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My story
I met my wife in college and She was a beautiful and very popular. She always had boyfriends over the two years I knew her. We had mutual friends and I had been invited to a party for Halloween. I immediately noticed her at the party. She was hot! She didn't seem to be attached to anybody so I introduced myself. She was very drunk and didn't seem to recognize me from campus but I knew her. I thought we were connecting with our conversation. She then asked if I wanted to go outside because she needed fresh air. We were in an older two story colonial styled house and there was a covered porch upstairs and downstairs. Since the lower porch was busy we went upstairs. We sat in rocking chairs as we continued our conversation. We seemed to have a lot in common and she seemed surprised she has never noticed me before. I made no moves towards her but told her I had noticed her beauty for some time. After she sat for awhile the alcohol was really starting to hit her and she was slurring her words more. I on the other hand hadn't drank but just one beer. She asked if I could drive her home to her apartment. I had to help her get into my car which was a 69 vette. She said it was the first time riding in a corvette. Arriving at her place I helped her out and walked her to the door. She said I was so nice and a gentleman for not trying to take advantage of her in her current state. She opened the door and yelled for her roommate which wasn't there. She invited me in and said she needed coffee offering me a cup. I accepted eagerly. She started a pot and we sat on the couch talking. She then surprised me leaning in for a kiss. This wasn't the first time I had kissed a girl. It was actually the second. Yes I was very inexperienced and a virgin. As we kissed she was the aggressor and began rubbing the inside of my thigh moving towards my crotch. I was hard as a rock. She began playing with my hard dick and this was a first for me. My only previous action was my own hand so this was a first. She then pulled back and began undoing my pants. I slid them down to my ankles. She stroked me as she looked into my eyes. She smiled and in a slurred tone said she was surprised by its size. Yes it was small. Only four inches fully erect. I'm pretty sure I'm about to get my first blow job when all of a sudden I blew my load everywhere. She giggles saying it maybe small but it's the biggest load she's ever seen. I was embarrassed. She got up getting paper towels for me to clean my mess. As I wiped myself clean she poured us a cup of coffee. I apologized for my performance as we talked drinking coffee. She realized I wasn't experienced and asked if I had been with a girl before. Embarrassingly I admitted I was a virgin. She was shocked. She thought it was unusual for a cute 6'2 guy to be a virgin and have a small penis. Again embarrassingly I told her my size was one reason I hadn't been very promiscuous. In her drunken forward state she asked if I jerk off often. I said I don't miss a day. She laughed and was amused at my honesty. She seemed to dig me or feel sorry for me but either way I liked the attention. So I decided to ask her about her experience. She told me she has been with several guys but didn't want to say how many. She also said she doesn't currently have a boyfriend but her roommate was a guy who takes care of her between boyfriends. This was a shocker. As we talked he entered. She introduced me as a friend. He also was drunk and sat beside her and began to gently rub her leg as we talked. She responded by rubbing his hand. She started paying more attention to him and forgetting about me. She then looked me in the eyes while pulling his hand towards her pussy. He didn't hesitate and began rubbing her hard. She began slightly humping his hand as she watched me. Now there was no talking. He slipped his hand down her pants and she moaned. Now I can hear the wet sounds of her pussy. I watched in amazement as she closed her eyes laying back giving him better access to her. She then asked me to remove her pants. Without a spoken word I removed her shoes and socks. I have a foot fetish and wanted to see her toes. Her nails were painted and her toes were beautiful. I then pulled her pants down as she lifted her ass. She had a black thong on which I also pulled down. These I stuck in my pocket. He pulled her sweater off and her bra as well. There in front of me was the most beautiful image I have ever seen. She had a pert c cup breast with nipples bigger than erasers. Her pussy was clean shaven and she had big pouty pink lips begging for attention. This was all new to me so I sat and watched. I was hard as a rock again. She then told her roommate I was a virgin and maybe they can give him a demonstration on how to fuck a girl. He smiled and said watch and learn. She turned and began removing his pants. Out popped a huge fat cock I'm guessing was close to ten inches long. She turned to me smiling and said this is a real cock. She proceeded to suck him and after a bit climbed on top sliding down on his shaft. She took the whole thing as she slide up and down on him. I was rubbing myself through my pants as I watched. After several minutes she began to orgasm and he came quickly after her. She then rolled over and gave a sigh of satisfaction. I starred intently at her stretched pussy with semen running from it and his semi hard cock with her cum on it. Not realizing I was still rubbing myself she asked if I liked what I see. I nodded and she said help yourself. I knelt before her and leaned in and she reached out grabbing my head and pulling me into her. She said she knew what I wanted and instructed me to clean her all up. She then asked me to clean her roommate as well. I didn't hesitate. After done she instructed me to release my small cock and jerk off for her. Still on my knees in front of her I started stroking it. She then stuffed her toes in my mouth making me cum quickly. Her roomy said that was hot. She got up getting me a towel to clean her floor. I dressed quickly and said I need to leave. I was totally embarrassed at what just happened. She walked me to the door and before letting me out gave me her phone number and said call me with a smile. When I got to my apartment I jerked off again sniffing her thong. After a week I called her and she said she knew I would come back and invited me over for another encounter. This became a weekly occurrence with us and she loved being in the middle of two guys. She never fucked me but after school I craved another woman to cuck me as she did. I married three years later to a beautiful woman who agreed to cuck me after telling her my story. She has no problem getting dick and loves her situation. It's normal for us and we are happy. You maybe wondering if I have fucked her and the answer is NO. Even on our honeymoon she fucked the bellhop. Life is good.


cuckold wife

Poster: Jim