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Once in Africa.
My wife, Tess (42) and I (43) at the time finally saved enough for a trip of a lifetime, a trip to Tanzania Africa to go on an eight day safari through the Serengetti. We are your typical married couple who worked hard, loved each other and shared our time with family and friends. This is way looking back on our trip everything came as a total suprise and completely out of character.
We arrived the day before for a safari and stayed in a hotel the night before we were to start. We meet our guide and our cook the afternoon before to outline the trip and to make the final payment. Our guide and cook seemed like really great guys and wanted to make our trip a memorable one for us. They made us both feel really comfortable and looking forward to our trip.
They picked us up in the morning and we travelled for the morning to reach our first destination early afternoon in time to explore one of the national parks. Our cook was left at the camp site to set up and prepare our meal for our return. When we went to board the safari vehicle, our guide smiled looking at Tess and asked if she would like to sit up front with him as she would see more. She looked at me and I said why not. The rook was removed and we were on our way. First we came across a heard of elephants and we were both standing looking out of the roof snapping away getting moments of our trip. I looked down to ask our guide a question and noticed he was looking at Tess's legs, I didn't think too much of it. Tess and the guide chatted away making small talk, he answering questions about the wildlife and as the afternoon wore on I became less significant in the back to the point where I was virtually ignored, so I sat there taking in the sites.
On arriving back at camp, our guide told us we had about an hour before dinner and run us through some safety things about the camp stating that animals do came into the camp at night. Tess reached out and put her hand on his arm thanking him for a wonderful day and we left to go and have our shower. We sat in the mess tent having our dinner with our guide later joining us. Again we chatted easily this time I was included, it was a great ending to a fantastic day. Tess wanted to retire and I said I just wanted to go through some photos and upload onto my computer. Our guide said he would walk Tess to our tent, I thanked him and continued to fiddle with the photos. I looked up to briefly watch them walk away chatting about the day.
Over the next day or two we became really comfortable with our guide and he became comfortable with us. Tess always sat in the front and they joked and flirted a little really but all harmless, I thought.
On the third day driving around he would touch her more often in chat and at times when pointing out things to her he would lean across placing a hand on her shoulder or knee showing her where things were. He was very good at pointing things out. We stopped at a spot where some hippos were and I said I needed to go to the toilet. He said he and Tess would just go around to to a sport around behind the shade shelter to see them better. He asked how long I would be so he could come back and get me. Tess walked off with him with her hand resting on his shoulder as they talked away. I noticed him came around the bushes to find me, however I was talking to other tourists so he sang out he would go back to Tess. After a while I wondered over around the bushes and seen him standing right up behind Tess with his head over her shoulder pointing something out. I stopped taken a back a little by their closeness as when she turned to asked him something their lips must have only been inches away. I thought that to be a little too comfortable with each other but had nothing to distrust Tess for so told myself not to be silly and stop imagining things. Again in the mess Tess that night we had our dinner with our guide and chatted about the day events as we usually did. He told me I was a lucky man paying compliment to Tess.
The guide excused himself and leaving me and Tess. Tess said she wanted to read her novel in the light of the mess tent and I asked if she wo Le be OK to come back to the tent by herself as I was feeling tired. I went to sleep pretty much as soon as I got into the tent waking up some time later. I looked at my watch and it was 12:30 I poked my head out of the tent and co Lent see anyone on the mess tent and just thought she must be in the shower block cleaning her teeth. I lay awake for a while but she didn't return. I drifted off and then heard the zipper tent opening. I pretended to be asleep looking at my watch under my sleeping back, it was 2:20am.
The next morning Tess apologised for staying up so late but once she got into her book she simply couldn't put it down. I let is slide as she may have been in the mess tent and I just could see her from where I was. When getting into the vehicle they smiled at each other staring into each other's eyes and both said in unison good morning. He started the vehicle and drove off. The day continued as it normally did, however my imagination led me to think things were much more familiar between the two. There was definitely much more touching and closeness when pointing things out. I just had to keep telling myself over and over again not to be damn silly. She was just enjoying the trip.
I got a tummy bug on day 5 later I. The day. He gave me some stuff that may help it. At dinner he said he had to drive to a nearby village to get some more supplies and asked if we wanted to go for a drive as we may see some animals at night (as normally you are not to go on safari at night). I declined because of my bug but was really suprised when Tess said she would like to go, she turned and asked if I minded and obviously I had to say it was ok. They left together for the village not to return for about three hours. Tess said they had some drinks with the villages but didn't really see any animals. She went and had another shower disputed having one earlier that evening.
On our last day the vehicle was packed up, and our guide had offered to carry some gear for another vehicle that had mechanical problem. Leaving no seat for me. He asked another driver if I could go with them for the morning safari and then to park headquarters where they would met me and pick me up once they dumped the other gear off. I though Tess would come with me too but there was only room for one in the other vehicle so Tess quickly said she would be fine and left with our guide alone.
Tess and our guide arrived at the park headquarters two hours late. I noticed Tess had a button missing from her top. They said they had seen many animals and time simply got away.
After the safari we were dropped back at our hotel, traffic was hectic so he said we would have to be quick to get out. As I left the vehicle, he grabbed Tess's arm and I could hear him ask for her email. She wrote it down for him, thanked him for a fantastic trip and leaned over and gave him a kiss.
We arrived back in Australia and it wasn't until three or so months later I came home and found Tess's email open with an email from our guide catching my attention. There was enough in it to confirm to me my suspicions that he had been fucking my wife on safari. I found past emails and started to put the puzzle together. On day two when he walked her to our tent they kissed and then it went from there. The night she was reading her book she visited his tent and they fucked while the cook slept beside them. They fucked each other everyday from day three to day eight. On the last day they hadn't continued the safari but found some succeeded sport and fucked themselves silly all morning, that was why they were late.. The emails more than confirmed my suspicions, the question now is do I confront my wife with this our leave it as a one off experience.


cuckold wife

Poster: Pete