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My Wife Teasingly Asked if I wanted to be a Cuckold
For years my wife and I talked dirty, watched porn and read stories on this site. We had the best sex when swapping was the subject, so finally we got up the courage to try it. We met two distant friends who, somehow my wife found out were also were willing to try it too. Since it had been a while since we last met,we all exchanged semi nude photos. Everyone still looked pretty good so we arranged to meet. When we all got to the bungalow we rented for two days it was a little uncomfortable, until the second round of drinks was long gone. So we all decided to get our bathing suits on and get into the hot tub then get nude. As we all came out to the hot tub it was very clear my wife had the hottest body. The guys were all still pretty fit. In fact it was obvious the other guys had been hitting the gym a lot more than I had, and my wife made a comment about maybe I should work on it when we get back home. It didn't take long for everyone to lose our bathing suits and start making out with our own wives. I got a big hard on and my wife mounted me in the water. I sat on the edge and looked around and the other couples were doing the same, but they both stopped and watched us until I came. We all dried off and went back inside. The other guys still had a full hard on. Jack was a full 8 inches, Mike was about the same five inches as I am but a lot thinner. At that point my wife grabbed Jack's hand and said it time to swing. I ended up with Beth she could have lost more than a few pounds, but couldn't stand to lose even an ounce of her already sagging breast, thank goodness she had a pretty face and a nice personality. We made out for about an hour, I fingered her, she sucked me but I couldn't get hard. Then I heard"time to switch" and Jennet came over. She could have lost a few pounds too but she had very nice breast, so started to get a little excited when we started making out. She was stroking me as I reach down and started to finger her. She was wet so I slipped three fingers in. I got a hand full of Mike's cum,and it went everywhere, so Jennet got up and went to the bathroom. She took a shower and just as she got back, the other two were finishing up. So Mike says he is hungry,we should all go out and eat. It was late when we got back and we were all pretty dunk as well. The next morning everyone had a hangover so we went out for brunch. After brunch we went around town to check out the sites. We got back and everyone wanted to take a quick nap. My wife and I started making out in our bedroom and she started telling me details from the night before. She said she got so hot fucking the other two guys, especially when she let Mike fuck her in the ass. She has only let me in her ass a couple of times and always stops me very quickly, saying it hurts too much. Then she pushed me over on my back and climbed on top and gives me details of how she fucked Jack, saying how it hurt for the first couple of minutes. She pointed to the bottom of her tit and showed me a small hickey he left on her. By now it was everything I could do to stop from cumming. Then she told me I better reclaim my territory before they both got to fucked her again. At that point I came again. We woke up and all went out to eat supper. We got back had a couple more drinks and the wives all went to change into nighties. I ended up with Beth again and it was a little better, as she started giving me a blow job. By the time I was hard I looked up to see Jack pounding her from behind. He had already filled my wife and was working to do the same to Beth. So I thought now would be a good time to fuck Jennet, but Mike had her on her knees doing her doggie style. Beth stopped blowing me and dropped her head to the ground to focus on Jack's working her pussy over. I looked at my wife and she was watching Jack pound Beth. When she saw me she got up and motioned me to meet her in the kitchen. We got a wine and she asked if she could do both guys at the same time while I watched? She said it was a fantasy that she never really wanted to do, but now she wanted to try it and she wanted me to take a few pictures,if the others were ok with it. We went back into the living room,as the others were recovering. My wife told everyone what she wanted to do. They all agreed, but everyone had to wear masks, and I would have to send everyone a copy of the pics. My wife mounted Jack and rode him for a short while, I got a clear view of just how much he was spreading my wife's pussy, it was more than I had thought. In a few minutes Mike's wife starts lubbing up his dick,then she pulls him by his dick to my wife's ass and guides him in. He shoved it all the way in,in a single motion and grunts as he does it. After both have pounded her for 15 to 20 minutes, Mike's wife reaches around and pulls him back. She takes a wash cloth,cleans him off then puts more lube on him,then guides his dick to my wife's pussy. He pushes but it won't go in, because Jack's dick is so fat, so she slides her finger in and opens up my wife enough for him to get in. He pushes, and my wife yells " OH GOD" so he stops and just holds it there for a while. Finally my wife catches her breath and relaxes. Mike starts pushing very slowly, until his balls are resting on Jack's. He holds it there, and in a minute or so my wife says okay,go really slow. It's not long before both of them are pumping her hard and fast. My wife starts creaming thick white cum, so much it is running all over Jack's balls. Finally Mike cums and pulls out. Jack rolls her over and pounds her as hard as he can for maybe two minutes,then he cums. He reaches down under his balls and pushes out as much cum as he could when he pulls out. My wife spreads her legs as wide as she can as everyone watches and takes pictures. The other wives say they want to be next, but Mike and Jack say they are totally spent. From the looks of their dicks they weren't kidding,they were totally with draw and their balls were hanging very low. It was around three in the morning, and everyone had a long drive the next day, so we all turned in. The next day we all got up late, so we had to rush to make check out time. As we were all saying our goodbyes we agreed to do it again, but we haven't been able to get a date yet.
Jack and Mike travel for their job and have both spent time at our house and having a threesome with my wife and each other's wives too. My wife has also travel for work to there house as well. Last time Jack was here he pointed out that I had never really gotten to fuck either Beth or Jennet. My wife said come to think of it I usually go soft before I can cum when we have a three-way with Mike or Jack. I never really thought about it, but I guess it's true. I did cum a little went Beth was stroking me, even though I wasn't anywhere near hard.
So after Jack had just finished in my wife and we were all getting a drink in the kitchen my wife asked me if I wanted to be a cuckold? Jack immediately started growing, smiles and said he would volunteer to help anytime. I said definitely not. My wife winked at Jack, grabbed my hand and said well you had better come claim your territory before it's too late. We went to the bedroom, I mounted her and fucked her hard for a good seven or eight minutes, she had his dick in her hand. I had her about to cum when I looked up to see that he had moved in close enough to start pushing his dick into her mouth, and as soon as it was in I could feel myself starting to get soft. I closed my eyes and was able to stay hard enough to cum. As soon as I rolled over he climbed in between her legs and started fucking her hard, she came almost immediately,he let go a little while later. The next morning he had a late flight, but I had to go to work at my normal time. When I got home that night she said they went back to bed and fucked again before she drove him to the airport.


cuckold wife

Poster: Rex