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Black Cock

Sweet Cuckold


I love the story recently posted up. That remained me of a similar story back in 1995. I've told her since about that day. Thirty years later we had no idea that we had the same fantasy. Welldownck than I had a friend that would come over when his wife went out of town. I was telling him how after a night at the nightclub she would get so drunk,that I would still fucked her once we got home in what she wore to the club,mini dress and high heels and all. He told me he was lucky if he got any when they went out. He told me how he would look out the window as soon as he heard my wifes heels coming down the stairs. He would get an eye full of her dressed in her mini dress and high heels. He than said,I don't mean any disrespect, but you have a gorgeous wife that any man would want to fuck. "I take that as a complement" I told him. For the first time I started to get a hard on the more he talked about how sexy my wife was and how he wouild love to fuck my wife. I started thinking. I said to him. What if I come up with a plan,so you can fuck her. He just looked at me. I'm willing to share her with you. We are planning to go out to a club this weekend. What if I call you from the club and let you know that we'er on our way home and I'll give you my extra key for you to get in the apt. And hide in the closet. She always gets drunk and climbs in bed and first turns on her left side for me to fuck her. With the lights dimed down she'll never know. That's when we'll make the switch. It will work,I said. I get to watch and you get to fuck my wife. If its o. k with you,then Its a plan,he said with a smile.

Will,that weekend came and my wife dressed to kill like always. Once at the club I knew when she had one to many. She said with a smile,I want you to fuck me anyway if I get to drunk. You just read my mind,I said with a smile. I excused my self to the men's room and made my call to my friend and told him we were on our way home and that she was real drunk. When we got home, my wife just dropped on the bed. She turned on her left side like I predicted and I climbed in bed with her back to me. She was wearing crotchless nude panty hose and I began to finger fuck her wet pussy. The lights were dimed down and I looked towards the close. I had some music playing real low and my friend opened the closet door quietly and walked towards my side of the bed. He took my place finger fucking her wet pussy. He had his left arm under my wife's wast and the other he was finger fucking her. My wife had no idea that some one else was about to fuck her. She moan as he then took his cock and slowly rubbed it up and down her wet pussy. My wife raised her right leg in the air giving him access to her pussy. She was still unaware that my friend was about to pump his cock in her. He kissed her on the neck as he slowly placed his cocks head on her pussy. My wife moan as his cock disapeared as it went in her pussy. It was great, I said to my self. She backed on to his cock as he began to pump his cock in and out. I had forgotten that he was much larger than I was. All she said was "GOD",You sure feel bigger. She sure was enjoying it. He looked at me and you could see it on his face,he could not believe he was now fucking her. I could see her mini dress was up to her hip. The higher the heel the hotter the feel,I said to myself. I was enjoying the Fuck as I watched. He pumped harder and harder making her cum,moaning real load as she did. I slide my cock in as he pull out missing not a beat. He jumped out of bed and walked out of the bed. She let out a load cry as she came all over my cock. She backed hard into me and smiled with satisfaction. She said ,thank you and fell asleep with a big smile. Next night my friend came over. My wife dressed in a blue mini dress, matching high heels and sat between us and turned to my friend ,smiled and said," How Was Last High?"


cuckold wife

Poster: Rafael