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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


I just thought I wanted a Bi/Cuckold Encounter...
I'm a married bi that has been playing on the DL for 20+ years. I've worked and worked on getting my wife to be open to a bi three-way. Slowly she has come around over time. First, we just talked about Bi play...this would eventually lead to her using a vibrator on my ass during sex. Asking if I liked it...wanting to know if it felt good.

Finally, she stated that she would be open to an encounter. My excitement was beyond belief. I immediately started looking online ...and found an ad that stated "Bi Bull for cuck/bi couples".

I contacted him and he immediately responded and demanded pictures of both me and my wife. He then demanded to be able to speak to her and only her on the phone. My wife is hot. Very hot. Me..athletic but average on body type.

After their wife was disturbed. She did not think that this would be a good experience. When I inquired...she stated that he was really bossy and told her some things that she "knew" I would never allow to happen. When I asked for details...she stated: "he said you would have to do everything he asks without question. He was going to be very bossy. He was going to make you suck his dick. He was going to bend you over in front of me and fuck you."

I've always been an Alfa male in front of my wife. She never knew that I loved to be verbally abused and bossed around by my gay lovers. I especially liked to be degraded and called names. What he was describing to my wife is EXACTLY what I wanted. At least I thought so...

I told her this is what I wanted...let's do it. Why not?

He's also married. Thus, we agreed to meet at our house during a weekday. He gave specific instructions on what my wife and I were to wear and what we were do be doing when he walked in. He wanted me in the most sissy situation possible. He required that I be in a pair of women's panties..and thigh highs...he required that she have on her sexiest set of panties/thigh highs/bra/heels. He told her that when he walked in the door...he was the only one allowed to talk unless we were given permission otherwise.

He walked in....we had seen pictures..naked with a flaccid cock. Thus, we knew he was good shape. White/Italian mix.

What we got was someone in really good shape. Muscular with nice abs...built chest. Smooth all over.

He immediately says: "I have to take a piss". He then commands me to get on my knees in the bathroom and hold his cock while he's taking a piss. He demands that my wife watch this happen. He begins to piss and purposely gets some on the floor. He immediately barks "Get a hold of it fag and do your job". He finishes...then tells me to lick whatever is left off the end of his cock.. My wife is in shock...we have never played watersports...and this is a stunner for her. I obediently lick the drops of piss off his cock. He then tells me to clean up the mess and takes my wife out to the living room. When I come out he demands that we put some "Sissy" porn on the TV and tells me to get on my knees in front of him.

We had only seen his cock flaccid...he pulls out his soft cock and tells me to start sucking...I immediately obey. My wife is again stunned...she has never seen me suck a dick. grows into a massively thick 8"'s huge...I'm about 6.5/cut/thick...this thing is a monster compared to what I pack...and he starts shoving it down my throat...making me gag...I cannot take it...

He tells my wife to take off her panties...she immediately does so. He takes them and starts sniffing her pussy juices while making me suck his dick.

He then asks if I want to be fucked by his monster cock...I said yes. But...he had other ideas...he said...that will happen next time. are going to get something else...he then pulls his cock out of my mouth...puts my wife's panties on the coffee table and proceeds to jack off and shoot a load directly into the panties...he then forces my head down to the panties and tells me "Lick ever drop of cum out of those panties". My wife is watching with a concerned look on her face...this has taken a turn she was not expecting...

There I am in panties...thigh highs..I've just sucked a dick for the first time in front of her...and now I'm licking cum out of a pair of her used panties in front of her....

He orders her to sit on the couch. He then walks over in front of her while I'm face down in the panties..and orders her to suck his dick. All this time...he has never taken off his sunglasses or his shirt. It was surreal. My wife immediately starts sucking his cock. In no time...he's rock hard again...

He tells her to stand up and bend over the coffee table....he then tells me to sit on the couch and start jacking my own cock. He then turns to my wife and starts to insert that massive cock from behind. I will never forget the look on her was a look of "I cannot believe this is happening and that is a HUGE cock". He had already cum this was not going to be quick...he fucked her for a good 3-4 minutes long and hard with no stopping. She was sweaty and moaning....

He looked at me and said: "This does not end for her until you cum" She was giving me the look that I better beat the hell out of my dick and fast....I jacked off and shot almost immediately into my hand. He then told me to come and get on my knees next to her while he was fucking her....when I was in place...he told her to turn around and get on her knees...

He then alternated making both of us suck his dick again....then finally...he started jacking himself and told us both to suck him at the same time...he alternated back and forth about two times and then shot his load in my wife's mouth....told her to swallow every drop and not miss single bit....she obediently did so..

He put his pants on and he was walking out the door...he stated: "Let's see if you get a second chance. Do not call or email me. I will contact you". It's been 10 days...and we are both eager to hear from him...


cuckold wife

Poster: Ray