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My Wife Is Unaware My Friend Fucked Her

This is a true story that happened about three months ago. This is the first time I’ve ever written a story so I apologize for my current story writing skills, which I hope to improve with experience and help. I hope you enjoy. Thanks


For many years, my wife, Vicky, and I have had a bedroom fantasy about her having sex with another man. I’ve tried to make it more than a fantasy but she won't discuss actually making it a reality. It’s OK as a turn on, when we’re having sex, but that’s it.

My best friend's name is Larry. Over the years, we’ve talked about our wives and some of the things that took place in our bedrooms. Larry, Karen, his wife, Vicky and I have known each other for years. Whenever we all went out together, it wasn’t uncommon for some flirting, light touching and joking around to happen but that’s as far as it’s ever gone.

Over a few beers, Larry and I talked about how we’d like to screw each other’s wives. Karen was at the age where sex was not particularly important to her so, according to Larry, he only got to have sex about once a month, more or less.

Getting my wife to have sex with another man had become an obsession for me but I found it hopeless when I tried to get Vicky to go any farther than a fantasy. I’d told her, many times, how Larry wanted to screw her and about how he only got pussy about once a month or so but no luck. So, I kind of dropped the issue.


A couple of months went by and Vicky and I still brought up the other man during sex. I have to say, Vicky was a real trooper when it came to satisfying me! I knew there were a lot of times sex wasn’t first on her list for the night but, most of the time, she was there to take care of me.

Vicky likes to drink wine and, if she has about three glasses, she gets pretty horny. One night, after a little wine, we were making out. Her favorite position is to be on her knees, on the edge of the bed, with her face on the bed. That’s great for me, too, because I have a bad back and it allows me to stand beside the bed where my dick and her pussy are perfectly lined up. If I want to eat her pussy, I simply drop to my knees…it works perfect!

Anyway, on to the action of that particular night.


Vicky was in her favorite position and I was on my knees, licking her pussy. BINGO! A light went off in my brain. It’s pitch dark in the room. How would she know? Are you thinking what I am thinking? My idea is fantastic. The next evening, I called Larry and asked if he’d like to go for a couple of beers at our local hangout. When I arrived at the tavern, Larry was already there, sitting at our favorite table at the back of the room. When I sat down, Larry could tell I was excited and he was getting excited, too. I didn’t know where or how to start.

“Come on man, what’s up? You’ve got me going. What is it?"

There was only one way I could say it.

"How would you like to fuck Vicky without her even knowing it?"

He was blown away. He knew Vicky gets pretty horny when she has some extra wine. Also, I’ve told him about Vicky’s favorite position. So, I started to tell him my plan.


I’d pick the day and time, I’d leave the patio door open so he could slip in and he’d go down the darkened hall, drop his pants, slip into our darkened bedroom and come up behind me. I’d make sure I was on my knees, licking her pussy. He’d touch my shoulder and, at that point, I’d stand so he could start rubbing the head of his dick up and down on the lips of her wet pussy before fucking her. After he finished cumming, he’d slide out of her and, as he moves out of the room, I’d start to lick her pussy again. She’d never know!


It was time to set the plan into motion. I needed to find the right night and it so happened we were going to Vicky's class reunion in about three weeks. It was hard to hold off Larry. Every day, he’d ask when. I told him about Vicky's class reunion and it would be perfect because there would be wine and dinner, etc.

Saturday, the night of the reunion, Vicky was very happy as she was dressing and getting ready for the party. She looked gorgeous in her low cut dress. She had always had a beautiful set of tits and, over the years, had maintained her sexy shape. The reunion was held at the local community club. When we got there, a good sized crowd had already formed.

She’s from a class of about two hundred fifty. We had a nice dinner and sat at a table with three of Vicky's best friends. It was hard for me to really get into much of a conversation because my mind was on what was going to happen later that night. After dinner, the band started and so did the dancing. I was doing my part by dancing and keeping Vicky's wine glass full.

It was about eleven forty-five when I told Larry to watch for my car in my driveway between twelve thirty and one o’clock a.m. So, it was time to get Vicky to say her goodbyes. She was having a hard time making her rounds…maybe I’d filled her glass too many times! I was hoping she wouldn't pass out on me but she was fine after she got outside into the cool air. We arrived home at twelve fifty and she went straight into the bathroom to change her clothes. She knew I wanted some pussy because she promised it to me on the dance floor.

She came out dressed only in her thin nighty. I’d already closed up for the night and all lights are out, except for a candle burning on the nightstand. I’d stripped and was laying on my back on the bed. She crawled onto the bed up to me, we laid there and talked about the evening. Then I started sucking on her tits and she started to rub my dick.

After slipping her nighty off, I told her I was very turned on and wanted to eat her pussy. She got on her knees on the edge of the bed, with her ass in the air, face on the bed and I slipped off of the bed to my knees. Before I started to lick her pussy, I bent over and blew out the lone candle. Then I put my face onto her pussy...So Far, So Good! Her pussy was extra wet. I’d guessed she might have gotten turned on because her old boyfriend danced with her about five times.

As I was eating her out, I felt Larry touch my shoulder. I could tell, by looking out of the corner of my eye, Larry was ready. Being so close to his dick, even in the dark, I saw it sticking straight out. As I stood, Larry was there and ready. I didn’t move very far back because I wanted to see. As Larry was rubbing the head of his blood engorged dick up and down the lips of Vicky's pussy, I got back on my knees and got very close. I noticed that every time he rubbed up and down, he would slip his dick deeper between her slippery folds. Vicky was breathing deeply and started to moan.

Larry was doing a great job and I thought it was going great. One thing I didn’t think about was, I had a seven inch long cock with a circumference of two and one-half inches. Larry said he had an eight inch long cock with a circumference of three and one-half inches. I had my face about eight inches away, and my eyes had adjusted to the darkness, so I could see pretty plain. He had about three-fourths of his dick inside of her and I heard Vicky clawing at the bedsheets and moaning. I stood up with my face next to Larry’s.

“Are you OK, Honey?”

“Yes, I’m great! I’m going to take you dancing more often!"

I went back to my knees, got up close, saw he had all of his dick inside of her and his balls were slapping her on the back of her legs. I could tell Vicky had already cum…a couple of times. So did Larry because he started to pick up his pace and the length of his strokes. During his back stroke, the head of his dick came completely out of her before going back in. Vicky was really into it. She was clawing and moaning more than I’d ever seen before.

Larry's strokes became shorter and he slowed down. All of a sudden, he slammed his dick all of the way in as deep as it’d go. (I am not gay, but…) As he did his last slam, I quickly moved to his ass so I could see the final punch. As he was cumming, I saw his balls tighten up as he emptied every last drop of his cum into my wife's pussy. He stood there for a few seconds and I saw his dick start to soften and slide out of her. As he pulled his dick out of her, she fell forward onto the bed. Larry left the room as I laid across her back.

"WOW! That was great!" she said.

I told her how much I loved her and started to kiss the back of her neck. As I did, my hard dick was touching her ass. I felt the head of my dick touching her gaping, cum leaking pussy.

"Are you still horny?"

“I’m extra horny tonight. Lay there, relax and spread your legs.”

As she spread her legs, the head of my dick easily slid into her due to all of the cum Vicky and Larry left behind. It was unbelievable how good it felt and it didn't take long before I added my load of cum to Larry's.


By the way, Larry has been after me, weekly, to do it again. It’ll probably happen. Thanks for reading.


cuckold wife

Poster: Paul Curt