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Reclaiming My Wife
I found out my wife (almost, kind of) cheated on me!
Hardly a hot title that belongs on here, but indulge me and then judge its hotness.

Although she claims to never have committed the sexual intercourse act, fact is she went out several times, dated a few guys to feel young again. It is for you to judge is cheating is only the sex act or any other connection, either way I caught her and after some uncertainty she's back and now feels she has to make it up to me. So her pussy has been taking a fucking beating ever since. She's never been an overly sexy person and not really enjoyed giving me fellatio, but that sure has changed.

When she offered to do anything to save our marriage, I said: lets start with you sucking my dick for as long as it takes for the warm cum to shoot out and down your throat. And suck she did, not being the most skilled woman, it must've taken her half hour of relentless cock-sucking, gagging, stroking, tit fucking to make me release my precious man seed. Quite possibly longer than she has spent tending to my manly needs for the past year. Luckily this was just the beginning and 1 month has gone by and we've fucked almost everyday.

I'm insatiable right now, and she never says no. She has really enjoying the dominant personality I've assumed for our sessions, always submitted to my requests. She has manicured her pubic hair to a perfect landing strip, my favorite and a lost art. Bald and hairy are easy and unimaginative. A landing strip takes some care and pride to maintain properly.
She prefers to take showers in the morning, but last night I asked her to take a shower before going to bed, which she did.

I was waiting fully erect when she got out and I ordered her to bed over the counter, which she did, assuming I would enter her. Instead I dropped to my knees and began eating her out from underneath. She's not a big fan of letting at her from this angle because of the proximity to the anus, but she let go and enjoyed me lapping her from an unusual and extremely sexy angle. When the sex feels a bit wrong, a bit dirty, its so satisfying. We moved over to the bed, where say lied down and I continued the tongue bath from the more normal position, paying close attention to her swollen clit at the bottom of the previous mention perfectly manicured patch of pubic hair. The all-you-can-eat buffet ended when she had a huge climax, leaving my face a dripping mess of pussy juice. I let her lie there in post-orgasmic pleasure until it was time for her to perform her new found wifey duties. Sometimes she tries to get away with a violent hand jerk as an extention of her mouth and use my large amount of foreskin to get me off, but not last night. I did the honor of retracting my foreskin completely, holding it at the base, allowing full access to my rather large and now engorged cock head, and she employed a deep suck on the entire gland. I gently stroked the shaft, while she held my balls and kept her mouth full of my beautiful head. A head that was now experiencing an incredible amount of sexual satisfaction. A head that was being relentlessly and aggressively blown. A head that still wanted to experience the holy grail of sexual intercourse, the pussy! A head need a break or release was imminent.

Nothing is sexier than taking a small break from fucking to have a chat about what are you enjoying, etc.
Taking a drink of water or an alcoholic beverage then getting back at it. I really enjoy stroking my dick for a bit while she watches me, it's really a powerful feeling, getting ready or in this case staying hard for the fucking your about to embark on. She spread her legs wide, I parted her still inflated pussy lips from all the oral it endured earlier, and I drilled my tool deep into the abyss of her womanhood. Each thrust with a force that could move mountains. I'm really proud of my dick and the pleasure it brings my wife. I'm confident in my ability to find the g-spot then tap it into submission, stimulating her deep inside her core. This makes her gorgeous pussy clam up and tighten its grip on my rock hard man meat, so naturally I pull out.

Now dripping with pussy juice, I offer her a lick, to which she happily polishs it clean. I ask her to turn over so I can finish off in a monumental doggy-fuck, but she insists on riding me, grinding me for a bit, trying in vain to drain my balls into her. When she realizes it won't work, she props her bum up into the air, I once again masturbate my throbbing shlong and reach for the lube. I proceed to drench my pride and joy with a good dose of it, then I pour an equal amount at the entrance of her asshole and proceed to inset two fingers in to make room for the beast of a cock head that is about to enter. I cram and press my golf-ball sized cock head into her gaping anus, and once that has enter the rest is smooth sailing. She actually pushs back into me, and my shaft effortlessly slides in and out of her welcoming ass. Just the though of anal, gets me hard right now, and during I don't last very long because of the tightness it provides. She's like a vice grip on my tool, I'm actually at her mercy. I tried to stop so I could make this awesome sex session last even longer, but my lovely wife was not having it. She shoved back into me, saying she was exhausted from the now hour long fucking I had given her, her pussy was raw and hurting from the pounding, and her ass had to finish the job now, which it DID!

I pulled out and fired wad after wad of precious jizz up her back. My contracted balls emptied through my fire hose of a dick and onto her smooth tanned sculpted back. I moaned with delight of sexual release, then I collapsed onto her. The warm cum now smeering on my stomach as I kissed the back of her neck. We lay there in extasy until it got cold and it was time to clean up.


cuckold wife

Poster: Dirty Dan