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Sweet Cuckold


Hubs Best Friend
First off me and my husband have been in a HW/Cuck relationship for a few years now. Ever since he came out of the closet about his bi tendencies and cuckold fantasies I jumped at the opportunity to fuck other men. His small penis made the decision easy for me. Besides I no longer have to sneak around cheating. He has always kept me informed about the men he's around and there cock size. Some I have fucked and they don't know my husband is aware of our hookups. One of the first stories my husband ever told me was about his childhood best friend Mark. He talked about them skinny dipping and how big his cock was. One incident that happened with them was they were talking about girls while camping together and they both ended up masturbating in front of one another. My husband said watching him stroking his big dick was a turn on and he wanted to suck him but nothing never came of it. His description of Mark's cock sounded to good to be true. I met Mark for the first time when we got married. He was my husbands best man. He flirted with me when he was staying with us but I didn't really pick up on it because I was so busy getting ready to get married. My husband moved to the west coast a few years before we met and Mark is still located back east. Mark has been married twice now and he is presently divorced. Guess he can't stop fucking around. He and my husband talk via social media and when he told me he invited Mark out for the summer I was excited. Mark excepted and made plans. My husband knows I want to fuck him and he's excited for me as well. The time finally arrived and we picked him up at the airport. We stopped at a nearby bar for dinner and drinks. I had one to many drinks and started getting flirtatious. My husband told me to scale it back a little but I couldn't help it. He looked so handsome and has taken very good of himself unlike my husband. I ordered several drinks for Mark as well and before we left the bar he was flirting back with me. I made the comment of how excited I was to have two men in my house and jokingly said I'm not sure who's bed I'll sleep in tonight. Mark didn't hesitate saying his was always open to me. My husband laughed and said be carful what you wish for. Once we arrived back at our house my husband made us drinks and we sat on the couch talking while hubby prepared his room. I couldn't keep my hands to myself and he also was touching me too. I told him I had the hots for him and asked if his bed really was open. He asked about my hubby and I told him he's cool with it. He knows I want to fuck him. After all he's the one who told me about your wonderful cock. His eyebrows raised and he said this trip is going to better than expected. I leaned in for a kiss. We were passionately kissing when husband walked in and Mark pulled away. I smiled at hubby and winked. He broke the ice by saying well I guess things are happening faster than I expected. He then said he's here for two weeks so pace yourself deer with a smile. He then said he was tired and was turning in because he works tomorrow. After he left the room it didn't take me and Mark long to pick up were we left off. After kissing for a few minutes I stood taking his hand and leading him to his room which was across the hall from our room. I knew my hubby wasn't going to get much sleep tonight. I wasted no time getting that dick in my hand and mouth. It was just as my husband described. My favorite position is on top and I wasted no time climbing on. It was intense and loud. His cock is truly amazing and we fucked all night. We were tired and we never heard my hubby get up and leave for work. After we woke we wasted no time starting again and we fucked all day while husband was working. When husband got off work we never heard him enter the house because Mark was on top of me pounding my brains out. When he finally came and collapsed on me my husband said wow you are still going at it. We never realized he was standing in the door way watching. Husband said he was going to get dinner started and me and Mark decided to get showered. Of course we fucked there too. The dinner was great and as we ate we told my husband about everything we had done. He was impressed and I also told him I told Mark of his desire to suck his cock. His face turned red and Mark said it would be great having a fluffer in the bedroom to help to keep up with me. We laughed. The two weeks went faster than I expected and we didn't get out much taking Mark sight seeing because we spent most our time in the bedroom. I learned my husband is very good at sucking dick and he obviously has some experience at it. It was wonderful having two men in my life even though it was only two weeks. Since Mark has returned home we have already made plans to go visit him. I would love this situation to become permanent and I'm hoping Mark will go for it. He's unattached and between jobs so it's possible. Wish me luck.


cuckold wife

Poster: Joan