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Sweet Cuckold


We were engaged and things were moving along quickly. Heather was the first girl to swallow me whole and even though I warned her I was coming she held me down and sped up until I was completely spent. I believe this may have been a guilt swallow because she told me she had never swallowed anyone but "mouthed" one guy friend who had teased her in a hotel room in Phoenix. That story developed over our twenty one years of marriage as she admitted more and more over the years. More on that another time. This was the first time I was to go to Arizona to see her on break and she would show me around. Guys outnumber girls at this particular school five one so you could imagine what went thought my mind and to this day still wonder about. Her first experience was rough and he made her bleed heavily. He then pulled out took the condom off and finished in her butthole with her on her stomach. After he finished he fell asleep. She tried to leave quietly but all of his friends watched her run out humiliated and pantiless. Heather told me she couldn't sit for a week and bled for days!. You can still see evidence of tearing today near her taint as she is still tight even after two natural births. I can only imagine how hung he may have been but she would not tell me in fear I may get jealous. I didn't know what to think. I was angered because she told him to stop but he kept going. I never met him. Heather did have other guy friends and she went out of her way to bake a cake for John while I was back home and I admit I was jealous. She was more a free spirited girl when I met her; sometimes sunbathing topless at parks. She may have opened up more if I weren't such a boar and I have a feeling she will take some things to the grave rather than hurt me. Now onto the story...
It was my first meet up with my then fiancée and I was excited to see her and meet her roommates. Heather picked me up at the airport and we made the drive up to her college. It was the end of the school year and I went to help her pack things and then drive back with her to Washington. I met her roommate Catherine and her boyfriend. I never met John and mostly everyone else was already gone for summer. I could feel some tension in the air with Catherine and she and her boyfriend were in the middle of break up. I had no idea Heather caused it and could not believe she would ever cheat on me and she didn't. The encounter happened before we met. Catherine found out but she was still on speaking terms with Heather. During the next couple days we got things ready to make our trek back north. Heather's little car was packed pretty tight and she found out that Catherine's boyfriend Adam was not going to get a ride back to Cali. Heather feeling bad about the whole mess offered him a ride as it was on our way. We took turns driving and I could tell Adam had feelings for Heather. It was the middle of the night and with Heather in the passenger seat I could just see Adam's hand reach up under Heather's little sundress. Heather pretended she was sleeping but then couldn't help but let out a soft moan as Adam worked her between her thick thighs. The car was warm with no air conditioning and I could smell Heather's scent fill the air. Adam was so horny from her that he told me to pull off the freeway and drive under a secluded overpass. Heather got out to let Adam out from behind. Adam instructed me to stay in the car and the I saw him unzip, pull out his throbbing monster and swing in front of Heather. She grasped it and put it in her mouth to my dismay and worked him quickly. But Adam had plans for my Heather and he picked her up by her arm, bent her over the hood and shook his finger at me to stay where I was at and told me not to move. He lifted her little dress over her tight little waist, pulled her panties down roughly down to her knees and pushed into her. There was absolutely no way he could fit what seemed like nine inches into her tiny tight twat and I was to find out later that Adam preferred my fiancée to Catherine. Adam would complain that Catherine wouldn't even give him blowjobs even though he would always satisfy her. But he and Heather made a pact before we met just for the occasional BJ and when Catherine wasn't around he would do her hiney. Adam was about to finish, and grasping Heathers waist hard pulle out and ejaculated hard between her thighs. What a mess! Ejaculate ran down her legs and Heather smelled like his jizz until we got to the hotel so she could shower. In hindsight, I wish he'd finished in her. Heather stayed loyal to Adam for years and I was to find out her butthole belonged to him only. It may have been a mental thing but to this day I am not allowed in there. After marriage I would be suspicious while she was away on trips because she would come home with thumb size bruises on her inner thighs and when I'd rub my penis on her butt, she would gape about an inch wide. She was being done but by whom will remain a mystery. Now that she is home with kids she no loner has bruises or gapes.


cuckold wife

Poster: Bruce