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Wife Peg
Wife Peg was out on a date so I worked on my old 1950 Ford flat head pulling the seats out to have them recovered then I threw a hungry man TV dinner in the microwave and opened a beer setting in front of the TV watching the news.
Peg and her guy had gone to dinner then he was going to bring her home so I could watch them in action.
After I ate I surfed some porn sites watching real wives fuck in front of their husbands and when Peg came home I was watching this cute little wife suck on a huge black guys cock.
I paused it when she brought this guy in to meet me and she introduced him as Mike so we shook hands and Peg slid a chair over for him to sit on.
Mike is much younger than her Or I and was well built looking very trim and neat.
I figured that he would give her a good ride and Peg sat on his knee smiling at me and her hands fluttered around on his chest and face.
Twice she leaned over and kissed him on the lips and I was getting hard watching her tease the guy and when he cupped her breasts hungrily and pulled her tight kissing her with his cock outlined in his pants I said you better take him into the bedroom or he is going to cum in his pants.
Peg laughed her eyes sparkling in mischief as she helped him stand and it was comical as he walked all hunched over trying to hi9de his cock .
Peg looked back over her shoulder and asked if I was going to watch and I said in a minute hon I want to watch this gal suck the black guy off first leave the light on I will be there shortly.
Well it took about two minutes before the black guy lost it and started Cumming then the wife swallowed his cum saving a good amount to show her hubby after he finished off and I made my way down the hall to our bedroom.
Peg was on her back in the middle of the bed with muscular Mike in between her legs his dick out of site in my wife hunching slowly as Peg looked up at him and they were talking softly as Pegs breasts swung in circles gently as his body thrust against her.
Peg looked over at me and smiled saying this guy has a mo0nster cock hun and it feels great as her hips went active for a few strokes and she laughed her nasty laugh her heels were hooked behind his thighs holding him in her then Mike showed off pulling his co0ck out where I could see the full length slip in and out of her as he grinned at me uncertainly.
I said nice very nice cock you have there then he pulled back a little to far and it slipped out of her.
Peg moaned in disappointment and her hand grabbed his dick and guided it back into her and she sighed thrusting her hips up meeting his strokes one for one now and her breathing became a little irregular now and she closed her eyes grunting with each thrust now and I asked are you going to cum babe and she replied between gasps ughmmmm hummmmm.
She was clenching his back muscles in her fingers now as her orgasm closed in on her and I watched his cock now with a circle of her fluids that had been churned into a foam around his balls as Peg grunted thrusting against him her body demanding release then she cried out and her body jerked uncontrollably as she came but by now Mike was at the point of no return and he couldn't stop so he fucked her right through her orgasm with her body flopping loosely underneath him until he also made a tortured grunt and he drove my wife into the mattress sounding like a wounded bull as his body began to shake on top of my wife that was gasping for breath and holding on to0 him tightly as his cock went off.
Peg said in wonder he,s Cumming baby he,s Cumming I can feel it then Mike made several more quick thrusts and started Cumming again with his cum being forced out of her around his shaft in pearl white strings hanging on his balls.
They lay there gasping for breath for a long time then Peg began to giggle in uncontrolled bursts with Mike still on top f her his chest raising and falling as he gained control of his breathing then he said I gotta pee and made his way to the bathroom and Peg smiled smugly over at me and said god I( love it when a guy cums in me opening her legs wide and pulling her pussy lips apart showing me his cum smeared all over her pubic area then asked me to get her a small towel to wipe up the mess he had made of her twat.
We talked softly with Mike up on the bed once again beside her as Peg took his cock possessively in her hand and told me I want to get him hard again so we can do it again want to watch as she leaned over sucking his cock into her mouth.
I watched for only a few minutes then said I might come back in awhile hon leave the light on and she was sucking noisily on his dick as I left.


cuckold wife

Poster: james1985