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Many Men for Her
Lisa and have been in a cuckold relationship for several years now and she has been with 30 or 40 guys so far with several MFM and once a 4 guy gang bang.
The 4 guy gang bang though we picked guys with 6 inch or smaller cocks because Lisa was a little uneasy about doing that many guys with bigger cocks but once they got started and she was well lubed the guys would slip out of her when they fucked and she had to help them get their cocks back INTO HER .
It started about 6 weeks ago when I asked her if she was ready for another gang bang and she agreed but said maybe bigger cocks this time would work out a little better so I ran our add asking for the participants saying cocks 7 to 9 inches and married men only.
Well we were flooded with answers and we picked and chose between guys and weeded them out but still had over 20 guys so we again looked through them and reluctantly weeded out a few more until we were down to 15 and then we called them and talked trying to set up a time when everyone could attend and lost another 8 guys that we couldn't fit in.
We went back to our list and picked out another 3 guys because we had invited 7 guys the last time and only 4 had showed up.
We figured that out of 10 guys we might get 6 or 7 guys .
We did the Community hall again because it had worked so well the last time it is a huge building with a dining area a kitchen and a meeting hall with a huge fireplace and upstairs there are several classrooms and two winding stairways on either side of the hall.
Well like the last time I was early setting up our air mattress and covering it with a sheet with several towels to clean up the messes that we were sure to make and I brought our 30 cup coffee maker for the guys .We had made sandwiches the night before that Lisa would bring when she showed up with a couple dozen assorted pastries for energy.
The guys all showed up early and joined in helping me set things up and I counted 8 guys .
Well that was a little more than we had planned but Lisa would have to give final word when she showed up.
When Lisa came in she asked for help bringing in the Ice chest and pastries then when everything was settled she looked around taking the guys all in and turned to me and asked what do you think ? we didn't think all of them would show up.
Lisa is a small gal with an angel face very firm 36 B-cup breasts and a nice trim ass that guys like to bite and she turned to the guys and clapped her hands to get their attention and said guys we all know why we are here but I want to let you know I cant get pregnant so don't worry about that I like it when guys cum in me anyway but no rough stuff and no fighting just wait your turn like gentlemen now are we ready ? If so I want all of you gentlemen to lower your pants and shorts to your knees and I am going to walk among you and have some fun with her devilish grin as the guys all obeyed her .
Then she said no groping me now just stand still and she walked among them hefting their cock and balls joking with the guys as she teasingly stroked their cocks and finally she stood beside me again her eyes dancing in merriment as she disrobed slowly until she stood before the guys completely nude and she lifted one breast to her lips and sucked her nipple watching their reaction then she fingered her shaved pussy letting the guys see her finger slip in and out of her several times all shiny with her lube and she said in a pout do you guys want some of this????
An aroused YESSSSS answered her and she smiled her devilish smile and said you have to catch me first and took off at a dead run for the kitchen her arms pumping looking back over her shoulder trailing excited laughter as the guys cursed kicking off their pants and pulling their shirts off over their heads then they were hot on her trail cursing and their hard cocks slapping their belly's as they followed.
Tail end charley was still trying to get his shoe off cursing as he struggles.
Lisa still had her socks on and when she came to the kitchen door she slid past it laughing breathlessly then she was in the kitchen as the guys closed in on her then Lisa burst out the back door and tail end charley said there is a back door she is headed for the stairs as he took off after her now in first place and Lisa took the stairs two at a time her breasts bouncing enticingly and still laughing breathlessly and she stopped taking huge breaths until the first guy closely followed by the other guys reached the stairs and then she ran across to the other stairway and took them two at a time coming back down as the guys were closing in on her .
Lisa stopped beside me cursing her socks as she danced on one foot pulling one sock off laughing and looking behind her in excitement as the guys converged on us then she said shit and took off again headed for the main conference room.
She burst through the doors at full speed with one guy only a few feet behind her and dashed across the hall passing the fireplace then a sharp left turn and her stocking foot slipped out from under her and she slid into the corner frantically trying to regain her footing and was up on one knee with a foot on the floor when the guy yelled gotcha and tackled her and they both slid back into the corner and Lisa managed to get free and trie3d to get back on her feet but he grabbed her foot swinging her whole body back into the corner as she struggled to get away laughing and gasping for breath and managed to get on her knees but the guy was behind her now and Lisa's head was in the corner .
There she was her ass in the air and laughing breathlessly as he forced her knees apart and he was rubbing his cock head up and down the crack of her ass trying too get his cock into her then Lisa went UMPHHH and her head smacked against the corner she was pinned in as he rammed his dick home and Lisa covered her head with her hands as her head began to slap against the wall as he frantically fucked her still laughing and gasping for breath.
All8 guys fucked her right there then they carried her into the mattress and Lisa said it was her turn to cum and she mounted the first guy and rode him with her hands on his chest chanting don't cum yet looking far off into the distance as she neared her orgasm biting her lower lip with a far away look in her eyes until she cried out and her body began to jerk spastically she sat there on his cock for long seconds her hair hanging in her face then she slowly raised her head with an angelic smile and said OOOOOO that was good and let him roll het onto her back .
all of the men took turns with her for the rest of the day with short breaks when Lisa would take a quick shower to clean up when she got to messy and for most of the day it seamed like her lower body was covered in sperm.
We have talked about that for a long time and she admitted that the bigger cocks worked much better than the first time and she also said she lost count of how many times she came that day.


cuckold wife

Poster: Lucky Dude