as his own. I was in a constant state of horniness. My husband was loving it because I would come home and ravage him. If he only knew it was the doctor that was getting me all hot and bothered.

My husband left for work again about 7 months after the doctor had gotten to our clinic. With my husband gone for two weeks I knew I had a chance to go from fantasy to reality. It was a really nice summer day. Not too hot but just right. I was walking to my car from the clinic when I see the doctor sitting in his car. I quickly quit heading to my car and go straight for his. As I was walking towards his car I was filled with excitement and nervousness. Was I really about to be with someone other than my husband? I got to the passanger door and opened and abruptly said what do you want. He told me to get in. So I got in and sat in the passanger seat. We small talked for about five minutes when I finally just blurted out what do you want? Without any hesitation he said a kiss. I melted right after he said that and leaned towards him and kissed my work fling for the first time.

The first kiss was the flood gates opening. We sat their for ten minutes making out like high school sweethearts. His hands were exploring every inch of my wanting body. We came up for air to realize that all our coworks could come out and see at any moment. So he said he knew of a secluded place so he started driving. As soon as we arrived to our secluded place we both jumped in the backseat and started to get to know each others bodies better. It was everything that I had hoped for. We kissed and licked every inch of each other. I took his penis out of his pants for the first time and looked up at him and asked if I can suck on him. He could hardly answer he was smiling so big. I gave him one last soft kiss and then kissed all the way down until I reached his tip. I genlty put my mouth around his manhood and started to give my work fling the blow job of his life. He started thrusting slowly as my lips went farther down his shaft everytime. After just a few minutes he told me he was going to cum. So I just started to go faster and harder. He came in my mouth and I loved it.

I really hope you guys like the first part of my work fling story. I promise it is 100% true. If you have any question or would like to chat please email me at


cuckold wife

Poster: TJ