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Horned, Corned and Porned! True story.
This is a true story of my first experience of cuckoldry. I was 22, young and quite attractive. I had read stories in magazines about readers wives having sex with other men etc, but this was just before the internet and I knew very little else. I'd just finished a relationship with a woman that ended badly. She'd just wanted me for the sex and had been unfaithful to me. Despite my anger toward the guy that I never met, I found myself wanking off in my student room while imagining her with him. I didn't understand quite why, or that there was a fairly common fetish about it among people, and I'd never heard the word for it.

I was visiting a woman in her fifties, in the more rural parts of Cheshire, to learn about paganism and such things. The Priestess was a woman named Sue, who was blond, quite busty and raunchy looking while dressing demurely. She gradually seduced me, and we'd spend some long afternoons on her long couch, talking about sex and fantasies, and I'd often massage her feet with oils and get her quite sexed up, after which she'd often mount me and we'd fuck. It was good. We liked each other and I must admit I fell for her. She'd been some kind of model in her youth, but never went into it. She also used to tease me about something she'd once done when she was younger and wilder. My cock used to arise and throb as she told me she'd gone into a soldiers' barracks once after a night out and had a gangbang with some of them. I didn't realise she was moulding my feelings and desires into what she wanted, quite deliberately. I'm not nerdy and I don't have a small penis, I'm not that type. I was shy and sensitive though, and she was very domineering.

It was supposed to be a pagan circle, but at this time there weren't many members and the only others lived hundreds of miles away and I'd never met them. It was just me and her, all winter, and into the summer. She told me my tribe were the Cornovii, meaning "People of the Horn." She was the head and boss of the circle, and the rules were largely that members, especially neophytes, must be subordinate and learn from her. One weekend I arrived on the Friday and she told me she had a certain lesson to teach me. She didn't go into detail yet, but I was to make myself a headdress that evening, from materials we bought, which had horns. I set about it and did a fairly good job. We didn't have sex that night, she said she was waiting for the Saturday. I looked forward to it of course. At least I did at that point.

Early on the Saturday morning, we went down the long lane to the little local shop, for some groceries. There were a group of young lads who I think worked on a farm not far away, about ages 19 or 20, gathered outside the shop smoking. They greeted her and Sue told me to go inside and get the shopping, while she had a chat with them. A little perturbed, I went in and did so. The door was open, and as I traversed round the shop doing my duty, I caught some of their conversation. Sue didn't smoke anymore, yet she'd taken a cigarette from them, and stood leaning with her foot up behind her on the wall, like a teenager again. She was wearing black leggings, trainers and a purple top with a swooping neckline that showed a lot of her cleavage, even exposing a bit of her frilled bra. I was uneasy. I became more uncomfortable and felt my pulse speed up as I caught some comments.

The tallest one, a dark haired lad called Jay, said, "So are you going to do it today then? We've been waiting ages, Sue!"

His blond friend said, "Corr, yeah! Fucking hell, I'm in too! We all are, all six of us!"

Another lad said, "Yeah, come on Sue!"

I didn't catch the rest, being busy, but Sue was giggling at whatever they were saying, her eyes shining and sticking her chest out at them.

By the time I emerged, Sue was starting to cross the lane toward the woods with them. She said to me, "Go and take the shopping home, I'm just going to show these nice boys some local territory I know."

Jay said, "Yeah! Some of her very private territory!"

I asked her what she meant and what the hell was this about. She said sternly, "Take it back to the house. NOW!" She went off giggling, into the woods with them. Before I turned away I saw one of them grab and pinch her bottom.

I had to obey her rules and do as she said. However, I knew I had to go after them. I put the shopping indoors and walked fast back down the long lane, and tried to follow their path into the deep woodland.

I'd like to say I found them, but I didn't. Nobody was about.

Sue came home many hours later, it was already dark.

She got the horned crown and put it on me.

She stretched out on the couch and got me to remove her footwear and socks and rub her feet again.

She had me tongue between her toes and lick the little corn on one of them, then lick her soles.
There were grass stains on her feet and a little blister had come up on the ball of one foot.

She smiled, and put her finger to her lips, pretending to wonder about something.

"Hmm, yes, that little blister. I'm not sure if that was caused when they had me doing naked star jumps
while they whipped my bottom, or when Wayne had me doing squat thrusts as he stood behind me enjoying
how his hairy dick was pleasured by my impaled bum bouncing up and down. It may have been either of those!"

She now had her hand down her pants and her boobs out, clearly enjoying how her merciless teasing was sending me

She grinned more broadly, telling me there would be a video on sale soon plus a magazine, at the little sex shop
down town. If I was good and followed all her instructions, she would show me copies. She was getting them free, naturally,
as she was the star in them. They'd been made that day.

She was clearly getting more turned on by my expressions and humiliation.

"See now Bob, you've been horned, corned and porned now. All three! Isn't that nice?
Now tickle your tongue harder, just there, yes. Come on, excite me!"

Part 2 will follow if anyone shows interest!


cuckold wife

Poster: naughtyguy