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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


My wife of 6 years and I have never ventured into a sharing relationship until recently.
We are both professional people and have had a relatively active sex life and have produced two children both girls and Sherry is a good mother . I was surprised when two of our friends were accused of sexual misconduct at work and it turned out that Linda and Mike were into MFM relationships and they were found out.
They quit and moved out of town in embarrassment leaving all of us that liked them confused and in shock.
Sherry and I talked about it wondering how on earth they ever got into anything like that when word came back that Mike had been sharing her with men for a long time and then we began to ask each other if they could do something like that and in truth I admitted that the thought of watching her with another may was kind of exciting and she laughed punching my arm thinking I was joking then a couple days later she whispered in my ear you were joking weren't you I mean about me with another guy?
I started to lie but admitted that it did arouse me.
She looked down and said I wouldn't want to watch you with another woman........... looking at me with a question and I asked would you do it though?
She cleared her throat and said I don't know maybe but not real sex I mean maybe just jack a guy off or something to see what it is like.....
I said he would probably want you to suck on his cock...... and again she cleared her throat and said wouldn't that bother you and by now my cock was rock hard and I placed her hand on my erection and she burst out in nervous laughter and I asked want to try it and she blushed furiously saying if you want me to but how would we do it.
We talked about several different ways of going about it but by now we were both more than ready to try it so we decided that Travis Airbase was our best shot and we drove out to look it over and there is a small Mall just outside the main gate .
It was after dark because we didn't want to look suspicious so we pulled in the parking area and Sherry said OMG we had parked in front of an adult book store.
We were both nervous as cats on a hot roof but we talked each other into going inside and there were at least 30 or 40 young Airmen in there and they all stopped and looked my wife over appraisingly as we made out way through the racks of magazines and sex toys the young men openly checking out my wife and I am proud to admit that she is very attractive.
We huddled by a rack or plastic cocks and whispered back and forth feeling each other out about what we should we do and I said hell we are here why don't you pick a guy out and I will just ask him if he would like for you to jack him off probably any of these young guys will jump at it.
She said but where our car is parked in front of the store and everyone walking by could see me doing it.
I said wait here and dashed outside moving the car out where not many cars were parked and I went back inside and Sherry was talking to a young man as I walked in she was laughing at something he said and I stepped up beside them and introduced myself and he looked disappointed but I asked would you let my wife jack you off? Sherry amnd he both looked at me in shock but I had started so I said we are parked outside and she can do it in the back seat if you want and he began to smile now looking again at Sherry in a new lite saying you better believe it dude then I noticed that he was mixed race and half black but a very fit young manas I led them out to our car and opened the back door for them and our full sixed Caddy gave them plenty of room.
Sherry was still a little nervous but gamely went to work on his pants trying to free his cock and she looked at me in quick glances as he helped by raising up and pushing his pants over his hips as Sherry,s hand was inside his shorts trying to get his cock out then with a final tug it popped free already hard and Sherry said OMG it was at least 8 inches long and thick and she said it's so hot as she stroked his shaft and then I was completely unprepared as she lowered her head and sucked him into her mouth.
I almost came when she did this and the young guy ,s body contracted and he moaned as her hot mouth sucked on his cock head while she jacked his shaft neither Sherry or I expected him to cum this quickly but he did in an explosive orgasm that left my surprised wife swallowing in reflex gulping his cum down her throat as his hands closed on the back of her head holding her mouth on his pulsing cock.
After he finished Cumming he looked a little ashamed of Cumming so fast and he quickly pulled his pants back up and almost ran back into the bookstore.
Sherry and I looked at each other and cum was hanging on her chin but she looked beautiful.
Then we started laughing at how quickly it was all over and we sat there trying to decide if we should do it again or call it a night.
I almost talked her into letting me go back in but she said no we can do this anytime now but I just want to think about it for awhile.
On the way home I asked her why she changed her mind about sucking him off and she said I didn't really I was just as surprised as you were but when I smelled his cock I lost control.
Well we have grown from there and now we meet guys online for her and I.


cuckold wife

Poster: lastmaninline