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My Latest
My husband is a regular on this site and loves masturbating to everyone's stories. He convinced me to post my stories of my lovers and hook ups. So with that being said here is my latest from last weekend. My best friend recently invited me to fly to Vegas with her for a weekend get away. The fact she offered to pay for everything gave me no reason to say no. We were best friends all through high school and were in competition to fuck all the hot guys in school. I'll admit that she won easily. She was tall, blonde, with big tits so of course when we were together the guys didn't know I was present because they couldn't take their eyes off her clevage. She moved out of state for college so we drifted apart but sent letters for updates once in awhile. She always bragged about all the nice cock she was getting. I myself got a scholarship at the local community college to play volleyball. In my youth I was a hard body with very little body fat which means I had very small breast. Though I will say I was the prettiest girl on the team and had a following of jocks coming to watch our games just to see me she my ass in those tiny little shorts we wore. So being a little modest I had my share of jock cock too. Fast forward several years and my girlfriend who I'll call Jan was now a widower. The guy she married out of college died from cancer two years later. She was living on the east coast at the time. She moved back home and stayed with myself and husband for a few weeks for support. This was the first time they had met. Jan thought my husband was cute and jokingly asked how was he in bed. I told her he tries hard but he has a small dick so sex gets a little help. Dildos! She giggles and said well then you don't have to worry about me. She eventually moved to a small town on the coast opening a seafood restaurant with all the life insurance money she had. She was dating again and she was doing very well for herself. Then she met Jim. They dated a couple months then out of the blue she called me telling me her and Jim had married in Vegas. Surprise! I thought that was to fast but she was happy. Fast forward again and we both have kids but mine a few years older. We would visit her and Jim often and the more time we were around Jim the less we liked him. He was a creep and very obnoxious not to mention rude as hell. Because of Jim we stopped visiting them. Though me and Jan would meet often for lunches to catch up. She new we didn't like Jim and now it was obvious she no longer loved him. She talked of divorce which I encouraged her but she was worried about her business. Everything she had was invested in her restaurant and didn't want him to have any of it. He had nothing invested in it. He was a free loading p.o.s. She felt stuck
A few years later and our kids are grown and gone. She was traveling a lot for business and owned multiple properties. Life was really good for her other than her marriage. In fact they were no longer living in the same house. It was a strange situation. So now to current time. She was meeting someone in Vegas to talk about restaurant stuff so I tagged along. Her meeting was short. Afterwards I told her now we are going to have a fun. So let your hair down and forget our husbands. I new I had to get her drunk for this to happen so we hit a upscale bar and just sat and talked at the bar. As the alcohol began working we laughed and got silly just like the old days. It wasn't long before two attractive men approached us offering to buy us drinks. Before I could say anything she blurted out we are both married. They turned and walked away. I looked at her and said what are you doing? She looked confused. Then asked would you cheat on Bill? I told her no. Bill doesn't mind if I fuck somebody. She looked confused again so I said let's go talk. We moved from the bar stools to a booth so we could talk in private. Of course I ordered more drinks. I began telling her of our cuckold relationship where I fuck anyone I want and he stays faithful to me. In fact we don't have sex anymore. She didn't no what to say other than why. I told her don't you remember Bill has a small dick. It became a real issue for me so I cheated. He found out and begged me not to leave him and confessed his bisexual tendencies wanting me to continue bringing men home. She said I'm shocked, Bill is gay? No he's more bicurious. He hasn't really been with a man but he has sucked my lovers cock clean and loves eating their cum from my pussy. Her jaw was wide open looking at me in disbelief. I told her we were the happiest we have ever been and we loved our lifestyle. I told her she needed to let go and forget Jim and just get fucked. She agreed she needed a good fuck but said she hasn't been fucked in a few years. She masturbated with her fingers often though. I said well that's changing tonight. She was worried about Jim finding out and filling for divorce so i asked how is he going to know. You guys don't even live together. Besides you can't tell me he hasn't been cheating. She agreed. I grabbed her hand and said let's go. It's getting late so we need to go put our fuck me dresses on. When she saw me nude she commented on my bare pussy. I tol her I wax and asked to see hers. It was a mess. She is a true blonde so her pubb's were blonde like I remembered and she wasn't very hairy. I grabbed a razor and gel and shaved her very smooth as she lay on the bed. By the time I was finished she was dripping wet. I commented on it and she was embarrassed. I then said don't worry I want fuck you yet and laughed. She didn't respond. What she doesn't know is I have an appetite for pussy as well as big cock. I have often fantasizes of her when we were young but never pushed it. Watching her respond to my touch gave me the encouragement I needed. What I had in mind was going to surprise her. After we were babied up we headed back to the same bar. It was now crowded with hot men everywhere. I told her you follow my lead and I'll get us laid. As I scanned the surroundings it was obvious the ratio of men to women was in our favor. I spotted a handsome tall black man standing at the bar alone and grabbed her hand making our way to meet him. I asked if this spot was open. He looked us up and down saying no he would love our company. He ordered us drinks. I then asked if we could get a table s we could sit. He lead us to a booth that was U shapped. I told Jan to slide in first then him and I followed. He was sandwiched between us. His name was Ben and I told him we were married and in town to get fucked by a tall handsome black gentleman like yourself. He laughed and said that won't be a problem. He was in town for business. He didn't waste time and had his hand between my legs rubbing my puss and his left hand was below the table rubbing Jan as well. I could see in her face she was probably going to orgasm so I invited him to our room. So we left. Once on the elevator he kissed us both. Jan was unsure but to horny to say no. Once we entered the room she excused herself to the restroom and I followed. She looked at me and said what are we doing. I told her she's going to experience what a great fuck black men are and he had enough for us both. We exited the restroom and when we walked to the beds he was laying there nude with the biggest cock I have ever seen on a man. I began disrobing telling Jan to do the same. He lay there stroking his massive cock watching us. He then stood approaching Jan and kissed her as he rubbed her large breast with the biggest hard nipples ever. I dropped to my knees and began sucking his cock. He moved Jan towards the bed laying her down and began licking her pussy. I kept sucking his cock. It wasn't long before she screamed with her first orgasm. This story is getting longer than expected so I'll stop and submit a follow up.


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Poster: Joan