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My Wife Strayed
Ellie, my wife, has a cousin Jo who she reconnected with about a year ago, after barely seeing her since leaving school. She is in her early forties, and you can see the family resemblance. Both are big titted women with similar features, without being look alikes. We don't see her often, but the girls talk on the phone every now and then, and last weekend she invited us over for a few drinks before Christmas. She lives over an hour away, so we decided to stay over.

When we got there she introduced us to her new boyfriend Steve, he was a neighbour who moved in a couple of months ago and they started dating (fucking really) almost straight away. He was very friendly, probably a bit forward and wasted no time in checking out my wife's tits. She was wearing a summer dress that showed some cleavage, so he had plenty to leer at. Jo herself wasn't exactly shy, planting a big sloppy kiss on me when we arrived.

Over the course of the night we had a few drinks, a couple of other neighbours dropped by, and by around 11pm we were in raucous spirits. Steve was bragging about some rare memorabilia he had for the football team both he and Ellie followed, and insisted he show her. After a bit of pestering she agreed to accompany him back to his place to see. Jo and I stayed behind, and after they left she came over to me on the couch with a cheeky smile.

"Now we can have some fun," she said, before straddling me. Being a little drunk, I just went with it, and she put her arms around my neck and we we had a long slow tongue kiss. I figured it was harmless enough, so for the next few minutes we continued kissing. Then she sat up and slipped the straps of her tank top and bra off her shoulders, exposing her tits and giving them a shake.

"You like?" she giggled, and I admitted I did.

"Have a feel," she instructed, so I gave them a good squeeze and kissed them, with a quick suck on each nipple. She stood up, and walked off, me assuming the bit of fun was over and the others would be back any minute.

"Come on," she instructed, holding out her hand. She saw my confused look, before saying "Don't you want to fuck?"

I looked towards the door and said "They'll be back soon."

Jo laughed and said "Don't worry they will be a while too.....Don't you think that's what they're doing?"

"No!", I exclaimed. I am not naive enough to think my wife hasn't strayed a couple of times, as I have, but not in this situation.

"Steve's very persuasive," Jo said, "And insistent."

"Won't happen," I replied, so Jo said we should go and find out.

She put her tits away and we followed the others across the road. We crept in the front door, the lounge light was one but no one was in there. There was a hallway down the middle of the house, and here was a light coming from one of the rooms at the back. Jo motioned me to be quiet and she walked slowly down the hall. She stopped just before the door to listen, and turned to me and smiled. My heart pounded in my chest. I followed her down the hall and I listened at the doorway.

"Oh yeah, that is so good," I heard Steve say quite loudly. It was obvious why they had no idea we were there, although we were quiet we still made some noise. I was totally stunned by what I heard, but also turned on. I looked at Jo and she was grinning, and made a motion to suggest Ellie was sucking his cock.

"Mind if we join in?" Jo asked as she burst into the room. I just went with it and followed her in, confirming what we thought. Steve had his pants down and Ellie was kneeling in front of him, the front of her dress unbuttoned and her tits hanging out over her bra. She had the look of a rabbit caught in the headlights.

"Your wife's a great cocksucker," Steve said, not worried one bit about being caught.

"True that!" I agreed, and looked at Ellie and smiled, "Don't stop now sweetie, you're just getting started."

She shook her head is disbelief, smiled and said OK enthusiastically. Jo joined her kneeling on the floor, and I unzipped my pants and in a moment both girls had cocks in their mouths. It was totally hot watching my wife suck another man off, I had fantasized about it but thought in reality it would be too much, but I loved it. Makes it a lot easier to deal with when you are getting a blowjob too.

The girls continued for about 10 minutes, stopping occassionally to watch each other. Jo was a real dirty talker, and Ellie got into it too. Calling each other sluts, telling us to fuck their mouths, telling us we were dirty fuckers.

"Mind if I fuck your wife?" Steve asked, not really seeking permission.

Ellie stripped off and lay down on the bed, with Steve taking up a kneeling position between her thighs. Jo stopped sucking and we both watched as Steve slid his cock slowly in and out of Ellie's wet hole. She looked at me and smiled, nodding in agreement when I asked her if she liked that cock.

"Our turn!" Jo exclaimed, undressing and taking up a position next to the others on the bed. I got on top and thrust my hard cock into her loose wet pussy in one stroke, and held it there as I played and sucked on the tits.

"Fuck my cousin baby!" My wife encouraged between moans of pleasure. Steve had moved into a missionary position, and was fucking her quite hard. I looked down at Jo and she smiled back, saying "Fuck me while Steve fucks your whore wife." I didn't need a second invite, and within seconds both of the women were getting a good pounding. It was a totally hot scene, the room filled with loud slapping noises and moaning as we screwed each other partners. Every now and then I would look over at Ellie, her faced beaming with pleasure, before the telltale signs of orgasm overcame her.

"Yeah, make her cum honey!" Jo commanded Steve, and he responded with a "Fuck yeah!"

I couldn't hold on much longer, luckily Jo said, "My turn now!", followed by a long moan. I let myself go, letting out a huge grunt as I emptied my balls into her. I collapsed onto her when I was done, keeping my cock inside her. Steve was last to cum, filling Ellie up with a big load.

Ellie and I didn't say much to each other afterwards, neither of us sure what to say. The next day in the car on the way home, we drove in silence for about half an hour, before I brought it up. We both agreed it was fun, but there was a bit of jealousy for both of us. While neither of us want to get into a swinging lifestyle, an occasional visit to Jo's is definitely on the agenda. We hope her and Steve are up for a proper foursome next time, and not just a swap.


cuckold wife

Poster: Jimmy