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My World Continued
The following week we went shopping to buy my wife a new outfit to meet Wade. We looked for a sexy dress that showed off her nice tits but decided to just buy sexy panties with matching bra and a robe. We openly talked about what Wade would do to her when he sees her dressed up. She kept saying how wet she was thinking of him. We bought open toed shoes with 6" heels and a black laced stocking. She was hot looking when she came out of the dressing room wearing the outfit. At first she didn't notice the other gentlemen sitting by the doorway in the sitting room outside of the dressing room. After she did a spin for me she saw him and she looked startled but when she saw his smile followed by a wink she relaxed and gave us some more poses. I told her she looked gorgeous before she returned to the room to change. The other guy in the room was waiting for his wife as well. He said "you're a lucky man " I responded yes indeed I am. His wife walked in wearing a one piece silky looking jump suit with no bra. I was equally pleased to be admiring her as well. When she left I too told him he was equally lucky. He jokingly responded maybe we should swap. We both laughed. When the wife returned I asked her what she thought of the other guy as we walked to the register. She said he was cute. I told her of our exchange and she jokingly said sounds good to me! I said maybe later but Wade is first. We had a nice dinner with drinks after shopping. On the drive home she said all the sex talk about Wade has her so horny. I told her to take care of it. She slipped her panties off and pulled up her skirt and began rubbing herself. I absolutely love watching her masturbate with her fingers. She wasted no time in getting busy. Minutes later she orgasmed. They weren't suspose to meet till the following week. We refrained from sex so she would be extremely horny for him. The night before we meet I shaved her pussy. She was dripping wet and I sooo wanted to lick her but I didn't. I to refrained from masturbation as well. She teased me while I shaved her by rubbing her nipples and talking about how she couldn't wait to sit on his big cock. We painted her nails to match her lip stick she purchased too. The next morning she had a beauty hair appointment. I had everything packed when she arrived home. She changed into casual clothes for the drive down. I also made her a Long Island ice tea for the drive. After the hour long drive we reached the hotel and she was relaxed and excited. After check in she changed into her out fit and I poured her a glass of wine that I also had brought. We sat and talked waiting for Wade's arrival. I asked to see her pussy while she sat on the bed and she spread her legs. She was literally dripping wet. I was rock hard. Then there was a knock at the door. I opened it and there was Wade with a big smile. I envited him in. She stood as he approached her and they hugged also giving her a kiss on the lips which surprised me. He gazed up and down her body and said she was beautiful. She was flush from his comment or maybe the alcohol but she was eager to start. I offered him wine as we talked and he couldn't take his eyes off her. She was now lying on the bed propped up and he sat in the chair by the bed as they talked. I told him don't mind me and take what you want. He said he will soon as he finishes his wine. With that he downed his glass and stood beside the bed. He started removing his shirt and her smile showed she was pleased. He then removed his slacks and he had no briefs on. His large semi hard cock was swinging as he threw the pants on the chair. I was waiting for her response and she looked doe eyed followed by a huge grin. He lay beside her and began to slide his tongue into her mouth. With his hand he slid under her bra playing with her breast. Her breathing got heavy and she began spreading her legs. He soon slid his hand down to rub her smooth bare pussy. She responded by humping his hand. She was pulling on his cock and it began to get bigger and hard. She broke away sliding down taking him in her mouth. She licked and sucked him. This surprised me because she would never blow me. She said she hated sucking cock and here she is sucking dick like a pro. After a couple minutes she wasted no time by climbing onto his pole. I must say an impressive pole at that. She sat all the way down rising up till the tip was almost visible then back down. I so wanted to play with myself but new if I did I would cum quickly ruining the remaining time. They fucked with passion and she leaned in to shove her tongue down his throat. He squeezed her tits flicking his tongue on her nipples. She exploded with the loudest orgasm I have ever heard from her. She fell onto his chest and began kissing. He asked to switch positions getting on top. He was still stiff as a board and wasted no time pounding her pussy. She raised her legs above his shoulders which he grabbed and pressed them above her head giving him the best position to pound her even harder. She came again and he never slowed. I knew he was probably getting close to busting a nut. He began short jerking strokes as he grunted unloading his seed. He pulled out with his cum covered cock and layer beside her. I poured them another glass of wine then excused myself to the bar down stairs. I sat in the bar for almost 3hours while they enjoyed themselves. I had a hard on the whole time. One nice thing about having a really small penis is no one notices you have an errection. She texted me saying they were done so I quickly headed upstairs. He was getting dressed and she was naked under the sheets. I wasted no time pulling the sheet down and spreading her legs. There was a fresh stream running down to her ass and without hesitation I began licking. Once I tasted their juices I licked more feverishly. I heard Wade say that's a good boy as he exited. He then said I'll call you as the door closed. She too was excited to have me clean his cum from her because she came 3 more times. I eventually rolled over and jerked off before collapsing. We kissed and lay in bed talking about everything that happened. She thanked me and stated she was hooked and couldn't wait for another cock. Since that first time she hasn't slowed down. She's fucked many men. Some in my presence and some solo. I haven't fucked any pussy in years and never plan to. Being her bitch is all the satisfaction I need.


cuckold wife

Poster: Jim