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Sweet Cuckold


My wife
First off I hate the word cuckold But I have found out that is commonly used for guys like me that watch their wife with other men.
When we were first married we had several close friends that would come buy Fridays or Saturdays to B S with me and Mandy and I was in construction then and I still am some 25 years later.
We had been drinking beer that Saturday in the back yard that was fenced and the dirty jokes were flowing around with all of us enjoying them and Mandy was laughing and flirting with the guys like most women do when other men are present.
Guy has always paid attention to my cute Asian American wife and she loves the attention as they would playfully pat her ass when she passed them and kid her about them meeting in secret but it was all in fun.
It was hot so we moved inside and started playing poker for toothpicks and Mandy would bring us beer and snacks .
She was feeling the beer now and Mike began to tease her also getting more and more friendly with his suggestive remarks and Mandy was laughing at his remarks clearly having a ball and all of a sudden my ears started ringing and I couldn't make out what was being said and visions of my wife being used by these two guys flashed through my thoughts then Guy asked her to join in and she pulled up a chair and Mike dealt her in with us kidding about how it should be strip poker now and Mandy laughed but said deal me out then but she picked up her cards anyway.
Well she lost and so did I and Guy so he took off his shirt and I was into it now so I did to as Mandy watched open mouthed then she pushed back laughing and said woah boys not me but she sat there looking from me then the other guys watching her.
My throat was dry but I said oh come on now you took the cards my voice raspy with tense anxiety until she laughed again and said I need more clothes but she kicked off her shoes and said deal.
Then next round Mark won and I took off my T-shirt and so did Guy.
Watching my wife struggle with should I or shouldn't I clearly written on her face then she stood and unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it on the floor and chugged the rest of her beer her face beet red with her Bra now openly displaying her covered breasts.
I jumped up and refreshed our beers and Mandy took a long swallow as the cards were dealt again.
I won and Guy removed his shirt and Mike kicked his shoes off as Mandy stood her face a red beacon now as she stepped out of her tight shorts but the guys were watching her every move now and I think she was beginning to enjoy herself as she wiggled her hips and pushed her shorts down then she kicked them across the room trying to cover her pussy and breasts with her hands .
She lost her bra next and trying to cover them with her hands said this is the last hand guys and I am not going to take my panties off.
Well she lost again and said this is it no more but we all insisted that she pay up and she refused then Guy said well then you have to kiss us instead.
She looked over at me her eyes pleading for me to say something but I said you lost babe better pay up and she stood giving me a defiant look and said you are playing with fire here Jim and I could see the wet spot on her panty's as she stepped up to Guy and threw her arms around his neck and she Kissed him deeply and Guy reacted by grabbing her breasts and Mike said no fair I want a turn to as she turned to him and kissed him letting him feel her up as they kissed then she looked at me her eyes slightly unfocused and placed her hands on the table still giving me a pissed off defiant look as Guy stepped behind her pushing her panty's to one side then he was in her gripping her hips and pulling her back onto his cock as he fucked her wildly with Mike telling him to hurry up so he could have a turn.
Guy came and then Mike was behind her going at it with the splat splatting sound as he fucked her in Guys cum and I stepped behind then and watched his balls swinging wildly between his legs until he came to then it was my turn and when I got my nuts Guy was ready again then Mike got off once more.
After the guys left we had both sobered up some and Mandy was a mess her hair hanging in her face and her make up smeared all over.
Her breasts were red and swollen from the guys sucking on them and being roughly handled by us three guys and she had male sperm dried on her thighs .
She was ashamed of herself and wouldn't make eye contact with me until I said you are beautiful baby and she came to me crying and I held her tight.
Between sobs she admitted that she had cum several times and that it was the most exciting sex she ever had.
Well that is a part of our lifestyle and Mandy still weighs pretty much the same we have three children two girls and a boy and I am sure that I fathered our first child but not altogether positive about the other two .
The question of parenthood has never come up about our kids and never will.
Mandy is my wife and so are her kids mine also.


cuckold wife

Poster: james-1985